DailyKos Endorses Markey

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Joan McCarter, writing for Daily Kos:

 When it comes to filling the Senate seat recently vacated by John Kerry, Democrats have as clear a choice as it gets. And for progressives, there’s only one option: Rep. Ed Markey.

This would be the case even if his opponent wasn’t Rep. Stephen Lynch, who likes to call himself a “moderate” but is in reality very conservative, with a long anti-choice voting record. He voted against the Affordable Care Act. He voted for the Iraq war and voted against a timeline for withdrawal. He’s also flip-flopped on gun safety and on gay rights. Indeed, when Lynch first ran for Congress in 2001, he portrayed himself as “the conservative candidate.”

Beyond the endorsement — expected but nice — this means a chance for Markey to enjoy some of the ActBlue fundraising that helped Warren over the top.


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  1. I am enjoying this.

    It appears to me that only the Progressive Candidate is getting endorsements outside of Waltham. Woo Hoo!

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