RIP Mayor Ed Koch

I believe the passing of former three term mayor of NYC should be mentioned.  Ed Koch took the reigns of NYC back in the late 70′s.  Prez Ford told NYC to go bankrupt.  Mayor Koch had four years to clean up the fiscal mess or NYC would go into receivership.  He did it in three years and NYC has not looked back since, except under the four years of Mayor David Dinkins.

I could not believe that during his first run for mayor, he faced Mario Cuomo.  Mario and his son, Andrew ran a reprehensible campaign against Ed Koch.  The Cuomo campaign put posters up saying “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo”.  When asked about his personal life, Ed Koch simply said “F… OFF”.     I could not have said it better myself.

When asked if Rudy Giuliani was a racist, Koch said “Rudy is not a racist, he hates everyone”.   Koch also appointed Judge Judy to the NYC court system, I wish we had nine Judge Judy’s on the Supreme Court.  Should be noting Ed Koch served his county in WW II.

To our current and wannabe politicians! be more like Ed Koch and actually ask constituents “How am I doing”.  Second link is an interview Mayor Koch did in 2007, great bio, hope you enjoy.


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  1. The Cuomo campaign

    disavowed those posters.

    • Kbusch- I believe Ed Koch when he said Cuomo did nothing about the smear posters

      In a video interview in 2009, Koch told the NY Times that the poster incident still rankled him, “They put up signs on Queens Boulevard, the whole boulevard, it was shocking… I called Mario a weekend or two before the election and I said, ‘Mario this is happening… Mario, you gotta do something about that. It’s not right.’ ” While Cuomo told him he would try to do something, Koch said, “I don’t believe he did anything.” Koch reflected, “That matter has affected our relationship from ’77 through this year. We get along, we got along as mayor and governor but I always held it against him. I also held it against this son Andy Cuomo. Even though social relationships when we meet in public are good, underneath he knows I know what I’m really thinking, ‘You [swear].’”

  2. I have the benefit

    of actually having lived in New York City when he was mayor. Once a liberal congressman, Koch became pro-death penalty, pro-snob zoning. He won the 1977 race by being the right-most Democrat in the primary, like someone else you like. Funny that you can’t stand Ed Markey for voting for NAFTA, but you’re a fan of Ed Koch, who (after 1993) endorsed those great labor supporters George W. Bush, Al D’Amato, George Pataki, Peter King, Rudy Giuliani, etc., etc.

    And if you think the 1980s were a good time for NYC, I can’t say I agree. RIP, but underneath I’m really thinking, “You ——”)

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