Does Brown Really Want it?

The answer seems clearly to be "no," and honestly, it's hard to blame him - two expensive and hard-fought statewide campaigns in three years is exhausting, especially with the certainty of yet another one in 2014. And I think johnk is exactly right with this line: "I would think the people of Massachusetts would want to elect someone who is 'all in', really wants to serve us in the Senate and not someone who gets backed into an election." - promoted by david

The Globe has reported that two leaders within the MA GOP are saying that Brown is now reluctant to run in the US Senate special election and now the NRSC is involved.

With time running short, Washington Republicans have begun a “full court press’’ to persuade an increasingly reluctant Scott Brown to run in the special election to replace John F. Kerry, say two leading Massachusetts GOP figures.

The eleventh-hour effort, coordinated by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, comes as those familiar with Brown’s deliberations are becoming convinced that he will not run and instead will look for a job in the private sector.

Could be that Brown is getting cold feet that polls have shown that he does not have any kind of substantial cushion against potential Democratic challengers?

Interestingly, Scott Brown cheerleader Boston Herald had floated out a bizarre story that Brown’s candidacy somehow is hinged on the MA GOP Chair election.

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s entrance into the special Senate election could hinge on a bizarre battle brewing between his pick for chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and a dark horse candidate who could take the seat after tonight’s GOP election.

“He’s going to have to run in a special election and face another election two years down the road if he wins,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading), who said the election of Brown’s former deputy finance director, Kirsten Hughes, is playing a role in Brown’s decision. “He might find it daunting if the party isn’t united behind him.”

Odd, since prior to the election Rick Green stated that they were fully committed to Scott Brown’s Senate bid.

This might be getting ugly, but it’s starting to seem like Brown’s interest is waning. I would think the people of Massachusetts would want to elect someone who is “all in”, really wants to serve us in the Senate and not someone who gets backed into an election.

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  1. a friend mentioned

    1. don’t underestimate how un-fun it is to call the same people you just called and say “thanks for that last $10,000, how about another 10k?”

    2. he thinks weld would be no less formidable than brown. relaxed, rested, ready.

    • Gosh

      Weld v Lynch would be Weld v Silber all over again. Though presumably the Cornyn led NRSC would force Weld to take a bunch of stupid ‘tea party’ positions on labor, climate change nnd the social safety net. Like Tisei he might be undone by embracing Ryancare.

      • It would be nothing like Weld v. Silber.


        • Back that up?

          Socially liberal fiscally conservative Republican vs. socially conservative economically populist Democrat. Sounds pretty familiar. The big difference now is if Weld is past his prime and if he embraces radical fiscal conservatism, that I would concede. The optics are similar though.

          • In addition to Weld being past his sell-by date,

            Silber had no natural constituency and had never held elective office. Lynch has a big and important one, and is a sitting Congressman who routinely wins a lot of votes.

            • Good points

              Lynch will be a far more formiddable candidate than Silber and is a much bigger threat. This cannot be understated and I appreciate you understand the precariousness of Markey’s frontrunner status.

  2. It's Just Brown being Brown

    Of course, Brown is going to run. Brown is a narcissist, and Brown is simply being coy.

    • on coyness

      Brown has frequently been coy about his positions or how he would vote, but if anything he has been the opposite when it came to whether he would seek a certain office. The repub establishment may or succeed in pressuring him to run, but it’s clear he’s not chomping at the bit like he was in all his other races (and even races he didn’t run- like when he was openly lobbying to be picked as lg by a succession of his parties gov nominees).

  3. John K - got a favorite in the Super Bowl?

    I haven’t placed my bet yet.

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