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Gotta say, “they deserve a vote” was one of the few truly moving moments I’ve ever seen in a State of the Union speech. Did you watch the President’s speech? What stood out to you?

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  1. Agreed "They deserve a vote" was *the* moment.

    I don’t recall hearing a response chant like that start among members of Congress during SOTU before, do you?

    Was the entire SCOTUS present? I coudln’t tell

  2. Best proposal

    raising the federal minimum wage.

    • Good style and substance

      Universal pre-K is probably the best education policy Obama has advanced, loved the ‘they deserve a vote’ line, liked the federal minimum wage increase, liked the reference to ‘right to love’ which he has become quite comfortable uttering, liked the EU FTA, a cap and trade proposal, and the line ‘if you work full time you shouldn’t live in poverty’ which really resonated with my apolitical sister. Gingrich was right in calling it the most pro-government speech since Lyndon Johnson, though he was wrong to call that a minus.

  3. Did Obama mention coal or nuclear as an energy of the future

    He did give a shout-out to oil and gas production as part of the mixture. What made me grab my wallet was when he mentioned using executive orders to artificially increase energy prices. If he is that concerned, he should downsize his 747 jet when he travels to a more efficient, less carbon emitting airplane.

    At 10:00, I switched to Dance Moms, so let me know if I missed anything.

    • If energy prices don't go up

      your grandchildren drown or starve.

      There has got to be an incentive to develop other sources of energy.

    • That's an asinine comment

      He should downsize his 747? Really?

      The two planes commonly known as “Air Force One” are highly customized 747s. How highly customized? Classified.

      The President should fly in the *safest* airplane we can build him. Period. That means some combination of technology which has been tested for years and years [like the 747] and which can be customized with the ability to take evasive maneuvers for which a traditional passenger plane simply couldn’t handle.

      You’re talking about picking up a nickle in front of a steamroller. It’s asinine.

    • In addition to stomv's comment...

      it should be noted that it’s not like the President has some rag-tag group with him that could all fit in an 8 seater. A large swath of people accompany him on Air Force One, from the Secret Service to members of his administration to a gaggle of press.

      RyansTake   @   Wed 13 Feb 3:19 PM
      • I will answer Ryan and Stomv in one comment

        Pres Obama has already taken a Gulfstream to NYC and when he went to Miane on vacation, so no problem with the secret service.

        All I am saying is he should utilize a Gulfstream whenever he flies in the USA. If going overseas, take the 747. But let’s conserve. If the press corp wants to go, they can go commercial, no special perks.

        One would think a Gulfstream is more maneuverable than a 747, but I am no pilot, could be wrong.

        • what makes you think the Gulfstream is more efficient?

          Pres Obama has already taken a Gulfstream to NYC and when he went to Miane on vacation, so no problem with the secret service.

          All I am saying is he should utilize a Gulfstream whenever he flies in the USA.

          This is an assumption that is unwarranted: the gulfstream is built with luxury paramount and the 747 is built with operational efficiency over a lifetime as it’s prime motivation.

          • Petr- are you saying

            There could be equal or less of a carbon footprint if the POTUS takes the 747 to Iowa and back to D.C. instead of a Gulfstream. I thought the smaller pane with would be better. I mean, does the POTUS really need a huge plane like that?

        • No problem with the Secret Service

          Look, I don’t pretend to know the details of Secret Service logistics. Nor should you.

          Neither of us have any idea under what circumstances the 747 offers a better overall protection strategy than the Gulfstream, or vice versa. Furthermore, given that the President *always* has an entourage [at it's smallest a few staffers and protection, at it's largest much, much bigger], it’s not at all clear that taking a Gulfstream *plus* transporting the other folks in a different vehicle is more or less fuel efficient than putting more folks on the 747.

          Bottom line — it’s still an asinine comment. Worrying about the POTUS method of transportation is like worrying about the carbon footprint of burning matches. Sure, all of those matches burned in a year contribute to climate change, but it’s not a sensible place to begin cutting carbon emissions.

          • Obama's estimated carbon footprint is 41,000 tons

            All i am suggesting is he takes a Gulfstream when he can, not the gas guzzling 747. If we are truely going to be under water and starving b/c of climate change, certainly those pushing for conservation should lead by example, no?


            • And all we are suggesting

              is that you have no reason to think that he isn’t already taking a Gulfstream when it is the appropriate choice — where appropriate is a function of a litany of trade-offs, the most important of which is security.

              You’re willfully tangling personal action with public policy — it’s just as nonsensical as arguing that those who want higher taxes should simply pay the 5.85% ourselves, or that those who think ownership of military-grade firearms simply shouldn’t own any.

  4. my little heart sang

    when POTUS said raise the federal minimum wage (whether that actually happens is another thing). I also thought that “they deserve a vote” was a powerful and savvy way of urging Congress to act. Great speech overall.

  5. New drinking game...

    every time a Republican drinks water on national television. DRINK!

    RyansTake   @   Wed 13 Feb 3:15 PM

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