FOX hires Brown to fill Palin’s shoes.


Fox News Channel is hiring former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown as a contributor,

and the Republican is making his debut in prime time on Wednesday.

Brown’s political career is officially over,


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  1. Brown's political career was over

    the minute he lost to Elizabeth Warren. He accomplished nothing of note in his years in public service.

    On the other hand, he’s good-looking. His wife is also in the “news” business. For a guy with limited ability, he’s done pretty well for himself.

    My guess is that he’s marginally more intelligent than Palin, and if he can read from a teleprompter, he’ll do must fine.

  2. I so called it

    The Sarah Palin of Massachusetts, who’d be doing the political version of Reality TV. Fox is as close to that as possible.

    For the record, I also called Lynch switching to pro-choice.

    People should tune into LeftAhead — while I’m still on a roll :)

    RyansTake   @   Wed 13 Feb 10:29 PM
  3. The half-term governor is followed

    by the quarter-term Senator.

  4. What kind of "analysis" could Brown provide?

    with his vast experience. Palin had less, but she was there to make obnoxious statements and get press to talk about her. What’s Brown going to do? I don’t think this gig is going to last long. Brown can’t provide any kind of meaningful insight, nor is it his personality to start throwing bombs at the left. I don’t see it.

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