Weekly Joke Revue: GOP MA-Sen candidates take positions

A special edition of the Joke Revue responding to esteemed BMGer John Walsh's post below proposing that the MA Senate GOP candidates state their positions on the issues of the day. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Click on There’s More below to see Republican Senatorial candidates confront the issues:

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While I’m Glad I Won, I Personally Believe Abraham Lincoln Deserved To Die

By Daniel Day-Lewis

Tonight I had the great honor of receiving the Academy Award for Best Actor for my performance in the film Lincoln. It is my immense privilege to receive an Oscar for the third time in my career, especially for portraying such an historic figure. And as I look back on this role, I can only feel deeply honored and humbled for the praise and respect I’ve received, even though I personally believe that Abraham Lincoln was an American traitor who deserved to die.

Honestly, this award truly is a tremendous thrill for me. And the fact that I’m being awarded for portraying a liar, a fraud, and an enemy of justice whose murder was fully justified doesn’t change that. … [Click here to read the full piece].

Daniel Kurtzman:

“The Italian press is reporting that the next Pope could be the cardinal from Boston. If he gets the job, he’ll be the first Pope to make you kiss his 2007 World Series ring.” –Conan O’Brien

“Here’s one of the odd things about being Pope. You’re the Pope and you’re in your office and sitting at your desk, and on your desk is a photo of your boss’s son.” –David Letterman



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  1. Drones rock

    It is good that the drone killed Zawahiri.

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