Massachusetts Democratic Convention Postponed

At tonight’s meeting the Democratic State Committee voted to postpone this year’s convention upon the recommendation of the Rules and Executive Committees.  The new date is Saturday, July 13th in order to free up June 1st for canvassing.  It will still be at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell.  The caucus window needed to be extended into mid-March to accomodate requirements that it be four months prior to convention, but previously scheduled caucuses (The deadline to inform state party was last Friday anyway.) may proceed as planned.  I spoke against the proposal, FWIW, and suggested simply replacing the breakout sessions with a citywide canvass.  It was an eventful evening.  Mo Cowan was introduced.  Elizabeth Warren introduced John Kerry.  Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch practiced their stump speeches.  Bill Galvin talked about election logistics and calendar.

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  1. Brilliant

    The last thing I want to do is sit through a campaign speech by the pathetic DINO FLynch! Thankfully, now we only here from the winner of the primary.

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