The Full GOP Rundown for the Special Election (UPDATEx3: Tisei Out, Weld Out, Healey Out)

It looks like the Democratic primary is set between Congressmen Ed Markey & Stephen Lynch.  But what of the Republican primary?  With former Senator Scott Brown taking himself out of the running, I believe this is a comprehensive round-up of where things stand with every other Republican who has publicly hinted at any level of interest.  (I’ll leave out the trial balloons floated about Ann Romney and her & Mitt’s eldest son, Tagg.)  Any names I’m missing?  Who do you most hope will/won’t run?  Share in the comments.

UPDATE: Bill Weld OUT.

Former Governor Bill Weld:

Weld recently returned to Massachusetts to join a Boston law firm and had said he would consider a run for the Senate if Brown did not. Weld did not return a call seeking comment on Friday.

(Also note for Weld: “NECN-TV reported Friday that Weld is not interested in running, and the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker told NECN on Thursday that he has no intention of running in the special Senate election.”)

UPDATE: Kerry Healey OUT. (Tagg Romney, too.)

Former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey:

Healey has not ruled out a run, but has said she was hoping that Brown would be the nominee.

UPDATE: Richard Tisei OUT.

Former State Senator, 2010 GOP Lt. Gov. nominee, and 2012 GOP Congressional nominee Richard Tisei:

Former state Sen. Richard Tisei, who narrowly lost a race last year in the 6th Congressional District against Democratic incumbent Rep. John Tierney, said in a statement Friday that he’s weighing his options.

State Representative Daniel Winslow:

Norfolk state Rep. Daniel Winslow said Friday he’s being urged to run.

“I will reflect this weekend about my own family’s needs and whether there is room in the national Republican Party for a member who is both fiscally prudent and socially tolerant,” said Winslow, who also served as chief legal counsel for former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Doctor Keith Ablow:

According to a report in the Boston Herald, Ablow released a statement indicating he would be open to “seriously” considering a senate run if neither Scott Brown nor William Weld run for Kerry’s seat

Businessman and former Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez:

Gabriel E. Gomez, a former US Navy Seal and fighter pilot who has worked in financial services for the past 16 years, said Thursday he is “seriously considering’’ jumping into the race.

Gomez, a 47-year-old ­Harvard Business School graduate from Cohasset, would not rule out a challenge to Brown for the party’s nomination, saying only that “I will cross that bridge when we get there.”

Former Nantucket Selectman and County Commissioner Doug Bennett:

I need help collecting the 10,000 signatures required to be placed on the April 30th 2013 Republican Primary Ballot.

And, there’s the possibility of one Republican-turned-Independent:

Businessman and GOP nominee for U.S. Senate (’00), MA Secretary of State (’02), and Congress (’06) Jack E. Robinson:

I’m mulling pulling papers on Monday as an Independent, which I changed to right after the November election!

Anyone missing from the list?  Any updates?  Who are you most rooting for/against getting in?  Share in the comments.


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  1. Keith Ablow?

    I had no idea this shithead was from Massachusetts. This is almost as dispiriting as finding out the John Birch Society used to be based here.

  2. The only people urging Winslow to run are his house colleagues.

  3. The only people urging Winslow to run are his house colleagues.

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