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Senator Markey- no confidence vote

Gomez got 45% of the vote. Very low voter turn out.  Markey was a weak candidate. He won votes because he was less bad. It is too bad Massachusets does not have someone great to send to the Senate.

MA-05: Karen Spilka campaign kick-off 7/1 at 7 PM in Framingham

State Senator Karen Spilka (D – Ashland) has announced the grand opening of her campaign office and the kickoff of her campaign for the seat vacated by Ed Markey as he assumes his new duties as Massachusetts’ junior senator. The details: When: Monday, July 1, 7:00 PM Where: 303 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA RSVP: Facebook Event Page Karen Spilka has served as a state senator in the Second Middlesex and Norfolk District since 2005, and she was a state rep from 2001 to 2004 before that. Her most recent legislation, the Electronic Privacy Act, will protect our privacy and guarantee that our system of checks and balances applies to our digital lives. As one of five Democrats who have announced a primary run for the 5th CD, she has an uphill climb – but she’s the only person running from the western end of the district, which may give her a leg up. Will we see you at Monday night’s grand opening? Let us know in the comments…

In CD-5, Vote Your Aspirations

As a resident within the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District, I have had the privilege of being represented by Ed Markey. I, along with most of the folks reading this blog, worked hard to ensure that he became our new Senator-Elect — and I am ecstatic that we will have yet another true progressive champion in the US Senate. Naturally, many of my friends and colleagues have begun talking about the next race here — the race to succeed Ed Markey. I want to be clear: in this post I am speaking on behalf of myself only, and this should not be construed of the opinion of the organization I work for or any organization I am associated with – this is just me needing to say a few things. I want to propose a few assumptions about this particular seat that you can feel free to disagree with, but that I think are pretty basic. Assumption 1: Whoever wins the Democratic Primary in CD5 will almost assuredly win the general election. Assumption 2: Whatever Democratic candidate becomes the next Congressperson will hold that seat for the foreseeable future. I look at Congressmen Markey, Frank, Olver, Neal, McGovern, Lynch, and, yes, […]

EXTRA EXTRA!! Historical Testimony in Bulger Trial: Boston Globe Either Blackmailed FBI or FBI Blackmailed Globe to Go After Bill Bulger

What did a bunch of Globies do? What did they know and when did they know it? This is like the Catholic Church pedophile horror. The collapse of the legitimacy of most news media starting with the Globe. Here’s what happened. Former FBI John Morris testifying in the Whitey Bulger case (he’s back on the satnd Monday) said that he and the Globe’s Gerry O’Neill conspired to have it appear William Bulger was corrupt. Morris stated on direct that the 75 State Street investigation was the result of undue pressure from O’Neil. (You know who I mean; BlackMass O’neill) In fact, according to Morris, when the case was closed and went nowhere Morris re-opened only because O’Neill pressured him to. So basically folks, Boston has been sold bullshit by the Globe regarding Bill Bulger. They used us all. Made us look foolish because most of us bought it. Why wouldn’t we? We have our own problems, no need to look further. Bill Bulger is corrupt. Like paris is for lovers. Never been there but that’s what everyone says. Now we all know Morris is one big lie and willing to use threats and intimidation to get what he wants. (He’s […]

Ethics and Transparency Plank of Democratic Platform Draft a Disgrace

 Compared to the rest of the platform there is very little substance to the Ethics and Transparency Plank of Democratic Platform Draft ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY Massachusetts Democrats believe that public officials should be held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. We believe that government should be open and inclusive. We know that preserving the public’s trust in government is critically important to the future of our democracy. As such, Massachusetts Democrats Support: -    Public hearings and other opportunities for citizens to influence the legislative process; -    Developing and utilizing accessible technologies to allow citizens to more directly interface with government and public services; -    Introducing and ratifying a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission; and -    Ethics reforms that maintain the integrity of government. There is no mention of applying the Open Meeting Law to the Legislature There is no mention of having roll calls and minutes posted online for committees There is no mention of reducing the enormous power of the Speaker and the Senate President The Subcommittee that drafted that part of the document consisted of Senator Jamie Eldridge, Mike Lake, and Marilee Hunt. I don’t know […]

How Maine benefits from the shale-oil field in North Dakota

First and foremost, let me wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  I am so lucky to be invited a neighborhood party with great food, alcohol, and fireworks.  To be honest, the fireworks display rivals Boston.  I wish you all could be there. Some of the comments directed at me recently made me a bit apprehensive sharing my post with the BMG community, but I found this too newsworthy, to keep to myself. I have fond memories of playing with my Lionel train as a kid, the enjoyment getting lost in your own world, creating your little own American landscape while controlling the speed of a locomotive and its passenger cars by an electric transformer.  Today, I see kids with their faces stuck in their iPhones (topic for my next post) I was up in Maine last month and stopped at a railroad crossing.  Whenever I see the red lights flashing, I never try to beat the train, I enjoy watching it pass by, brings back memories I guess.  So, I saw this beast of a locomotive pulling several cars, but not passengers, instead, some sort of tank cars.   I did a little research, and what I […]

This victory belongs to you

“This victory belongs to you.” That’s what Ed Markey told the crowd celebrating his win on Tuesday night, and indeed, this victory belongs to every volunteer who spent time on the phone and knocking on doors in neighborhoods across the state. As I reflect on the election, I think the results reaffirm that Massachusetts voters are looking for elected leaders who reflect their values on a variety of progressive issues, including women having access to the full range of sexual and reproductive health care options (which, as we know, Gabriel Gomez did not support). A strong majority of Massachusetts voters expect their elected leaders to protect health care access and to trust women to make their own health care decisions. Senator-elect Markey’s decades of consistent support for women’s access to health care resonated with voters and played a critical role in this election. Numerous polls reported Markey leading among women, some by as much as 24 points. One of the lessons of this election is that candidates with progressive values and an excellent field operation can win. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes ran a multi-layered voter education campaign during the general election, making more than 72,000 […]


I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised to see this article in the State House News, but I still am. “I am surprised because I felt that the legislation which was voted on and approved yesterday by overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate provided what the governor was looking for,” DeLeo told the News Service Thursday after posing for a photo with Aphasia Awareness Day participants at the State House. … “You put that all together and I don’t think we can be criticized for not taking up something that wasn’t in the governor’s version, nor was it brought up to us until after the legislation was completed,” DeLeo said. Uh, did you read the governors transportation plan? It’s completely different. Did you see the more progressive method of raising revenue? The inclusion of the Springfield rail line extension? The drastic difference in amounts of funding? The fact that it kicks the can down the road when the Western Mass polls come down in 2017?  The Governor MORE than compromised in the Transportation bill, even INCLUDING the proposed amendments. If you’re surprised you need to get your head examined Mr. Speaker.

Joke Revue: Supreme Court Frees Americans From Voting

Borowitz: SUPREME COURT FREES AMERICANS FROM BURDEN OF VOTING WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) — By a five-to-four vote, the Supreme Court today acted, in the words of Justice Antonin Scalia, “to relieve millions of Americans from the onerous burden of having to vote.” Writing for the majority, Justice Scalia stated, “Since 1965, citizens across the nation have lived under the tyranny of being forced to elect people to represent them. This is an important step to free them from that unfair and heinous obligation.” Justice Scalia added that the Voting Rights Act had “thrust upon the shoulders of millions of Americans the terrible and unwanted burden of exercising their rights in a democracy.” “Many of them have been forced to drive to polling places, wait in line, and then cast their vote because of the oppressive requirements of this Act,” he wrote. “It is our honor and duty to free them from those hardships.” In conclusion, Justice Scalia wrote, “Our message today to the American people is simple: we are voting so you won’t have to.” AGENCY BUSY SPYING ON THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE FAILED TO NOTICE ONE DUDE WORKING FOR IT WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A U.S. intelligence agency was […]

California Polluting Energy Heir Wasted $1.5 Million Fighting Ed Markey

John Jordan, heir to a polluting energy fortune who now runs his family’s California vineyard, decided to dump $1.5 million into trying to defeat Ed Markey in the special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Markey won by 10 points, a big win for a Democrat in a low-turnout special election. Why did Jordan think he had a shot at beating Markey? As the Wall Street Journal’s Neil King, Jr. reports, a busload of Republican consultants paid for their three martini lunches in DC this spring by convincing the political neophyte Jordan to waste a considerable chunk of the family fortune on a race that was never particularly close: The creation of Mr. Jordan’s super PAC, Americans for Progressive Action, stirred speculation earlier this month about the group’s origins and backers. Its treasurer, Nancy Watkins, used to work for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, while its spokeswoman, Sheena Tahilramani, once served as chief of state to former Bush White House aide Karl Rove. [...] Mr. Jordan has allied himself in recent months with conservative activist Dick Morris, who is also helping advise on Mr. Jordan’s campaign to assist Mr. Gomez. In February, Mr. Jordan financed and helped craft a poll of […]