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You want Massachusetts politics as a blood sport? Read it right here. Don't miss Ernie's links to and Ortiz Under Fire by David Boeri and David Frank: our U.S. Attorney stands indicted by 53,000 people and may go on trial soon in Washington. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The I way see it is

If you declare to run against Menino and he doesn’t step aside you will get your ass kicked.

If Menino doesn’t pull papers you will be an also ran who upset Menino and non-Menino fans alike. Most likely never get the steam needed and become an also ran. Many ambivalent  voters not taking a shine to Connolly now.

Also, the numbers aren’t there for the school parents to carry you along.

Question John, If your kids don’t get into Boston Latin will you send them to the Boston public high school Court St. assigns them to? Or will it be Catholic Memorial or Mount St. Joseph or Roxbury Latin of The Windsor School? That will be the true test John.


Nobody exciting running on the Republican side for the U.S. Senate. That means more independent voters pulling a Democratic ballot for Steve Lynch. Right now I see Lynchie beating Markey  by 3 − 5 points.


So Carmen Ortiz is dragging long time Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Wyshak to Washington with her to face some grilling from Congress on how her office operates. Can’t wait to see fast Freddie on the hot seat. This man has much to answer for.

Matt Connolly, the retired prosecutor who chased Whitey Bulger more than any other has been detailing Wyshak’s and others unethical, if not illegal, actions as they accuse and accuse and accuse.

Through documentation and thorough analysis he makes Dick Lehr, Kevin Cullen, Shelly Murphy, Howie Carr and  pretty much most of the local media out to be patsies, fools, or co-conspirators. No one wanted Whitey more than Matt Connolly and Whitey hated him and his office more than anyone or anything. So you would think Matt Connolly would be a simpatico of the feds.

No sireeee.


I’m sorry but putting Margery Eagan and Jim Braude on public radio is a step in the opposite direction of intellectual thought.

My goodness, I am amazed at how little informed they are. Loren and Wally are more informative, and funny. No matter how much Margery guffaws at unlikable Jim, it doesn’t make him funny.

I’ve never heard a decent analysis on any issue from either of them.


So former Chelsea Housing Director pleads guilty to an obscure law dealing with false information on federal forms.

But we all know he was a fundraiser for Tim Murray.

Okay. Does that mean Murray did anything wrong? What could have he done?

Does anyone really believe Murray was taking cash donations? Of course not. Why would he? Easier to take bribes for judgeships, and good luck doing that.

Now that doesn’t mean McLaughlin wasn’t asking people for cash. By all accounts the guy’s a weasel.

But the feds have held off on sentencing McLaughlin. Supposedly he’s cooperating.

So sleaze bag Mike McLaughlin is working with the feds in the hopes of staying out of jail. They couldn’t get him for theft or something serious. Just that he filled out a form wrong. Then they threaten him with serious jail time if he doesn’t cooperate.

We all know what “cooperate” means. It means “Give us Tim Murray. Whatever you say we will make sure the jury believes it”

I’m betting the house when John Lachey pitches this season.



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  1. Somewhere, billy goats are freely walking over bridges...

    because their troll is posting garbage on Blue Mass Group.

    What a load of Troll Dung! How does one “down-rate” a post?

  2. "independent voters pulling a Democratic ballot for Steve Lynch"

    Not down in Plymouth County, the Bristol County suburbs of Brockton, and Quincy/Braintree/Weymouth where Lynch would ordinarily do well. (Any place that gets the Patriot Ledger or Brockton Enterprise, pretty much.)

    Former DA Mike Sullivan will draw those independents out of the Democratic primary and into the Republican primary. It’ll be like 2010, when Perry/Malone drew away from Glodis and Murphy’s base in that area.

  3. Let me get this straight...

    In two months, independent voters will be so excited by Stephen Lynch and so sure that the Republicans suck that throngs will arrive en masse specifically to pull a Democratic Primary ballot in a special election? And they’ll do this because Lynch will have magically spent a couple mil on tv ads that make him likeable? Ooh, maybe he can wear a barncoat.

  4. Ortiz, McLaughlin and the Media: Nasty kabuki dancers, etc.

    When it comes to feathering each others nests while unjustly destroying someone’s reputation and career, you won’t find a better example than what has transpired over the past year between Carmen Ortiz’s office, Mike McLaughlin and the local media particularly the Globe/Herald (they used to be different, now they are mirror images rag journalism.)

    Ortiz (lusting for recognition) and her team (eager to advance themselves) continually leak both info and deliberate misinfo to favored reporters (yearning for scandalous headline material and juicy unattributed copy)…this sets off the media echo chamber of stories each one trying to out-speculate the other, which sets off false speculation and rumor mongering in the general public. And before you know it, fiction becomes fact.

    Aaron Swartz is dead because of Ortiz & company’s tactics. No apology can bring him back.

    Mike McLaughlin is an undeniable crook who probably won’t serve much time because he will gladly perjure himself for Ortiz…he will say whatever they want him to say whether it is true or not…if it means telling boldface lies about Tim Murray, bet the farm McLaughlin and Ortiz will have no problem with that. Murray is just one more in a long, long line of elected officials that McLaughlin has used and abused over the past 30 years. Ortiz is looking for headlines not for justice when she lets a crook off the hook to defame Murray.

    The leaks, lies, innuendo, and deliberate misinformation fueled by Ortiz and spread by the media have unquestionably damaged Murray’s political career. That’s a shame, an unjust shame. But, that’s what passes for acceptable in politics and in political news coverage and in the US Attorney’s office today. We deserve better.

    I keep waiting for some reporter, columnist, commentator, opinion leader to finally stand up and report the truth of what has happened here…where is Archibald Cox when you need him? Where is Walter Cronkite?…dead and dead, just like being able to believe half of what you read in the newspapers or see on tv news…infotainment and sales rule the day.

    • " Murray is just one more in a long, long line of elected officials . . .

      . . . that McLaughlin has used and abused over the past 30 years.”

      You keep saying that but how was Murray used or abused?
      Did McLaughlin run up Murray’s cell phone bill? Did he embarrass him by giving him money for his campaign?
      What did McLaughlin expect to get out of this? Archibald Cox and Walter Cronkite want to know.

  5. If Menino doesn't pull papers...

    who do you think will win, Ernie? Will Dorcena, or somebody who hasn’t announced their candidacy yet?

    • Too many to name...

      but then some get scared off.
      City Councillors have to be extra careful because they are giving up their seats to run.
      State legislators are a different story.

      Steve Murphy
      The mim-menino councillor from Hyde Park, O can’t think of his name
      I heard Jared Barrios was divorced and living in Boston. He could be a candidate.
      Sen. Chang-Diaz would muster some support.
      A rich guy or two nobody’s heard of.
      Perhaps Se. Anthony Petrocelli?
      Rep. Marty Walsh is probably the one to watch. Many factors for that most of which are unions, Dorchester base, and works like a mother fucker as the kids say.
      I expect Dorcena Forry to be the next senator and start running the St. Patty’s Day Breakfast.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 28 Feb 10:49 AM
      • EB3 way off base in past but

        If Markey continues running the campaign he is running he will lose to Lynch. Plain and simple.

      • The only neighborhood that's tied down at present for Connolly

        …is West Roxbury, because that’s Connolly’s geographic and structural base (all those Triple Eagles).

        Re: Speculative candidates:

        Barrios and Chang-Dias would fight over the non-Ward 20 goo-goo vote in Jamaica Plain, the South End, and Back Bay, but get no traction anywhere else.

        Absent Menino the black vote would be up for grabs; ditto Latinos and Asians.

        Ditto traditional East Boston, Southie and blue-collar white Dorchester and Charlestown. (Yuppies don’t vote in municipal elections, so they can be dismissed.)

        Marty Walsh could take those votes.

      • I'd vote for Rico

        Petrocelli, but I don’t live in Boston.

  6. Menino's Community Fundraiser is March 10th

    Mayor Menino holds an annual low dollar ($25) fundraiser every year. This year it’s March 10th. I sdoubt the Mayor is asking for those folks to contribute and come out just to announce later on he is not running.

    Look for Nick Collins to take the Jack Hart seat primary (same day as US Senate Primary).

    • First Suffolk will be a real knock-down, drag out

      Dorchester versus Southie. Two classy candidates. Real street organizations.

      That one’s gonna be fun to watch.

      Re: Da Mare.

      Your point is well-taken. Between the scheduled low-dollar time, plus those folks that have contributed today (not much in total dollars, but the contributions come from players) into the Mayor’s depository account, the signs point to an eventual reelection candidacy.

      That said, one never knows…and there is a lot of tension on the Fifth Floor.

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