Massachusetts Senate race poll: Ed Markey holds vulnerable lead as Gabriel Gomez gives Michael Sullivan run for his money

Confession.  I don’t know how to read polls, and am often confounded when different people come to different conclusions about the same cross tabs (What ever they are.)

There is apiece of me that thinks we should all be out door knocking rather then peering a polls, but if somebody can translate for me it would be great. Or tell me it’s worthless.

Here is the site to down load the press release and the poll itself

The Western New England University Polling Institute survey consists of telephone interview swith 582 adults ages 18 and older drawn from across Massachusetts using random-digit-dialingApril 11 -18, 2013. The sample yielded 528 adults who said they are registered to vote inMassachusetts. Within the sample of registered voters, 480 voters were classified as likely to votein the June 25 special Senate election, 270 voters were identified as likely to vote in the SenateDemocratic Primary on April 30 and 128 adults were identified as likely to vote in the SenateRepublican Primary on April 30. Unless otherwise noted, the figures in this release are based onthe statewide sample of likely voters for the June 25 election and the April 30 primaries




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  1. There was a post on this poll

    a few days ago. It is an odd poll. It does not screen for likely primary voters at the outset. WNEU takes 582 people and asks them which primary they’re planning to vote in. If they say Dem, they’re asked who they’re voting for in that primary. Likewise for GOP. In this case, only 270 people were polled for the Democratic primary, and 128 for the Republican. Those sample sizes are too small, particularly the Republican sample. And not all will vote; people are more likely to say they’ll vote in X or Y primary if asked which one they’ll vote in.

    The reason they do it this way, instead of separate polls for the Dems and the GOP, is so they can ask about the general election with the same sample. The better (but more expensive) way would be to do three separate polls.

    I’d like to see some other polling (PPP, where art thou?) because WNEU (MassInc.) has had Lynch higher than anyone else and more undecided voters than anyone else.

    Nonetheless, to the doors and phones! I don’t want to wake up May 1 with Steve Lynch as Democratic nominee.

  2. Yeah, this poll was

    pretty much crap. There were major issues with the sampling as well as the questions.

  3. David S. Bernstein

    has another poll, an internal leaked by Lynch’s campaign. No clue on methodology but it’s 1700+ respondents, usually a sign of a robo-poll (an exception to the general rule that more respondents is better). This one has Markey at 44.5, Lynch at 38.9, 16.5 undecided. So closer, but Lynch still trailing. And Markey does a tad better on fav/unfav.

    Markey up big (+21) among registered Dems, Lynch up big (+17) among unenrolleds. Markey up 14 among women.

    Markey’s campaign says leaking this poll shows Lynch’s desperation, as do the, ahem, misrepresentations of Markey’s record on terrorism. But as Bernstein notes,

    The poll suggests that the composition of voters who come to the polls Tuesday…could go a long way toward determining the Democratic nominee.

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