Scott Brown will not run for Senate

Scott Brown has just announced that he will not be a candidate in the upcoming special election to replace John Kerry in the US Senate.

Scott Brown will not run for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry, the Herald has learned.

“U are the first to know,” Brown texted the Herald.

Sources tell BMG that Brown added “Bqhatevwr” to the text, but that the Herald did not include that bit in its report. ;-)

That leaves Bill Weld and Richard Tisei as possibles … who else might jump in?

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  1. Jack E. Robinson?

    I’m hoping.

  2. Charlie Baker said he's out already ...

    which seems like another run for the Governor spot. Scott Brown might be back for a Senate run depending on how the next year goes. But I don’t think a run for Governor is going to be in the cards. We’ll see.

    Some regret votes on Kirsten Hughes now? Anyone?

  3. No strong Repub. Makes you wish...

    Makes you wish a Bay State female (or male) Democrat who was not part of the Congressional Beltway crowd would enter the race!

    • You may get your wish...


      • Foreheadslap

        Of course!

        If I were Lynch I’d be doing everything I could to welcome her to the race.


        People who know and have worked with DeFranco know that she is a narcissistic gal who has an inflated view of her own talents…her entry into races she cannot win has nothing to do with issues, principles or causes, it’s all about Marissa, all the time. No listening skills at all, Very tiresome woman.

        • definitely not DeFranco


          For one, DeFranco wouldn’t need to get through a Democratic convention in order to appear on a primary ballot. She would just need signatures, something she was successful in attaining to challenge Warren.

          “The difference is the party can’t shut me out of the primary. Whether Markey shows up to the debate is a different story.”

          Resentment is so very attractive, isn’t it?

          • translation

            “The difference is that I can’t screw up like I did last time. How was I to know that you needed a solid ground game for the caucuses in order to guarantee getting 15% at the convention?”

  4. Probably the first time for me...

    …that a “Brown-out” was good news! It sure changes the landscape for the special election.

  5. It's wide open for a tea partier

    There are none with statewide stature, but there are some in every town.

  6. Although we do need to remember that

    almost no one knew who Scott Brown was at this point in the 2010 special election cycle.

    Our inclination may be to view that whole 2010 debacle as a perfect storm of timing and really bad Democratic candidate, and that the Democratic party has learned some lessons from last time, but any special election can be a tricky thing.

  7. So Lawrence O'Donnell was right

    He has been predicting this all along

  8. Kerry Healey

    Without Brown, the repubs basically need a self-funder to keep it even respectable. She would probably have little shot, but she could succeed at rehabbing her reputation to some degree if she can avoid doing this.

  9. Mitt Romney

    it was right in front of our face all along!

  10. Whew

    Someone up above likes me apparently. What a nice pre-weekend gift to us all. ;-)

    So delicious to imagine how peeved the national level GOP must be at Brown right now, LOL. John Kerry gets the last laugh apparently.

    Upthread oceandreams makes a good point — the Koch brothers and big oil et al could still pour gobs of $$$ into some unknown or little know candidate’s coffers and make a race out of this, but with so little time that could be a tall order. We shall see…

    And can I just say, texting the Herald to announce this… really? Are press releases out of fashion? Just seems kind of lame, imo, for an announcement of this magnitude. But I guess for Scott this is fairly typical behavior so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, eh?

  11. We should thank Scott Brown

    Scott Brown made us better. We deserved to lose to Brown, and, we learned our lesson. With John Walsh’s leadership, we developed a “ground game”. Ever since, we’ve won everything. In 2010, while republicans were successful everyplace else, we re-elected Deval Patrick, and every Congressperson won. In 2012, we elected Elizabeth Warren, and every Congressperson won again.

    Scott Brown made us better. Competition is good. Thank you Scott Brown.

    • I hope so

      The Kochs made lots of money doing unkind things to the little people. If they spend oodles of money paying middle class workers to do things like make campaign ads, manage campaigns, and the like, I think it’s a good thing for the MA economy!

      And, of course, still lose. That’s kind of important.

  12. Scott Brown was not invincible as evidenced in the PPP poll.

    He also realized the Democratic Party via John Walsh would not fall asleep at the switch as they did with Martha Coakley. In a recent poll Ed Markey with less than ideal statewide recognition drew into a dead heat. Hopefully other Dems will take a look at the seat now that it can be an issues election versus partisan nail biting and getting nastier than a campaign needs to be. Others who would be giving up state seats or positions should be encouraged to thrown their hat in the ring.

    • He dropped out before I could post something on...

      the debate prep generator.

      • Weld

        He’s got nothing to lose and could self fund, doubt he’d win though. He burned a lot of brides as made some really dumb moves (running for Gov in NY, resigning before getting confirmed). Healy would be smarter to run for an accessible statewide office though she definitely raised her profile this year. Maybe some of the old names like Card. Tisei stays out he has a better shot beating Tierney in a non-presidential year with North Shore native Baker at the top of the ticket. Mihos might be an interesting choice too. At this point though the NRSC won’t waste its money. This makes beating Lynch all the more important, wonder if he knew Brown was out?

  13. Friday News Dump n/t


  14. So will Rep Dan Winslow step up for his party?

    Dan’s been trying to build a higher profile. Here’s an opportunity.

    • Winslow has put out a statement:

      In my public service as a State Representative, a Judge, and as Legal Counsel to a Governor during a time of fiscal crisis, I have worked with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, all united by the common goal that we can make Massachusetts a better place for ourselves and our families. Massachusetts Republicans, especially middle class Republicans who call Amherst their hometown, seem offer [sic] a different perspective from the national GOP brand. I am honored by so many calls and emails urging me to run for the United States Senate. But I will reflect this weekend about my own family’s needs and whether there is room in the national Republican Party for a member who is both fiscally prudent and socially tolerant.

  15. Wheee!

    [Does little happy dance.]

    This likely means that we’ll have to face him in the Governor’s race in 2014, where Mass. Republicans do better than in Senate races. Still, we’ll fight that fight when we get to it. And unlike the Republicans, we have a deep bench to draw from.

    • Plus it won't be a compressed calendar...

      …for a special election. We’ll have plenty of time for a vigorous Gov primary, fence mending, and a general — all of which will make our candidate stronger.

    • Not governor material

      A governor has to lead the state. He has to have a coherent position on things. He needs an even temperament. I don’t think Scott Brown has what takes to be governor by a long shot – I think his candidacy would be a joke.

  16. About Mitt running

    I think he would be a terrible Sentor. He would have no patience with any institution or group of which he was not in full control.

    • Mitt running would be the gift that kept on giving ...

      he’s certainly not running, but if he did it would at least provide us some entertainment.

  17. Called this one a while ago.

    Never thought he’d run.
    But now, I’ve changed my mind about him not running for Governor either.
    Patrick’s patronage appointment of Maurice Cowan has given the GOP the gift of something to run against – Democratic cronyism. Patrick has handed the keys to the Governor’s office to Scott Brown.

    • What about Baker?

      Think he’s just going to sep aisde and let Brown have it? I don’t think so.

    • I'm very disappointed in Patrick's pick, but

      I’m not sure a lot of people will be voting on that issue in 2014 to the point where it will make a difference. It might matter if Patrick were up again. But in general, Mass. voters who can be persuaded to vote GOP probably have little intersection with voters who are disappointed it wasn’t Barney Frank. :)

    • hyperbole much?

      Patrick’s patronage appointment of Maurice Cowan has given the GOP the gift of something to run against – Democratic cronyism. Patrick has handed the keys to the Governor’s office to Scott Brown.

      Hyperbole? I certainly hope so. I’m often shaking my head as I read things here about how one single thing will decide an election, most recently how we’ll lose this senate seat if there is (or is not) a Democratic primary. As if none of the things that happen in between (like, say, the assumed Republican opponent bowing out) matter.

      I’m at a loss as to how a decision by a lame-duck Governor will decide an election almost two years away when we do not even know who the candidates are.

    • Patronage

      That word does not mean what you think it means.

      His two Senate appointments betray excess caution, not corruption.

  18. Rob Eno!

    A blogger for statewide office! Unfortunately The People’s Seat is presently filled by Senator Warren. What does that make Kerry’s seat? A problem for the savants at RMG.

  19. Can BMG Start a "Draft Keith Ablow" Movement? ;)

    Because this guy, well, he’s the guy!

  20. Patronage?

    Cowan will be a non-issue in a governor’s race- unless he runs. The tax increase could crush the Dems in ’14 though.

  21. Testing Comment


  22. Tisei maybay

    MIght be interested …

    “The news that Scott won’t be running again came as a surprise to me, as to many others. I’ve known him for many years and served with him in the state senate. I have great respect for his independence and bi-partisan record in the Senate. His decision not to be a candidate in the special election for the U.S. Senate is a great loss for the Commonwealth.

    Today, our country faces many challenges. It’s a time when we need to find common ground in order to begin to address the very real problems that threaten our future.

    Scott’s exit from the race was obviously unexpected. That said, in the coming days I will be talking with family, friends, and supporters to consider the best role that I can play in helping to bring new, alternative leadership to Washington.

    Whoever our party puts forward as its nominee in this special and critically important election needs to embody the change that the people want and deserve. The American people want to see our government work again and our nation prosper. More of the same is not an option.”

    I don’t think he’d win. But if he realllllly distanced himself from the national Republicans? He’d be respectable.

    • I wonder if

      Tisei’s tea stained campaign against John Tierney didn’t damage him for another race so soon. Voters have notoriously short memories, but a few months is awfully short. They would remember the race he just finished. Also, this wouldn’t be against a compromised candidate like Tierney was, and Democrats are on the alert for another stealth candidate like Brown was a couple of years ago.

  23. A sweet morsel

    On the day that Scott Brown acknowledged that he’s not up to running for John Kerry’s senate seat, John Kerry was being sworn in to his position as secretary of state by ….. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.
    Yes, Massachusetts own Elena Kagan against whose confirmation Scott Brown voted. Oh, and about whom he poked a little fun during a couple of the debates her calling her EWs boss.
    Who’s laughing now?
    (This guy brings out the worst of me, a normally good-natured person.)
    BTW, sometimes there is no way to preview a post….

  24. Romney being urged to run by Repubs

    But not that Romney. They are looking for the softer side of Romney. Ann!

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