National GOP using Mass Senate race to stop President Obama’s agenda

Excellent questions, John. And we confess that our feelings are a bit hurt that Dan Winslow, previously an active and energetic BMGer, has been silent here since declaring his interest in running for Senate. Will you be so fickle if you make it to Washington, Dan? ;-) - promoted by david

Did you notice that the Republicans who say they are running for US Senate in Massachusetts are keeping a lower profile or saying rather generic things about being non-partisan and such? The DC Republicans seem to have a different way of describing this special election.

With their latest salvo sent in the mail begging their supporters to stop President Obama’s plans for keeping our country moving forward, it is now clear that national Republican leaders in Washington are demanding that their GOP candidates for Senate here sign up to block President Obama’s agenda.

Just a few days ago, the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) sent a plea for money to Republican supporters in Massachusetts saying they need their help to stop the President’s plans for creating new jobs, expanding education and keeping our economy moving forward. And, a few weeks before that, Ron Kaufman, the Republican National Committeeman from Massachusetts, said in an interview with the Associated Press that electing a Republican to he U.S. Senate would be the best way to slow down the President [AP 1/12/13].

Voters deserve to know where the Republican candidates stand on elements of the President’s agenda that will help residents of Massachusetts. None of them has stated clear positions on important national issues; rather they avoid the questions. If you run into one of them, you might ask them to come clean on how they stand with questions like these:

* Do you support the President’s plan to avoid the sequester by cutting the deficit in a balanced way by closing tax loopholes and deductions for the most fortunate and making the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share?

* Do you support the President’s plan to strengthen Massachusetts’ economy by rebuilding and upgrading our infrastructure so businesses have the tools they need to compete?

* Do you support the President’s plan to make our neighborhoods and homes safer by requiring universal background checks and strengthening anti-trafficking laws to reduce gun violence and renewing the Violence Against Women Act?

* Do you support the President’s plan to grow the middle class by providing citizens access to the education and training that the jobs of today require?

* Do you support the President’s plan to close the pay gap between men and women and secure equal pay for equal work legislation (Paycheck Fairness Act, S. 182)?

You worked so hard to elect Elizabeth Warren and she’s making us proud every day. On these important issues, we don’t need someone who will go to the Senate and cancel out her votes.

John Walsh, Chair
Massachusetts Democratic Party


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  1. Nice Message

    As usual, John Walsh is doing a very good job.

    It’s time that republicans stand FOR something, instead of just trying to obstruct President Obama and disrupt our government.

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