Janet Wu: statement coming shortly from Scott Brown

Janet Wu tweets that Scott Brown “will put out a statement @ 1 pm today.”  Now, Scott Brown has done some odd things in his career, but surely one of the oddest would be to announce that he is running for Senate in what would instantly become the nation’s most closely-watched race … in a statement.

No, I think it’s more likely that Brown is out.  And, as I said in this promotion comment,

honestly, it’s hard to blame him – two expensive and hard-fought statewide campaigns in three years is exhausting, especially with the certainty of yet another one in 2014.

We should know shortly.

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  1. I can see it on WBZ now

    Banner says “Scott Brown announces he will not run for US Senate”.

    That is that, I guess.

  2. I said he'd be nuts to run.

    I also said Lynch wouldn’t run. So there’s that.

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