Why should you should vote for Stephen Lynch?

Any questions?

KYLE GRANTHAM / Courier & Press<br />
Cracks in the parking lot of the old Whirlpool plant show as weeds grow through them on Wednesday afternoon.

There are thousands of pictures like this scattered across the U.S.A who fell victim to NAFTA and GATT.  Markey supporters “may” just see cracked asphalt.  I see broken hearts, dreams, spirits, even lives.  I wonder if a person who lost their job and health care coverage due to NAFTA or GATT, and their spouse came down with an illness like cancer and died, can we blame those who supported these trade agreements?  Just asking……

The choice is crystal clear.  If you want to stop the insanity of shipping our good jobs across the border or overseas, then vote for Stephen Lynch.  If you believe the sooner we crash the better, then vote for Ed Markey.


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  1. Give me a break

    This is getting tired.

    • doubleman- How about Gillette moving 1200 jobs to Mexico a few years ago?

      “ANDOVER — Up to 1,200 people, many of them from Lawrence, will lose their part- or full-time jobs as the result of a decision by Procter & Gamble to close its Gillette products packaging plant in Devens and shift most of the work to Mexico by the year 2010.”

      People in Lawrence don’t need jobs, do they? Hell, they can go to work at Margarita’s (great restaurant, just being funny). Did you know people held a vigil outside Markey’s office before the NAFTA vote. Cold man, guy is really cold. Even Peter Blute voted against NAFTA.

      I have the impression most on here are sweeping this under the rug. Well, look at what he did, look at it!! You want a race to the bottom, support these trade deals and “forgive” Ed Markey on a couple votes 20 years ago. Or you can do something about it and vote for Stephen Lynch. I probably disagree with Lynch on a majority of issues, but I give the most weight to this issue, the others, hyped by partisans on both sides, take a back seat. Doubleman- think about what you are doing by supporting Markey, he is using you…….


      • I'll feed the troll

        I am not a single-issue voter, like you appear to be. On issue after issue, Markey has been better than Lynch, but that doesn’t matter to you.

        You keep bringing up a couple of votes made years ago and oversimply their impact. And you act as if Markey is a free trade zealot, which he is not (he voted against CAFTA and other free trade deals, for example, as well as supporting legislation to help workers who lost their jobs as a result of globalization). So, yes, maybe he got a couple important votes wrong in the past, but that is not an accurate summary of his views. I’m not sweeping it under the rug, I am just looking at the entirety of his career. When I do that, I like what I see.

        When I do the same for Lynch, I see far too many areas on which he is dead wrong. I want a Senator that can be right and be a leader on a lot of important things. I don’t want a Senator who seems to only care about one area, so much so that he will support the promise of short-term jobs over permanent and significant climate damage.

        How is Markey using me? I know exactly what I am doing. I am supporting who I believe will be the best Senator and will push a progressive agenda (yes, even on labor). I do not think Lynch will do anything.

        • BMG: Discussion or bulletin board

          You might, like me, regard Blue Mass Group as a place to go to learn news, read interesting takes on what is happening, and engage others in conversation.

          Danfromwaltham seems to appear during election seasons where his goal is to treat BMG like a turf war for space on a bulletin board. If he can thumbtack enough stuff pushing his point of view, it’s a kind of victory for him. That it is repetitive, boring, or not worth reading might be a negative to you, but for him that’s just the point.

          Without repetition, how else is he going to get to 3 posts a day? And if he doesn’t do that, why, it might look as if this site supported Markey. That would be an unacceptable defeat for him.

          • Kbusch-sorry you don't find my posts interesting

            This is not a turf war, just advocating for a man who I disagree with on many issues, but I have the utmost respect for and finally, a candidate who puts American workers first and foremost. Most Dems and Rep’s are free traders, Kennedy warm, Kerry is, Weld is, Brown is, Warren is, but FINALLY a guy who has been consistent all his life, fighting open trade with countries whose workers get a fraction of what a U.S. worker makes, let alone any benefits.

            Sorry for my many posts, Lynch excites me. When I had the opportunity to speak with Barney Frank on WBZ, I thanked him for voting against NAFTA. I will not post as much as I had this weekend, but two of my posts had nothing to do with Lynch or Markey.

            Thanks for not calling me names.

            • Assertion of facts not in evidence

              It’s extremely doubtful that a majority of Democrats fit the term”free trader.” You might be able to make that case, but (as usual) you haven’t tried. You saying it’s so does not make it so. Voting for NAFTA does not make it so.

        • doubleman- Markey opened Pandora's box when he voted for NAFTA and GATT

          Glad to know he supported legislation to help those he helped to lose their jobs/careers. Mighty nice of him. Did he do a bundle package and link it to his cable TV legislation?

          When the chips were down, Markey sold his vote when Clinton was wheeling and dealing to get NAFTA passed. He simply has no credibilty on the issue.

          Unfortunately, I don’t find a huge difference between Markey and Lynch. Take energy. Lynch voted for cap and trade, against drilling off the east coast and ANWR and new leases in the Gulf. But since he favors Keystone, he is not “acceptable” or a DINO?

          Markey is using you because he has many of you scared that the world is going flood in 50 years or abortion “hangs by a thread”. My goodness people, please wake up.

        • doubleman - don't ignore this comment! I've prefixed it to get your attention!

          In addition to the cramming the bulletin board tactic, we also have the tactic of titling comments with users’ names. This gets A LOT OF ATTENTION! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

          It’s akin to social engineering. Not that I would ever in a million years call him danfromwaltham a troll, oh not me, but this is a device one would expect a troll to use.

  2. What is your point?

    Are you saying that Lynch will repeal NAFTA/GATT if elected Senator? Really? What has he done on this issue as a Congressman?

    • hrs-kevin- my point is

      We simply cannot promote Ed Markey, not after what he did, not when we have the real deal running against him. You know Obama promised in 2008 he would review these trade deals but of course, he has not. By sending Lynch to the U.S. Senate, we add an important voice to this issue, and hopefully, nudge Obama to do the right thing. If not, here is hoping the next POTUS will.

      Thanks for your question.

      • You haven't answered the question.

        Instead of thanking me for my question, please answer it.

        What is Lynch going to do differently? NAFTA/GATT are now a reality. It no longer matters what happened 20 years ago. What is Lynch going to do going forward? What has Lynch done in Congress that is in any way relevant to this issue?

        (Personally, I don’t believe that NAFTA/GATT are the great evils you so insincerely make them out to be. But even if I did, this is not an active issue of discussion in Congress. Neither is going to go away anytime soon regardless of who we pick for Senate. And I am 100% sure that picking Lynch over Markey will make no difference on this front.)

  3. Dead horse

    Pretty easy to not vote for NAFTA when Lynch was busy voting against women, gays and blacks in the state legislature as a tool for Tommy. I might add their is sfnoficant evidence that NAFT created net jobs and that globalization is inevitable as is outsourcing and no vote would’ve stopped that. Invest in better education, healthcare, and infrastructure and we can be competitive again. Lynch votes against those investments and the leadership of this President-Eds got his back.

    • Did Lynch beat his wife too?

      If you actually believe more jobs have been created by NAFTA than lost, then you must believe in 50 years we will be under water due to global warming. I hope Markey repeats what wrote, but I doubt it.

      • Yeah

        That’s me. I am the one who thinks, in 50 years, the Massachusetts coastline will be threatened if we don’t act on global warming. That is because, three months ago, my aunt’s neighborhood in New York looked like this.

        I don’t like NAFTA either. But our industrial base, especially in the northeast, was disappearing a long time before 1993.

        • Germany

          Is part of the EU, an even more generous free trade pact than NAFTA and one that has cost Germany significantly as of late. Yet it also was a world leader in high quality industrial manufacturing since its work force was well trained, had its education gauraunteed through college and its healthcare costs covered by social insurance. Unionization is still high since unions focused on member recruitment and not politicking, their trains are the envy of the world since their infrastructure is so sound. America stopped investing in itself long before NAFTA, and a lot of that was due to ”Reagan Democrats’ like yourself and Lynch demanding tax cuts instead of investment, unions self immolating by fighting for closed shop laws and being hostile to change, and the elevtion of cultural conservatism over economic progressivism in the voting calculaions of far too many Americans. Not to mention money=speech.

          Germany is the envy of the world precisely because it invested in itself and still has an industrial policy. We gave up on tht as soon as Carter was voted out. Blame Reagan who Im sure you and Lynchie voted for, don’t blame Markey.

        • Fenway49- I feel bad about your aunts home and neighborhood

          Hope everone survived. You are aware we do get hurricanes every now and then? Has the ocean reclaimed that land or did the water recede? MA had terrible tide surge from the Perfect Storm. My family owns a home right on the ocean, just a small dune for protection. It survived and is still standing today. Home was built in the 50′s and hasn’t moved an inch.

          To your second point, the mfg jobs that moved out of MA at least stayed in America.

          • Now denying global warming

            Sea levels are rising. Some islanders have already lost their homes.

            Is this what we can expect from dfw – an endless litany of attacks on progressives, couched in “concern” for irrelevant issues, all combined with Right-Wing talking points? Our cup runneth over.

          • Missing the point

            As N.Y. Gov. Cuomo said the week of the storm, “once in a lifetime” storms now happen every year or two.

            My grandmother’s father came from Vermont. He grew up right next to a little covered bridge that stood for almost two centuries, but was badly damaged and shut down for reconstruction in 2011′s Hurricane Irene. Route 2 was closed in Western Mass. for 5 months. In 2012 my cousin’s basement apartment on Long Island, with everything he owned, was destroyed. The water receded (until next storm) in their house, but that didn’t help the people of Breezy Point (111 houses burned to nothing) or my other’s cousin’s neighborhood on Staten Island (dozens of homes destroyed) But whether my aunt’s place made it through this time is not the point. There were 3 hour waits for gasoline and over 50 billion in damages. we are looking at the future of the American coastline.

            And the MFG jobs that left Mass. did not all stay in America, but even the ones that went south are a huge problem. Not only for Mass. but for America. How does the great champion of that union stalwart Steve Lynch not realize that the South was our Mexico for about 40 years. Low wages, no unions. That’s why they went there, and it’s a model for the crap economy we now have. I don’t disagree with you about NAFTA, but I agree with those pointing out (1) it was 20 years ago; (2) it’s not up for discussion in this Congress; (3) Steve Lynch will do nothing to fix it; (4) Steve Lynch is an unacceptable Democratic nominee for a host of other reasons.

  4. It kind of looks like one of those Bain investments to me ....

    check with Mitt.

    • BTW Dan ...

      did you vote for Mitt?

      • Very apt question johnk

        I actually respect the fact that Rep. Lynch worked at the Gary, IN steel mill and held my nose and campaigned for Joe Donnelly there back in 2006. He is now the Senator in Indiana and has a very similar profile to Lynch (blue collar Catholic conservative but progressive on unions), and what was remarkable is how disaffected a lot of the white ethnic voters left in Northwest IN were by the Democratic Party, most had their heart with McCain but knew their pocket books were with Obama (worst line I heard in 2008 was ‘i need my paycheck to get bigger, so Im votting for the *nword*”).

        I think one of the key reasons Mitt lost so badly in Ohio is that Kasich basically got unions organized for that vote and got a lot of conservative unions to put all their chips on the line for Obama. He really was the guy that laid you off. And even if Obama felt ‘alien’ after four years as President, he still had your interests at heart. Joe Biden gets too little credit for being Obama’s ambassador to working white America but he was able to sell that message hard. Osama dead GM alive was a daily show punch line, but a line that resonated with its audience, especially in towns that knew full well how f8cked they were had President McCain or candidate Romney allowed the general to fade away.

        So curious if Dan made the same calculation or not.

        • Jconway- do you know that

          the Whirlpool Plant I posted, the one that closed in 2010 under Obama, is located in Indiana? How ironic you mention Indiana and how people voted for Obama there to get bigger paychecks. Or did they vote to give their paychecks to the Mexicans? I am confused…….

          Too bad Obama didn’t care as much for those workers as he did for GM and Chrysler. Let’s not relitigate the last election, please. If you read my old posts, you can see who I voted for. As you know, no matter who won, both supported all these free trade agreements.

          • Find a dictionary

            You keep using that word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • Poor Johnny one-note

            sang out with “gusto”
            And just overlorded the place
            Poor Johnny one-note
            yelled willy nilly
            Until he was blue in the face
            For holding one note was his ace.

  5. Why I will not vote for Lynch!

    Since you insist on reposting the same old garbage about the pathetic DINO Lynch over and over, may I just say for what “Feels Like” the Thousandth time that as someone with a preexisting condition, and as someone who lives in Lynch’s district, that I will vote against this DINO and support Ed Markey both because of Climate Change (for which Markey is on the correct side of history) and against Lynch, since he voted against my best interest when the ACA was voted upon.

    You can rave on about some decades old vote on trade as much as you want, and it will not erase the disgrace that DINO Lynch has demonstrated within the past few years.

    So Rave On with the Trollish Garbage. It is at best going to create a backlash.

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