Carpenters Union endorses Stephen Lynch for U.S. Senate

After meeting with both candidates, and hopefully doing a little research on BMG, the New England Regional Council of Carpenters has endorsed Stephen Lynch for the U.S. Senate.  “He’s part of the building trades. He represents what working class people need for somebody in that political office,” Broderick said

The scorecard is now:  Markey has the MTA and NEA and likely the MBTA, Lynch has the Carpenters and Iron workers on his side, police and fire to soon follow.  Does anyone else see a pattern developing, or is it just me?

Congrats to Stephen Lynch on a well deserved endorsement.  Not easy gaining the support from any union, over a congressman who has been “serving” since the Disco Era.  Hold on Starsky, this is going to get rough.


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  1. Yes, I see a pattern.

    look shiny thing over there ….

    Oh wait, the union didn’t endorse Markey. Post it!

  2. How sad that you only care about union endorsements that serve your purpose. The following is your comment on Feb. 17th at 11:51EST when a union endorsed Ed Markey. The irony (and hypocracy) is delicious.

    How sad to think an individual would put his one and only vote in the hands of a union boss or rely on a political endorsement of an elected politician.

    Either case, what you are saying is you can’t make your own decision, do your own research, make your own independent analysis of the race. You fail to see that your union has its own selfish interest in mind, not the interest of the country as a whole. In other words, the “ME” generation. Word of advise regarding politicians, trust them as far as you can throw them. But since pro- life Harry Reid endorsed Ed Markey, that alone should make you running for the hills and to the Lynch Campaign. I did not want to point this out to you or BMG, but since you asked me to respond, I had no choice.

    I didn’t know it was pro-union to tax Cadillac health care plans under Obamacare. Who tends to have those? Yep, union folks, here in Waltham, their workers have diamond-studded plans.

    You can go back to my comments on the Brown/Warren race, pretty clear my disgust for Warren. At the State of The Union, she was up and down on her seat applauding Obama, she reminded me of a “Jack In The Box”. Conversely, Brown would sit with his legs crossed, reading and taking notes, going to Obama after the speech asking him to get Harry Reid to move his insider trading bill.

    Thanks for admitting your mistake on NAFTA and GATT. I agree, many got it wrong, although I said from the beginning it was horse-dung and why I voted for (hold your breath) Pat Buchanan in 92 over Bush and Perot in 92-96 general.

    • Mike cote, this is the best comment you ever made

      Oh wait, you copied what I wrote, my bad.

      No inconsistency here, it’s others who rank endorsements highly, so I just keep an honest scorecard. Man, I can’t believe I wrote that in your comment, glad its getting a second reading

  3. Still waiting...

    …for that pro-Lynch post from Dan that makes no reference to Markey. Congratulations to Mike Cote on his comment above, not only for calling out the hypocrisy, but managing to comment on this race without using the words, “pathethic DINO Lynch”!

  4. Yawn


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