Really Dudes, Nothing Personal But Ed Markey is Too Much a Tool To Be Our Senator

Haven’t we all be impressed with Liz Warren’s highly informed grilling of the Treasury higher-ups? She didn’t give a crap that they worked for President Obama.

Do you guys really see Ed Markey taking on an issue with such chutzpa? Of course not. Why? Because the guy reeks of being a tool for others.

And don’t tell me he’s not because Tom McGee couldn’t tell him where to stand. (BTW I’ve been lazy about a Speaker McGee RIP – The guy deserves a good one and I haven’t done it yet)

Back to Markey.

Did you see his big issue today? He files legislation to prevent the TSA from allowing small pocket knives etc. on planes.

WTF does fast Eddie know about it? What a fucking panderer to morons and government unions. Don’t forget people, the less the government harasses us the less government workers there are to perform the harassment.

In my day work programs meant giving people shovels. Now they give them badges and powers to harass.

Where’s the outcry? Any boy scout can get through TSA security empty handed then walk into one of the many rip-off retail joints and buy a Red Sox key change or some other useless trinket and fashion it into a deadly weapon.

But Eddie’s going all Chuck Norris on them.

Screw you Eddie.

Now I’m not saying Steve Lynch is Liz Warren. He’s not. He’s Steve Lynch. The union guy that told the unions that ObamaCare was bad for the members in the long run, looked them in the eyes, and voted against it. That took balls from a former president of a local iron workers union. (BTW, don’t confuse the trade unions with the public employees unions)

Let’s look at the Markey record. A profile in courage. Balls the size of pumkins. I mean I’m amazed that with all the enemies he’s made in Washington during the last 37 years there hasn’t been a grassy knoll incident on him.

Let’s review.

Cable TV rates. Do you know what we would be paying for clickers if we didn’t have Eddie watching the back of every couch potato(e) and fat kid in the country.

Then of course he’s Captain Daylight Savings. Feeling a little like shit the past two days?¬†Who says your congressman doesn’t affect you?

And there’ssss.. ahh there’s Cable TV, and…

ahh I think they replaced the escalators at Malden Station recently, he may have had something to do with that.

And of course he’s been a real battler on making sure i don’t pay extra for the Weather Channel.

And did I mention Daylight Savings Time?

So my point is people, if you want to vote for Eddie, fine. If you want to work for him, fine. If you think he’ll be better than Steve Lynch, fine.

But if you really believe this bullshit that he brings something to the table other than being a tool of constituencies outside of Massachusetts than I bet you also believe Larry Lucchino is a real “baseball man’.



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  1. I actually do see him standing up to big oil.

    He’s done it in the House and it’s the key reason I support him.

    • Not to mention

      Markey-Shays-Meehan the House version of McCain Finegold, that’s a fairly major piece of legislation. Putting climate change at the forefront, lots of co-sponsorship of good bills with the seniority to get it passed. And he is a very approachable and nice person, not to mention an informed policy wonk who actually knows what he is talking about. And what pray tell has Lynchie done thats substantial? Oh yeah the Keystone pipeline-those jobs are definitely going to Massachusetts (NOT) and that extra carbon won’t hurt the atmosphere at all (NOT). Also weren’t you in the tank for Brownie EB3?

      • As i recall...

        …EB3 supported Warren, but predicted a Brown win.

        • Ernie's a stopped clock

          as far as prognostication goes.

          And I still have questions about the party line on Lynch voting against ACA. I still wonder if he was actually “The union guy that told the unions that ObamaCare was bad for the members in the long run, looked them in the eyes, and voted against it.” Maybe he was. Maybe there were committee reasons for him doing so. I’m not taking DFW’s word for it.

  2. Okay, fake Eddie, what do YOU know about it?

    Have you been consulting with the Department of Homeland Securitytheater to determine that small edged tools are not a risk on airplanes? As I recall, things fitting that description were used to bad effect on a famous date you may also remember. You may disagree with Rep. Markey that this is an issue worth legislating, but the amount of high dudgeon you’re generating from it is itself way out of proportion.

    Your opinions are really not as interesting as you think they are.

  3. Screw You Fake Edward

    What a total embarrassment of a post. And is it any wonder that I have confused the “Verbal Excrement” of Fake Edward and DanFromWaltham. This is total garbage and worth another token donation to the Markey for Senate campaign. I realize I am not suppose to Feed The Trolls, but seriously, this is an embarrassment!

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