“Tell The President To Address Climate Change In State Of The Union Speech” – Ed Markey


Climate change is changing the face of our planet. The longer we wait to respond, the harder it will be to reverse the damage.

President Obama has an opportunity to put addressing climate change at the top of the national agenda in his upcoming State of the Union address. Let’s show him that, if he’ll lay out his plan for action, we’ll get his back.

Ed Markey is ready to stand with the President on climate change — show that you are, too.


We need a real plan for action on climate change — and your State of the Union address is a perfect time to lay one out.

Give us a plan, and we’ll fight alongside you.

Ed Markey


Please follow the link and co-sign the letter to President Obama!


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  1. Signed just now...

    I meant to do so last week but I forgot – thanks for the reminder!

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