Boston residents to Erskine Bowles and Fix the Debt: ‘Stop the Baloney!’

Not the typical gathering one sees outside of Symphony Hall! - promoted by david

Event attendees at Boston’s Symphony Hall were in for a different kind of entertainment this week, as more than 150 local seniors and unemployed workers staged a processed meat-themed demonstration outside the historic venue. Their target: self-proclaimed ‘deficit hawk’ Erskine Bowles and his baloney push to slash Social Security, Medicare and other vital programs in favor of new corporate tax breaks.

When Mr. Bowles made a Bay State stop on his speaking tour, affected residents braved below-freezing temperatures outside the venue, clad in baloney costumes and handing out “Stop the Baloney!” sandwiches – even singing a remixed “Oscar Mayer Balogna” song to drive their point home.

Check out video from the “Stop the Baloney!” protest above (including the song, of course!)

Despite their frequently-delivered platitudes on “shared sacrifice,” Erskine Bowles and his partner-in-crime, Alan Simpson, have used their Fix the Debt lobbying group to push hundreds of billions in corporate tax giveaways – all while balancing the budget on the backs of low-income workers and seniors. In short, the Simpson-Bowles/Fix the Debt blueprint demands $3.8 trillion (with a ‘T’) in cuts to the programs working families and retirees depend on…just so they can hand the proceeds over to major corporations like Bank of America, GE and Verizon.

Sound like a raw deal? We certainly think so – and plenty of community advocates across the country feel the same way. Sign up to help stop the Simpson-Bowles/Fix the Debt baloney here.


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  1. How much did Poverty Pimp Erskine Bowles pay to rent Symphony Hall?

    I hope Boston’s Symphony Hall is not going to use this this as part of their PILOT Program “community service credit!” Just how much did poverty pimp Erskine Bowles and his strolling corporate crew pay to lease Symphony Hall for this event?

    • Cost of renting the hall

      Depends on the day of the week:

      Monday through Thursday: $5,400
      Friday through Sunday: $5,700
      Holidays (state & federal): $6,800

      Plus a variety of additional charges, including

      Boston Police $1,400
      Boston Police (traffic & security detail)
      NOTE: BPD required for ALL events.

  2. Old saying, show to your drop, does this mean

    Spend to your hearts content? Are the cuts this Democrat is proposing actual cuts or just cuts in the rate of growth? There is a difference. At what point do we say the deficit is too big? Obama keeps kicking the can down the road, he clearly has no interest in solving the deficit. Ed Markey’s pal, Harry Reid, won’t offer a budget. I suppose the two would work just fine together in Chevy Chase, MD.

  3. Bush's nastiest trick

    Saddling Obama with the Simpson-Bowles commision was Bush’s nastiest parting gift to the American people. Imagine, a commission hand-picked for their hatred of Social Security, with a few token Liberals tossed in as a fig leaf.


    I’m sure that our President is trying to get rid of these grifters as quickly as he can!

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