Tale of Two Homes for Ed Markey

Representative Edward J. Markey owns two homes: the one from his childhood in Malden, Mass., and the one he and his wife bought in 1991 in Chevy Chase, Md.

Does where you live impact your vision of the world, people, jobs, etc?  Does one need to actually live in a district to represent the voters?  Being that 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in America are in the D.C. area, is it likely working and living there for the past 36 years, as Mr. Markey has, would numb a persons senses to a thing called “reality”?  I do believe it is beneficial to have a congressman/senator who actually lives in the district or state he or she represents.  It goes back to my favorite mayor, Ed Koch, who always asked NYC residents “How am I doing?”

Stephen Lynch has traveled back to his home all the time, to connect with voters, find out their concerns, and even, shocking, go on talk radio and take a few calls.  Mr. Lynch’s eyes tell him a different story, a different America.  Mr. Markey has been known for socializing at D.C. balls and parties, living the good life I would call it.  On the other hand, Mr. Lynch sees the lines in people’s faces since they can’t afford botox or facelifts, and the worries many average people show in their eyes, the nervousness of what is around the corner with high federal deficits, higher gas prices, and jobs hanging by a thread.

“In the mid 1990s, the Boston Herald quoted the old-school South Boston congressman, Joe Moakley, telling McGovern, then a freshman, that a congressman needed to own a home in his district. Many at the time saw it as a shot at Markey.”

“No living in mummy’s house anymore,” Moakley said. “That just doesn’t cut it with voters.”

“Voters want a congressman who gets the same tax bills they do, a guy who feels the pinch when the MWRA’s water bills are skyrocketing,” continued Moakley, then the dean of the delegation.

Do you believe if Ed Markey spent more time living in his home in Malden on the left, he would be so cavalier in rejecting the XL Pipeline, with thousands of blue collar jobs, private too, on the line?  Stephen Lynch knows the oil from Canada is going to be extracted and moved, whether through the U.S. or straight across Canada to a tanker owned by China.  Mr. Lynch is being….”rationale” about the issue.

Ed Markey declared his home on the right, as a primary residence from 91-02.  It’s almost 4,000 sq ft outside of D.C.  I do submit, by not spending more time with the folks in his district, he failed to listen to the warnings of the trade agreements he supported.  Instead, he listened to the Beltway Boys in D.C. and even refused to meet with union representatives who picketed outside his office before the vote.  Mr. Markey was being….”arrogant”.

IMO, Mr. Markey and many others, including majority of Republicans, spend way too much time in a bubble, a fantasy known as D.C.  By doing so, they swallow projections and statistics that no thinking, objective person would believe (except 81% of the voters in 92 who voted for Clinton and GHWB).  Below is what was promised by NAFTA and the actual results.  As Maxwell Smart use to say  “Missed it by that much”.

NAFTA forecast




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  1. Take my virtual nickel...

    …and call someone who cares. My suggestion would be RedMassGroup.

  2. A member of Congress owns homes in DC and in their district?

    I’m shocked, shocked to find that you’re shocked.

  3. JfW is well synced with the media narrative driven by Markey’s opponents.

    What is BMG’s policy on sock puppets and staffers/consultants using pseudonyms to degarade a candidate?

  4. It's time to part company

    This is wrong. It’s silly. It wastes our time, comforts our enemies, dismays our friends, and crowds out useful discussion.

    This is not “thoughtful discussion amongst acquaintances.” It’s flogging a dead horse (NAFTA?!) at any cost — including obnoxious silliness about botox.

    But enough of this. Let’s read him out of meeting and get back to the work of a progressive Massachusetts.

  5. Why are there quotes around a paragraph where .. .

    nothing is being quoted? And why does Dan claim to be Dan from Waltham when he apparently lives right behind Stephen Lynch’s eyeballs? Talk about having two homes.

  6. To markb, Kbusch, Christopher, jfl, and mp

    1. The residency issue was raised by the Boston Globe just a few days ago, where do you think I got the pictures of the homes?

    2. Mr. Lynch has indirectly made Markey’s lack of contact with his district an issue. If you bothered to listen to his interview with Emily Rooney, Lynch stated most senators are disconnected from reality b/c they choose to live in D.C. Lynch went on to say he will represent the people of MA b/c he always, whenever he can, travels back home to see,the people. Thait is the type of senator he will be, lynch said. Lynch went on to say if it is not important to live in the district, then you might as well give everyone buttons to vote. Is this not a shot at Markey?

    3. Then Neo-Con Boston Globe reported Markey’s water use at the Malden home is minimal.

    4. It was Democrats who first raised a residency issues in 02 regarding Mitt Romney. Only then did we discover Markey using the Chevy Chase mansion as his primary residence. You live by the sword, you die by the sword….

    5. Don’t attack me for raising legit issues on Markey’s trade votes, which again, Mr. Lynch used to distinguish himself from Markey in the Emily Rooney interview a few weeks ago. What you consider a dead horse, others feel is an important distinction between the two. Sounds to me you wish it would just go away b/c it may hurt your candidate.

    6. The Botox is simply to point out the disconnect in living mostly in Chevy Chase, MD, as Ed Markey does, where the rich can afford those luxuries, and the avg. American who Lynch typically surrounds himself with, who have more important issues as I mentioned in the post.

    7. If you believe there is no reason to travel back to your district, unless you live in Montana or Alaska (two states that Mr. Lynch mentioned as too far to commute back over the weekends or when Congress is on a short recess), then defend it, and just give everyone buttons to vote, as Mr. Lynch suggested. It’s an issue, deal with it. Lynch even said in the Rooney interview he doesn’t take attendance on who is flying back home. Why do you think he said this?

    8. Stop the crying, you are making your candidate look even more weak.

    9 I am honored to think some of you believe I work for a campaign, or Eric Fehrnstrom or whomever. I am just one unenrolled voter giving my opinion here. But even if I was on the Lynch campaign, are not many of you on the Markey campaign? Who cares?

    10. Didn’t you all like the Get Smart picture? It still cracks me up just looking at it, I hope Lynch uses it in a commercial.

  7. Breaking News! Markey's THIRD home discovered!

    Right inside DanFromWaltham’s head, where Markey lives 24/7.

    Stop the crying, you are making your candidate look even more weak.

    Dan? Are you listening to yourself?

  8. This piece-of-crap post was up for over seven hours before someone took the bait and replied. It should have been months.


  9. I don't see the difference

    I live in Lynch’s district and I can’t remember any time he has shown up in my part of the district, so from my perspective it doesn’t make much difference where he lives. I am sure he does a great job representing Southie, but I don’t live there.

    Anyway, Dan, by all means please keep wasting your time posting about stuff that no one cares about.

  10. Is Ed Markey saying that he is Cherokee?

    Does he drive a truck?

    • Approachable

      I met Ed Markey outside the DNC in Boston in 2004. Unlike some politicians who had an entourage and were walking too fast to chat with people, Ed shook every hand and had a conversation with every single voter. I asked him about global warming, abortion rights, and whether he would run for Senate if Kerry won and he gave great succinct answers to all of my questions. In spite of being a 15 year old he treated me like an adult, a rare attribute among politicians in my experience. I have never met or interacted with Lynch and can’t make a comparison, I will say that Ed is not aloof or out of touch and these attacks are baseless. The fact that striker57 has been silent speaks volumes.

      • Jconway- interesting questions you asked Mt. Markey in 2004

        Telling what was on your mind at the age of 15, global warming and abortion. I hear this today many BMGers today who I would guess are, like me, much older than you. IMO, if a 15 year is asking about global warming and abortion, you know what I think? I think you have it had pretty well growing up. I think you parents are financially secure, their worries, transposed to your brain, was GW and abortion. Anyone who worries about those two issues as a top priority, likely live in the blue house on the right. I wonder if the 1100 Gillette employees who lost their jobs due to NAFTA have any kids who would ask Markey the same questions you did?

        I doubt we run in the same social circles. You know what I was thinking about in 2004? I was wondering if my friend was going to make it out of Iraq in one piece? His wife and kids would visit my family every Friday night for dinner. She put on a brave face, but you could tell she was worried. Every day, we heard about more and more casualties coming out of Iraq. You think the kids visiting my house, who were slightly younger than you, but not much, whose dad was in IRAQ, would have asked a politician about f-ing global warming?

        And the abortion question just makes me want to puke. You must have a nice life life kid, if that’s your worries in 04, or anyone for that matter. Glad to know you weren’t concern about college tuition or student loans, b/c that is what is on my kids minds. Nice to be rich JC, you want higher taxes too?

        • Whadda are you, a tough guy?

          This masturbation you perform, here, is really quite pathetic.

          You are so stuck up in your ‘blue collar pipe dream,’ guy. Prancing around this blog like your the only guy to ever break a sweat on this blog.

          You don’t talk like a working man. You talk like a weenie trying to talk like a working man.

        • Come to the dark side...

          is all I hear when I read this condescending claptrap. Can’t people even speak well of Markey without being dismissed?

          • Mc- never said Markey isn't a nice guy

            I was commenting on what was on jc’s mind in 2004? I could be totally wrong about it, it’s an opinion. I told him what was on my mind, that’s all. And look at that mean viscious post from jfl.

            • If you are going to live by the Troll....

              then you reap what you sew. I was responding to your specific comment, not to the quality of comments as a whole. But at the same time, I fully agree with John-From-Lowell’s sentiments.

            • Im speaking my mind too

              Your an asshole plain and simple and you are making your candidate look like one. I have defended Lynch in the past and still believe I will vote for him if he is the nominee. But either Ed Markey is paying you to be the most obnoxious Lynch supporter of all time or you really do not know how to get along with others and convince them to vote for your side. Going after me personally makes me less likely to vote for your candidate. Its that simple.

        • Outta line buddy

          I’m the first in my family to go to college, my parents are both SEIU members, retired, living off what little pensions they were able to get from Social Security and disability. My parents would’ve been left to starve under the Romney-Ryan budget you voted for. Also I am currently unemployed and working through the byzantine world of unemployment insurance having previously lived paycheck to paycheck. My parents were able to help me out considerably over the phone yesterday since they have been unemployed at different times throughout their lives as well.

          Through over 40 years of hard work my mom was able to pay off her house, and thanks to significant subsidies from the federal government and private grants from the University of Chicago I was the first in my family to graduate from college and get my BA. My brother and sister-in- law are renters and fighting the DCFS every day to get custody of my second cousin, whose mother has been in and out of prison on drug related charges along with other members of my family I might add. So it was not a life of wine and roses for me and I resent that implication.

          My mother left an abusive husband and had to raise my brother and sister (biologically half, full in every other way) on her own, and luckily was able to take advantage of CEDA training before Reagan axed it. She and my family lived on welfare, and she was hardly a queen. She had to mix powder with water to make some kind of substance resembling ‘milk’ and had to take public transit several towns over to find and retain work. It was definitely easier on me cause my father was a full time father and respected her, I will never underestimate how fortunate I was to grow up in a two parent home compared to my siblings. But neither went to college, neither ‘pumped ideas’ into my head since they were too busy scraping together a living. My dad hasn’t worked since Gov. Romney gutted the mental health budgets and my mom was encouraged to retire since the City of Watertown was going to start making cuts since local aid has dried up.

          Plenty of 15 year olds I knew then and know now care about reproductive rights which my mom taught me from an early age is the difference between having economic freedom and not having it for a woman. She was personally against abortion, as I am, but she would never judge another woman for making that decision on her own, and she certainly wouldn’t want the Church that shunned her for divorcing an abusive husband telling women what to do, or forcing its views on the state.

          So I resent this. My grandparents lived next to a coal plant and both died of strokes, a long with a lot of people downwind of it in Salem and Marblehead. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that fossil fuels are the fuels of the past and their social costs-not to mention their propensity to bog us down in overseas wars-far outweigh their benefits.

          My best friend since I was 6 is in Afghanistan right now, complaining he can’t come home and rebuild the towns torn apart by Sandy since he sure as hell feels unwanted by the Afghans and risking his life for nothing. He wants to come home. In fact I have several friends in the military and all are privately against the war and were in favor of repealing DADT. I’ve had gay neighbors and friends with gay parents since I was a kid, no way I believe their rights matter less than mine.

          If anything all the rich kids living in houses like that I knew were Republicans either at CRLS or U of C. The people that didn’t serve tended to be from Republican households, they tended to have parents that went to good schools and were able to cater to their every need. Come to think of it the last three Democratic Presidents were self-made men while the last two Republican Presidents and last two Republican nominees were scions of privilege. So cut the working hero bullshit. I am trying to find work at a union right now and none of the members there are clamouring for a Keystone pipeline, many of them, even the more socially conservative ones, voted for Obama. Their only complaints are that Obamacare is not single payer and they worry he might chain CPI or touch Social Security. So give me a break, this Sean Hannity act your pulling is bs. Look at the polls. Working people by a large margin supported Obama while all Romney’s support came from the well off. I am a fourth generation American and a fourth generation Democrat. The Democratic party has always been on the side of the immigrant and the working man which is why my parents, my grandparents, and me have been Democrats. We voted for Tip and Jack and Teddy and we will vote for Markey too.

          • Thoughtful post JC, I got it wrong

            Univ of Chicago is a heck of a school. Something is fundamentally wrong if you are having difficulty finding a good job after graduating from a prestigious univ. I railed against the job numbers last year, My first post was about how 58% of all new jobs created under Obama pay between $7-$14 an hour. Got a recommendation from Christopher even. I knew they were sub-par jobs and why I voted for Romney. I don’t want to “rehash” that election.

            What you are living is my fear for many of us, who don’t have the protections of public unions, imuned to globalization. Chronic high unemployment, low pay, and being asked to pay more in energy costs and taxes. I am burnt out and can’t afford any more. What ruined the middle class were these free trade deals of the 90′s. Your guy has his fingerprints on it. Check the graph above, it was an easy call for some of us, the problem is when voters become sheep and vote party lines. FYI, don’t rely on social security for retirement, I’m not.

            Good luck with the job search and hope your brother gets custody of the cousin. Since Keystone is not available here, the trade unions should contact Entergy and see if they want to build a Pilgrim II. That way, ita all 100% American unlike the solar panels and turbines from China or So. Korea. And no, I don’t want to conserve.


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