We saw this coming.

Huffington Post is reporting that Scott Brown is in talks with Fox News to become a contributor.  I think I read somewhere that he was discussing becoming a columnist for the Boston Herald, but now I can’t find that reference.  Honestly, I do think he would be an improvement over Sarah Palin at Fox.


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  1. Hey

    If the money is good enough maybe we don’t have to deal with him in 2014 for either race. I have it on good source from a friend high up in the RNC that Palin was made an ‘offer she couldn’t refuse’ by Roger Ailes to stay out of the 12′ race and now that her usefulness is over she got cut.

    • Ailes and Fox

      surely had solid electoral reasons to have Palin out of the running for 2012. As it turned out Obama was re-elected anyway. But Brown would have to be a favorite for governor if he chose to run in 2014. From the Ailes perspective, there’s no reason to keep him out of that race. It makes it more likely a Democrat will win. Brown’s no weaker a candidate than, or no more to the left of, a Charlie Baker.

      Perhaps the money would keep him there even though there’s no conspiracy to keep him out of any future race. But I see a gig on Fox News, though remunerative, hurting Brown’s chances of winning statewide office in Massachusetts. Fox may want to move its profile toward so-called “moderate” Republicans like Brown, but his moderate appeal has to be tainted by association with them.

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