Massachusetts Nurses Assoc. and Teamsters Local 122 endorse Stephen Lynch

Racking up more endorsement, the MNA, those on the frontline of health care, our nurses, have endorsed Stephen Lynch.

“Our endorsement of Congressman Lynch was based on his outstanding record of supporting a number of issues important to frontline nurses in Massachusetts, including his longstanding support for Federal and state legislation to require safe RN-to-patient staffing limits for nurses in acute care hospitals, safer working conditions for nurses, and access to quality health care for all in America,” said Massachusetts Nurses Association President Donna Kelly-Williams in a statement announcing the endorsement.”

Teamsters Local 122 know full well, that under NAFTA, they have a target on their back.  Pres. Obama  is allowing Mexican truck drivers to haul their freight, beyond in Texas border, and into the interior of the U.S.A.  It won’t be long, where companies will use Mexican drivers to make business-to-business deliveries as this program expands.  Stephen Lynch knows these American jobs are not “Obsolete” and must be protected, despite those that believe The Teamsters should be more progressive, and give up their jobs to the poorer Mexicans.  Spread the wealth, so long as it isn’t your job or money, right all you Ed Markey supporters?

Trend line I see are municipal unions (ie teachers) favor Ed Markey, while private sector unions support Stephen Lynch. Things that make you go hmmmmmm?  Wonder why?



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  1. MNA

    Is a significant and unexpected endorsement for Congressman Lynch. The MNA provides another statewide organization contacting, educating and working GOTV for Lynch.

    As a health care union the MNA endorsement also provides Congressman Lynch with a response to those who have raised his split vote on the Health Care Act.

    As for a public – private union split over Lynch vs Markey, not so much so. MNA has public sector nurses and other health care professionals. As does Teamsters 122 (DOT workers). The Laborers Union represents public and private sector workers as does my Union. The Boston Carmen’s Union is entirely public sector workers. And federal employee unions like the American Postal Workers Union and the Mailhandlers Uniuon – government employees / public sector workers all – have endorsed Lynch.

    • Weird

      I agree that this gives him a response to people who criticize him on his vote on the ACA. It doesn’t change the fact that his split vote was wrong or that his current argument is completely disingenuous, though.

  2. Hard to imagine

    Notwithstanding the union endorsement, I have to believe that nurses are mostly pro-choice and will not be able to stomach Lynch’s anti-choice record. Ditto for his environmental record.

  3. Good riposte to AFSCME

    Markey, of course, landed AFSCME Local 93 this week as well:

    Just days after the Massachusetts Building Trades Council endorsed U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, another union is coming out in support of his Democratic rival in the special election to become the next U.S. senator from Massachusetts.

    U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, D-Malden, landed the support of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 93 on Saturday, with the union pledging to support the ninth-longest serving congressman in his endeavor to succeed Secretary of State John Kerry in the U.S. Senate.

    “When it comes to fighting for the middle class and securing adequate federal funding for the essential public services that Massachusetts needs and we provide, we know we can always count on Ed Markey,” said Charles C. Owen, Jr., president of the union, in a statement. “He is an outspoken and highly respected leader in Congress who works to build consensus but refuses to yield to the ongoing pressure to balance our budget problems on the backs of public employees and the middle-class. Now more than ever, we need leaders like Congressman Markey in the United States Senate.”

    The union represents 35,000 employees in Massachusetts and is an affiliate of the national labor union of the same primary name.

    This is going to be an interesting primary…

    sabutai   @   Thu 28 Feb 6:17 PM
    • Once again

      DFWs public v private union argument is totally undermined, and he is now bragging about the very public unions he rails against.

      I have to say striker57 has been civil and consistent, though I do have to ask how he squares away Lynch’s ACA votes and contradicting explanations for them.

      Also its good to see unions get active this early, I am confident that they will stick with the Democratic nominee so any GOTV from unions that mobilizes working people is good news for the rest of us.

      • To keep in mind

        Union endorsements have two benefits: 1-money and paid staff helping a campaign, and 2-encouragement of its members to vote a certain way. The money and staff are certainly useful, but a union endorsement doesn’t guarantee member votes.

        I’d wager in a primary with two figures who represent different visions of the Democratic primary that the union to which a voter belongs will not matter as much as political ideology. Not every teacher is voting for Markey, and not every firefighter is going to vote Lynch. This is always true but I suspect in the current case it will be truer than usual.

        sabutai   @   Fri 1 Mar 6:45 PM

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