Iron Workers Endorse Stephen Lynch for U.S. Senate

Why you ask?  It is real simple.

“Steve Lynch has walked the proverbial mile and then some in the boots of the middle class,” said Iron Workers General President Walter Wise.  “He has lived the issues that are important to working families, fought on behalf of working families during his legal career and will be a much-needed addition to the United States Senate.  He will use that knowledge to help working people across America.”

Sadly, we all know too well the same cannot be said for Ed Markey.  So join the hardest working union in the world, the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, and support Stephen Lynch as our next U.S. Senator.


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  1. Wow

    An endorsement long before the field has even been settled. Clearly a carefully thought out decision based on the merits. Did Markey even get a courtesy interview?

    sabutai   @   Sat 2 Feb 9:28 PM
    • sabutai- instead of interviewing Ed Markey, they former Whirlpool employees who lost their jobs

      One employee, 46-year-old Robert Gross of Mount Carmel, Ill., said employees had heard rumors that the plant would close for many years, but that employees were still stunned and upset that the company is moving the jobs to Mexico.

      Just 1100 union workers saw their plant close. Anyone hear that sucking sound Ross Perot warned us about in 1992? Ed Markey sure didn’t.

      “Evansville’s Whirlpool factory, which has employed several generations of Tri-Staters and once gave backing to the city’s claim as “Refrigerator Capital of the World,” will close next year, leaving at least 1,100 people unemployed as production moves to Mexico.”

      Now the good news is they kept development jobs when they laid off the plant workers in 2010. But those 300 were let go last September. I think the iron workers should interview Markey with those 300 laid off workers, together.

    • "An endorsement long before the field has even been settled."

      To be fair, Markey pulled in a bunch of those too (DSCC, Kerry, Grossman, Coakley, etc.).

  2. challenge for Dan

    Write a diary supporting Steve Lynch that doesn’t trash Markey. That goes for anyone – support your candidate without trashing the other.

    • Sure

      I’m guilty of trashing Lynch for sure, but I also have a positive case for Ed Markey that does not rely on a single issue.

      On issue after issue he has sided with a proud progressive vision embodied by the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Trumans,Humphrey’s and I’d argue the Eisenhower’s of this country. A government that exists to help its people. A government that will provide a hand up the ladder, not a hand out and not pulling the ladder up either. A government where every American has a right to a great education regardless of their race, class, or zipcode. A government where every American has a right to form a union and bargain collectively. A government where every Americna has a right to healthcare and a living wage. A government where every American can know safety through a multilateral foreign policy protecting us from enemies abroad and sound gun control policies protecting us from enemies here at home. A government where the environment is protected, not just because it is a natural treasure to be cherished but because it benefits all of us to have clean air, clean water, and protection from an ever changing climate. He supports strong working families, and also feels that everyone has the right to plan their own family no matter their sexual orientation or marital status and for all, women in particular, to plan their family as they see fit.

      That, in a nutshell is the progressives creed. And most of our delegation adhere to it, what sets Ed apart is thirty years of storng leadership fighting to make that creed reality. He is ready to be a Senator from day 1 to advance that agenda and turn sound progressive politics into sound progressive policy.

  3. Whose words are those?

    Who said the words in the last paragraph of your post, danfromwaltham? Who is “we” in that part? I suspect that it’s not the Ironworkers, but the way you presented it, it appears to be.

  4. I never thought Local 7 would endorse the guy that was their president and held his launch in their building. In other shocking news, the mayor of Malden introduced Ed Markey yesterday.

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