Gomez’ Tea Party politics, far-right summer job

I agree that Gomez's new campaign video is very good. For a less flattering video look at Gomez, check him out on Hardball a few months back defending OPSEC's ridiculous anti-Obama video:

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I thought GOP Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez’ introductory video was excellent. In addition to gorgeous families and diners I’m all in favor of “bipartisanship, reasonableness and common sense,” just like he says he is.

Then I looked more closely at Gomez, who earns his living as a private equity investor, a line of work made infamous by Mitt Romney. Sadly, his record doesn’t match his rhetoric.

On taxes, Gomez is as extremist and ideological as they come. “[T]ax increases kill jobs,” he asserts on his website. “[E]ven if we raised taxes to 100% on the wealthiest taxpayers, it wouldn’t be enough to balance our federal budget. We need spending cuts, …” Not only is this defense of billionaires and millionaires refuted by both reason and experience — America had higher employment under Clinton, when taxes on the richest were higher, for example — it is also a simplistic Tea Party mantra. Sign him up as a spokesperson.

Oh, wait, no need: Gomez actually was a spokesperson last summer for a far-right group of former special operations forces and intelligence personnel “Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, Inc.” that attacked President Obama (“Commander-in-Chief Hussein Mao-Baba,” according to the groups’s lead spokesperson former Navy SEAL Ben Smith) last August. In a near-miracle of twisted logic, OPSEC, backed by secret financiers, effectively accused Obama of treason for killing Osama bin Laden. Wikipedia:

On August 15, 2012, the organization released Dishonorable Disclosures, a 22-minute documentary film that accuses the Obama Administration of taking credit for killing bin Laden and leaking information for political advantage, featuring interviews with former special forces personnel. … In an official statement, the Obama campaign responded to the film by saying “The Republicans are resorting to ‘Swift Boat’ tactics because when it comes to foreign policy and national security, Mitt Romney has offered nothing but reckless rhetoric”. … Juliet Lapidos of the New York Times called the OPSEC video “a dishonest hatchet job” and remarked that while the stars of the video presented themselves as concerned citizens with no partisan motivations, their positions were inconsistent with their decision to appear in the video. Military journalist and former Marine, Geoffrey Ingersoll, reported in BusinessInsider that the video is a partisan effort instead of an effort to protect US troops, saying, “Obama used SEALs to kill bin Laden. Republicans are using them to eliminate Obama.”

Reality bites.


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  1. Yet didn't he also donate to Obama?

    Sounds like he can’t make up his mind.

  2. Nut job ...

    Lies and half truths , via PolitiFact

    Damn, you really need to question make up.

  3. interesting quote from 2003

    Back in 2003, Mr. Gomez ran for Selectman in Cohasset

    Gomez lost a bid for Cohasset selectman in 2003, coming in third out of three candidates. During the campaign, he drew criticism when he termed the town’s need for tax overrides an “endemic disease.”

    Sounds like he hasn’t learned much from his past (very limited) political experience.

  4. As a Filipino

    As a Filipino, I prefer Richard Gomez. Richard did a great job promoting Bench-brand clothing (the business ran by Ben Chan).

  5. Don't get the reasoning.

    [E]ven if we raised taxes to 100% on the wealthiest taxpayers, it wouldn’t be enough to balance our federal budget.

    So if something isn’t enough then it shouldn’t be done at all. How does that make any sense? Every little bit counts.

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