Scott Brown Shows His True Colors…on Fox News

Scott Brown is in politics for money and to stroke his ego: this job makes sense. Fox will keep him until his fame fades or his utility diminishes. Behold, a male Sarah Palin. - promoted by Bob_Neer

It seems that recently-unemployed Scott Brown has found himself a new line of work – and shown us his true colors in the process.

Has the former Massachusetts Senator joined a think tank devoted to bi-partisan solutions? No. Started a new organization to address the dysfunction in Washington? Nope. How about signing on with a group that works to create all those great jobs he promised us all? Definitely not.

Instead, on Wednesday night, Scott Brown made his debut as a commentator for none other than Fox News (no joke). Apparently, in a bid to escape from the political system he refers to as “dysfunctional” and “extremely partisan,” Brown has taken on the mantle of political pundit for one of the most extreme and combative outfits promoting partisan rancor. Call us crazy, but the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly don’t exactly seem like poster children for all the “independence” we heard so much about on the campaign trail.

Fair and Balanced? Scott Brown makes his Fox News debut

Of course, our former senator did not discuss his anti-jobs voting record on Hannity’s show, nor did he talk about his recent defeat to progressive champion-turned-senator, Elizabeth Warren. Instead, Brown spent the majority of his relatively brief inaugural segment bemoaning “partisan gridlock” in Washington. Nevermind the fact that Brown was labeled one of the most partisan members of the senate during his brief tenure, or his consistent support of right-wing Republican obstructionism on just about every vote that mattered. Oh, and definitely disregard the fact that he delivered this partisanship diatribe on Fox News. FOX NEWS!

Asked why he decided against running for senate again, Brown replied: “I felt I could make a difference being on this show [Hannity’s] and doing other things.” We couldn’t make up this kind of material if we tried.

So for everyone out there missing Scott Brown’s campaign prop pick-up truck and faux barn jacket – never fear. Brown will be “doing things” (whatever that means) and has promised to “be a part of the election process back home.” Thank God!

One thing is clear: we definitely haven’t seen the last of our former senator. So if you can stomach it, stay tuned to Fox News for what will undoubtedly be more unpolished “true colors” moments in the evolution of Scott Brown.


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  1. I, for one, will NOT miss him

    In fact, I’m pretty happy he signed up with them. Good luck trying to get elected in Mass with “former Fox News commentator” attached to your name!

  2. My goodness! Labeled as partisan by Progress Mass!

    Tell me – what do they think of anti-choice Lynch on progressive issues? (crickets)

    Has any left-leaning outfit INVITED him to offer commentary? Did MSNBC solicit his point of view? (crickets)

    There is a reason why Fox News has the highest ratings of any news network – they have Mara Liasson, Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes and now Scott Brown AS WELL AS Hannity and Huckabee.

    I am willing to be that none of you have bothered to actually WATCH Fox News in a dozen years, content to let your predjudice and stereotype prevail in your discourse.

    • Labels

      I imagine choice voters would take issue with any candidate who votes the wrong way on that front…regardless of the D or R after their name. Not exactly sure why that’s relevant to this conversation.

      As someone who watches Fox News almost daily, I have to say that there are few outlets that present such a biased (left or right) version of news and still call it journalism. And I’m not restricting my observation to the evening commentators like Hannity or Colmes, either. I’m talking about straight-up news anchors pushing what would never pass as anything other than opinion content in any legitimate newsroom. That’s what Fox News has become, and their ratings don’t change that fact.

    • anti-choice?

      PP — Lynch just recently switched to being pro-choice.

      Now, you could say that is a flip flop, of course, but I didn’t see that bothering you in your enthusiastic support of Mitt Romney’s IHOP-styled run for President over the past 8 years.

      RyansTake   @   Fri 15 Feb 6:21 PM
    • Remind me again

      Whose viewers thought Saddam Hussein was connected with 9/11?

      Since BMG tends to be populated by informed people who care about the truth, there is an excellent reason not to watch Fox. Let Media Matters do that for us.

  3. Good riddance


  4. Brown's political career in Mass just evaporated. Gone.

    No way that anyone who shills for Faux News can win a statewide election here.

  5. Scott Brown: The Stalking Horse

    I think we spend too much time of Brown, the man. Like it matters? Brown is a paid spokesman. He could be selling vacuum cleaners, for all intents and purposes.

    What he does sell is memes, parrot points, cliche and faux policy. He sells what his corporate masters need him to pitch – that Republicans are willing to meet the working man halfway.

    FOX News is shifting their lineup. Carl Rove is trying to ourge the Tea Party.

    Brown is the rightwing think tank, new poster child. Palin made it cool to go “Rogue Right.” Brown’s swill will stink of ‘bipartisany.’

    Forget the man. He is a soft shell, filled with whatever creamy filling his masters stuff into him.

    Democrats lead with their chin. Republicans lead with a lie. Scott Brown is the trial balloon for their next big lie.

    • Scott Brown, the man

      1/2 Gov. Palin’s commentary used to mostly consist of complaining colorfully about how she was abused by this or that part of the media. Being personally offended was her main thing.

      Scott Brown is actually quite similar. Just like Palin, he thinks his motivations are totally pure. Just like Palin, he focuses on how Scott Brown the man has been victimized.

      He’s just a taller male version of Sarah Palin without the grammatical challenges.

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