PPP is polling tonight: Spec. US Sen & MA Gov ’14 Race

Cool! We'll look out for that in a few days. -Charley

Worth noting: PPP says that MA-Sen is "looking like a single digit race." That's OK - Gomez is certainly the flavor of the week right now. But it also means that there is much to do. - promoted by david

Update 5-2: Just saw the results of this poll (just the US Sen. part) posted on Boston Magazine: Only a 4 point spread between Markey and Gomez


Just got called by PPP. They are polling the current Special US Senate race : Markey and Gomez; the Favs/Unfavs and multiple Match-ups for the ’14 Gov. Race as well as several issue questions.

Favs/Unfavs on:










And head-to-head match ups for each of those Dem v Rep. possibilities.

Other q’s on:

Governor’s job performance, Gay marriage issue (“Does gay marriage issue effect your life?”) and Obama’s job performance

This was one dull poll to take! Kind of a lack luster, uninspiring field..not looking forward to ’14 !   (jeez, if Carmen Ortiz were actually the Dem nominee, I would have to go with Baker….with the strong women out there is she the best we could come up with!?)

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  1. What is your problem with Carmen Ortiz?

    If it is Baker vs Ortiz, I might have to go with Ortiz.

    • Who are?

      Berwick and Avallon? I’m a relatively plugged in activist/junkie who keeps up on the MA politics even better than the IL ones, who the hell are they?

      Man if it was Brown v Ortiz I wonder how high the third party’s will go? That’d be like the 06′ Blago v Barr Topinka showdown where the Green got 15%.

  2. Capuano?

    Does anyone have any good intel on the chances of him joining the Governor’s race?

    I like him a lot and it would be a tough choice for me between him and Berwick (of the names on the above list).

    The race for his Congressional seat could be incredible.

  3. I think Cap will get in...

    I’d probably blank Ortiz.

    • That would be nuts

      The race for his Congressional seat could be incredible.

      If Cap got it. If he goes in Curtatone stays out of the Gov race and likely runs for his seat, but who knows who else might go for it? The 98′ campaign had a lot of candidates. Keene, Gabrieli, John O’Connor, Ray Flynn and Clapprood of Clapprood and Whitley fame. I am sure the 2014 field would be quite contentious as well. Curtatone would be the obvious front runner, but a lot of different names could get in and do well.

  4. 'Single digits' spans quite a range

    Warren-Brown ended up in ‘single digits’ and it wasn’t really close. Or it could be within margin of error.

    In any case, I’m not sure a poll this early means much given that one of the two candidates is a pretty big unknown to most of the electorate. I want to see Gomez under a state-wide spotlight and how well he handles that kind of pressure for a couple of weeks before I start believing that poll numbers are at all predictive.

    • Is there any other time Gomez could do as well?

      It’s the day after your guy just lost the primary. You believed in him. Maybe he’s been your Congressmen for decades. Now that other guy is the nominee. In the other corner is some unknown who doesn’t seem to bad.

      At what time would you be less likely to tell a pollster you’re with the other party? If Gomez can’t do well now, what’s his hope once people learn more about him?

      sabutai   @   Thu 2 May 10:36 PM
    • It's their first night of polling

      So they’re being vague. It should come out some time today, so we’ll see soon enough.

  5. Berwick

    Donald Berwick certainly isn’t a household name yet, but in the wide-open 2014 governor’s race, he’s a thoughtful and credible contender.

    Part of Berwick’s story is reminiscent of Elizabeth Warren’s: He is a nationally known expert on healthcare cost and quality. In 2010, he was named by President Obama (in a recess appointment) as administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, but he resigned in 2011 when it became clear that Senate Republicans would block his confirmation.

    While I wouldn’t claim that Donald Berwick could be another Elizabeth Warren, he does resemble Senator Warren in combining a broadly progressive world view with substantial policy expertise and experience.

    Berwick is currently traveling the state on a listening tour. He’ll be speaking at a public meeting here in Beverly next Tuesday evening, and I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say. Depending on how the gubernatorial field shapes up – in particular, whether Mike Capuano gets into the race – Donald Berwick may turn out to be the candidate for progressives to watch.

  6. Markey has tiny lead over Gomez 44-40


    What does this say about a 37 year veteran of D.C. who can’t crack 45%?

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