So What’s Gomez’s Position on the Assault Weapons Ban?

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Gabriel Gomez has been doing a lot of whining and complaining about his most current positions being accurately described in ads. But what has been missed is that Gomez just a few short months ago stated that he would support the weapons ban.

This is Gomez defending his most recent position opposing the ban on assault weapons and limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines:

Gomez said he does not personally own guns but that he has a “unique perspective” on weapons, having fired many of them during his time as a Navy SEAL.

Gomez’s thoughts on the weapons ban in his letter to Deval Patrick just a few months ago requesting the interim appointment to the Senate:

Two main issues that will dominate the political discussion during this appointment will be Immigration Reform and Gun Control. Given my Latino and Navy SEAL background, I have credibility to contribute thoughtfully on these issues. I support the positions that President Obama has taken on these issues and you can be assured I will keep my word and work on these issues as I have promised.

Got it? Gomez has a “unique perspective” on weapons and opposes banning assault weapons, but he also has the credibility to contribute thoughtfully on the issue and supports Obama’s position to ban assault weapons.

Has Gomez addressed any question without talking out the side of his mouth?

I have some advice to Gomez, this is how you should address any question asked of you; Don’t know, don’t care. I just want to be appointed or elected to the Senate.

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  1. I have a unique perspective too.

    That Navy SEALs can have big freaking guns. And that the rest of us should not.

    This is not hard.

    • That perspective ain't unique

      it’s quite common. And quite sensible. And quite common sensible.

      • It's as unique as Gomez's

        Since Gomez is not the only person to have fired automatic weapons (I have qualified on a couple of them myself), nor the only Navy Seal to have done so, nor the only Hispanic to have done so. In other words, his perspective as he has defined it is not unique.

        When viewed in light of his previous approval of Obama’s position on gun control, it’s certainly unusual, if not completely unique…

        • The perspective was not unique

          looking at the electorate as a whole, but within the pool of people who might be named to replace John Kerry in the Senate before this special election he probably was unique. OTOH, how do you make a statement like he did when looking for the appointment, then talk out of the other side of your mouth so decidedly, and not wash any credibility you have for standing by your words down the drain?

          • Yeah, but

            The “unique perspective” remark was not made when he was seeking the interim appointment; it was last week. I suppose you could interpret it as that he’s the only one of the two candidates in the special election to be an automatic-weapon-experienced Hispanic former Navy Seal, but that’s kind of far to go for ‘unique.’

            • Sorry, I didn't realize

              when the statement was made. My response was made thinking that it went back to his plea for the interim seat.

          • true, but given how small the pool was, I think you could argue

            that every single one could define themselves by something unique to them. The pool was not that huge.

  2. I was not aware

    that having fired guns as a Navy Seal (btw, did you know Gomez was a Navy Seal?) made one “uniquely” capable of revising one’s position on assault weapons depending on the audience. Learn something every day.

    Is it possible to have multiple “unique” perspectives on an issue?

  3. My respect for you goes down daily. Today’s gem:

    The ad notes that Gomez opposes an assault weapons ban and does not favor “banning high-capacity magazines, like the ones used in the Newtown School shooting.” But it fails to note that Gomez, during his primary campaign, supported the compromise measure that the US Senate put forth to try to quell gun violence in the wake of Newtown — a bipartisan measure requiring background checks for all gun sales.

    Really? It’s now Markey’s job to mention in his ads the weak tea Gomez would be willing to support? Background checks, to many Massachusetts voters, are the tip of the iceberg. Bans on assault weapons and high-capacity clips also have been proposed, and enacted in Connecticut and New York. It’s fair game to point out that Gomez came out against each on TV .

    What’s next? If Markey runs an ad that says Gomez supports Keystone XL, I’ll bet the Globe article says: “The ad fails to note that Gomez once said he thinks global warming is real.”

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