Gomez stiffed a plumber who fixed his toilet. Seriously.

This is getting ridiculous.

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez was sued by his plumber over unpaid toilet repairs from 2007, according to court records.

According to the plaintiff, Lundy Plumbing, the case was brought in 2008 in response to two attempts to get Gomez to pay for repairs to a leaky toilet in Gomez’s home. Lundy Plumbing alleged that Gomez was billed in January of 2008 to which he did not respond. Lundy Plumbing then says they sent another bill and called several times before bringing the case.

The case was settled out of court according to court records.

Honestly, who does that?  Stated otherwise, if he can’t manage his own bills, how can we trust him with America’s?


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  1. Typical one percenter

    What else does anyone expect?

    While I would otherwise see such information as niggling details, it would seem that a pattern is emerging. How long will it be before we learn that he was hiring illegal immigrants to do his landscaping and clean his multi-million-dollar home — presumably somebody is already confirming that he’s paying their social security and such.

  2. Is the plumber a Democrat operator?

    From the Globe story about Gomez finally paying his $1,000 appraisal bill:
    “You know, some people have suggested to me that he’s (the appraiser) a big Democratic donor and this is just another one of congressman Markey’s dirty tricks,” Gomez said.
    What’s next? “I understand that Lundy Plumbing is a front for Ed Markey’s fundraising operation and it’s been waiting for the word from Mr. Malarky to pounce.”
    But seriously, how does Gomez square his big tax deduction with his “concern” about the federal deficit ruining the country for our children and grandchildren? And how does he square stiffing a plumber with his pro-small business advocacy? More customers like him and they’d all be out of business.

    • It's the Democratic Illuminati

      They plant fake birth announcement in Hawaiian newspapers in case the foreign child might become a good president. They enter Republicans’ houses disguised as lawyers in case the client stiffs them and then runs for office.

      In other evil schemes, they are increasing the temperature of the atmosphere just in case a Republican is dumb enough to publicly argue with the facts. They also plants fossils that are elaborately faux-dated just to see if a Republican would humiliate him/herself by rejecting evolution.

      sabutai   @   Thu 16 May 7:28 PM
      • You're onto something big here

        Now I understand. The wheels only SEEM to be falling off the current administration and Senate Democrats. It’s actually another crafty ploy that will lure the Republicans into overconfidence.

        It sets up another clever ruse, where the Democratic Party will run candidates indistinguishable from their GOP counterparts so that low-information contributors will donate boatloads of cash and maybe even vote for them.

        It’s the best of all worlds — a Democratic majority that collects as much money as the GOP and keeps that money flowing by cleverly imitating GOP policies and practices.

    • I thought sure...

      …the plumber would be a Republican :)

  3. Gomez is Romney with Hispanic Parents

    Gabriel thinks that, because he was a Navy Seal, he can do whatever he wants. He thinks normal rules don’t apply to him.

    He won’t release his tax returns. He doesn’t pay his bills, if he doesn’t want to. He acts like a bully.

  4. I'm so tired of this...

    Anyone know what Gomez believes or what he wants to do in DC?

    • since he doesn’t, it seems unlikely that anyone else does.

    • I'm tired too'

      Of Gomez trying to pull another Romney. A cold, carpet bagging businessman pretending to be whatever and whomever he needs to be to win votes. Considering the big deal the RMG folks are making out of Ed Markey being a Washington insider and not ‘really living in Malden’ (the new Eb3 inspired form of birtherism on the right), I think it’s totally relevant to point out the tax fraud a ‘fiscal conservative’ committed and the cruddy way he treats ‘regulah’ folks. He literally sued Joe the Plumber. Can’t get any more elitist than that.

      • Correction...

        He stiffed Joe the Plumber – Joe had to sue him to get paid the paltry fee. And where did he find a plumber that would fix a leak for just $175? Next time I need a plumber, I’m calling Lundy…

    • David's right

      We know he’s pro-life, but also pro-choice. And he might be for the Blunt Amendment. But he might be against it. He’ll tell us once he gets around to reading it. But we know that Roe v. Wade is settled law. Because Justice Scalia said that and he’s smart. Except it actually was Chief Justice Roberts who said it. Anyway, it’s settled law. But all the other cases that whittle the right down to virtually nothing. Gosh. Those aren’t settled law. I guess. Maybe.

      On LGBT issues. “I think that if two people are in love, they should be able to get married, irrespective.” A bold position to take in a state that’s had it for a decade. But it’s a state issue, so “I need to respect” discrimination voted in by the people of California even though “I’m against discrimination of any kind.” Would he support DOMA repeal? Probably, because federalism. Would he support ENDA? Any of the other relevant legislation pending before Congress? He’ll get back to you on that.

      Seriously, what we do know is bad enough not to vote for him. He’s against an assault weapons ban and a limit on high-capacity clips. Because freedom and Second Amendment. (But nothing – except freedom and Second Amendment – is more precious than our children. Let’s just be clear on that.)

      He thinks the federal government should run like a business and has a spending problem, when economic consensus is finally growing around the idea that austerity does not work in this economy and we’ve cut spending too much. We have a revenue problem, not a spending problem.

  5. What I've learned...

    The Scott Brown campaign strategy of hiding from the press and public is looking like pure genius at this point. Every time Gomez opens his mouth, things just get worse for him.

    The next Republican will surely compare and contrast the strategies and go with

    Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

    • I disagree

      By not opening his mouth, all I know about him is he has a big fancy house with at least one toilet…he’d be better off talking about some issues.

      • Mr. Personal Responsibility

        you see it’s Markey’s fault because the guy he stiffed donated to Lynch.

        Do yourself a favor and read this nonsense:

        Following a Globe story showing he was unclear on his position on abortion and contraception, Gomez also declined to answer specific questions on his views about the Blunt Amendment, a 2012 measure that would have allowed employers to deny workers birth control based on their own moral beliefs. Gomez reiterated that he is prolife, but that he would not seek to change abortion law.

        He rebuffed four questions on whether he would have backed the Blunt Amendment that caused such controversy in the last US Senate race. Asked whether employers should be allowed to refuse to provide birth control, he said, “I’m not going to play politics on this,” and accused his opponent of mudslinging.

        Does he have an opinion on anything?

        hey, I’m not going to play politics with this. yes, i know this is a direct question on a bill, but I don’t wanted to answer because it’s Markey’s fault.

      • You're both right

        Gomez does voters no service by not talking about issues, but it’s true that every time he speaks he loses votes.

        He really needed to get a sustained media buzz about the “fresh face” and “new kind of Republican” and keep as far away from issues – and his own skeletons – as possible. At this point it seems he’s not getting that.

  6. Are you kidding me?

    “if he can’t manage his own bills, how can we trust him with America’s?”

    So I guess you think Ed Markey is also unfit to “represent us” in Congress, given his past history (read: NINETY TWO BOUNCED PERSONAL CHECKS) of budgetary issues?

    Oh. That’s right, he has a D next to his name. Carry on.

    • Sorry for the double post

      But I’d also like to point out that it’s funny the appraiser waited 8 years to come forward over a $1000 bill. If he really had a dispute about a bill 8 yrs ago, wouldn’t he have tried to get his money a long time ago?

      And before anyone accuses me of being some Gomez plant–I did not vote for him in the primary. I was a Winslow supporter as poorly as that worked out for me.

      • so it's the appraisers fault?

        but Gomez says it’s Markey’s fault. I *heart* Republicans, the party of personal responsibility.

      • You didn't vote for Gomez in the primary?

        Good for you – now please don’t vote for him in the general election and we’ll all be happy!

      • Not all that funny

        Gomez more less admitted that he didn’t pay the guy, so who cares why he didn’t sue him earlier?

        • The appraiser explained himself clearly enough

          The appraiser’s explanation was straightforward enough — he said that he was stiffed, and didn’t have enough “leverage” to get paid (without the protracted hassle of Small Claims court). The appraiser said that he surmised (correctly) that Mr. Gomez’s campaign and attendant publicity would make it easier for the appraiser to be repaid.

          The fact that the appraiser is a Democrat who perhaps relishes the political aspects of Mr. Gomez’s intransigence is, in my view, irrelevant — Mr. Gomez stiffed the guy, and it turns out the appraiser had the ability to give a payback.

          We can only speculate about how many victims of Mr. Gomez (and others of his ilk) are NOT fortunate enough to give their equally-deserved paybacks.

          This incident (together with the plumber and the deduction) confirms what the real Mr. Gomez is like — in particular, how Mr. Gomez treats people less powerful and less affluent than himself.

    • There were 450 members of Congress involved in that situation, which was allowed by the practice of the very casual House Bank, which provided limited overdraft protection secured by the member’s next paycheck. At the time it was considered a normal perk of office like franking. The situation was changed over 20 years ago and I’ve not heard of any issues with Markey since.

      The House Ethics Committee looked into this and cited 22 members who had been abusing the system (months behind on repaying). No partisan witch hunt: most were Democrats cited by a Democratic House. Markey’s name was not on the list. Indeed, the investigation found that many members who wrote overdrafts were not even at fault because the House Bank was chronically late in posting their deposits.

  7. Do as I say

    “if he can’t manage his own bills, how can we trust him with America’s?”

    But don’t ask that about Timothy geitner et al. That’s racist

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