Leone Bows Out

So it's settling down as Markey vs. Lynch in the Dem primary, Jack E. Robinson running as an independent, and a Republican to be named later. - promoted by david

Just got an e-mail and I’m seeing it with no details on Boston.com.¬†[UPDATE (by David): here is a longer item at boston.com.] ¬†Middlesex DA Leone says he won’t run for US Senate.

As was commented here on BMG, he had no federal dollars and 10,000 signatures in about three weeks is a big challenge.


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  1. Here's an e-mail from the DA

    Thought this might be of interest….

    After having considered the prospects of a run for U.S. Senate, I remain of the same mind that I expressed in my announcement to forego seeking reelection as Middlesex District Attorney, and I remain firm in my decision to leave electoral politics and government service to pursue other career opportunities. Although the U.S. Senate is a wonderful public service opportunity to do significant and gratifying things for people, I have decided that it is not the right next step for me by way of the job or the lifestyle. These are highly personal decisions, that are never wrong nor regrettable when made in the best interest of family.

    Gerry Leone

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