Congressman Markey joins the Climate Change SOS at DailyKos

All week long, a number of bloggers at DailyKos have been publishing diaries about climate change in a series called the “Forward on Climate” blogathon.  Well, they have some illustrious company tonight:

Forward on Climate:  The Climate Cliff

Here’s an excerpt, but please go read the entire post, and recommend it and comment if you have a user account at DKos:

Climate disruption is costing American lives and livelihoods. In 2011 and 2012, America endured 25 weather disasters that totaled $1 billion or more in damages 2012 was the warmest year on record in the continental United States. We suffered the most widespread drought since the Dust Bowl, record wildfires that engulfed neighborhoods, and superstorm Sandy, which killed more than 100 people and could cost taxpayers $60 billion.

Sandy has has supercharged the discussion of climate change again. Recently, I held two emergency meetings calling for climate action, because the threat to Faneuil Hall, Boston’s Back Bay and Cape Cod National Sea Shore are no longer theoretical. This past weekend we saw the devastation a strong storm coupled with high tide can bring to our shores. As increasing temperatures raise sea levels and strengthen storms, our coastal communities will increasingly be ground zero for climate disruption.

Interestingly, he never once mentioned his senate bid – but the commenters certainly have!

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