Gomez leads with bitterness in debate

When the folks who desperately want Gomez to win conclude that "the Gomez-Markey debate was reminsicent of the debates last fall between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren," it was a good night for Markey. More from the right-wingers at American Spectator:
While Markey came off as self-assured, Gomez’s delivery was stiff and at times lacked conviction. When Markey was speaking, Gomez was fidgety and seemed distracted. When debating the merits of American involvement in Syria, Gomez actually said that we needed “to align ourselves with the right terrorist group.” Of course, he meant rebel group. But he didn’t help himself in that exchange.
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Perhaps channeling “As you can see, she’s not,” the line that wrote Scott Brown out of the 2012 Senate race, Gabriel Gomez continued with his “pond scum” campaign theme in the first moments of last night’s Senate debate. Boston.com:

The pat words of thanks to the debate’s hosts – WBZ and the Globe – were scarcely out of his mouth before he turned to Markey, saying, “After 37 years in D.C., welcome back to Boston.

“Closed-minded.” “Rigid.” “Old-fashioned.” All phrases that come to mind. But say one thing for Gomez, he is running exactly as College Republicans report is typical for contemporary GOP nominees. “Our research finds … a dismal present situation” the group observed in comprehensive 95-page study released this week.

The Angry Republican is a stock character that can win in some parts of the country, especially states of the former Confederacy, but is not popular in 21st century Massachusetts, except in some of the undrained swamps of local political discourse. As soon as Brown started to channel his inner Tea Party, he lost. Here, Gomez effectively dropped his stick at the face off.

Full Globe coverage by Jim O’Sullivan is here. What did you think of the debate?

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  1. Agree

    with your take. I thought he was churlish and nasty.

    Also thought Markey scored major points on Roe v. Wade issue and assault weapons ban. Particularly stressing that Manchin-Toomey is not the be-all, end-all, but the bare minimum. “This is Massachusetts. We need to be a leader, not a laggard. That’s a bill even a Senator in West Virginia could support.” Pretty good job nationalizing things.

    I don’t see how tonight helps Gomez get the votes he’d need to win this thing.

  2. Joan Vennochi had this to say

    NAVY SEAL candidates must swim 500 yards in under 12½ minutes, do 42 pushups in two minutes, and endure water submersion with arms and legs tied.
    It’s a brutal test. But in Massachusetts, it may be an even more brutal test to show up for a debate with political inexperience and Mitch McConnell and the national Republican agenda wrapped around your neck — and Gabriel Gomez couldn’t pass it.


    I had a sales call and was unable to watch – looking forward to hearing more in the comments, thanks!

  3. I live in one of those "undrained swamps" in MA

    and based on what I saw during the primary, there’s not a whole lot of love for Gomez among wingnuts out here. The only standouts I saw were the three-cornered-hat crowd (literally) with Sullivan signs. I have no clue how well Gomez will do with that crowd, but I have a feeling that if any of them vote for Gomez there’ll be a whole lotta nose-holding going on, if they show up at all.

    • Agreed

      Brown downplayed his pro-choice stances and even got Mass Right to Life to endorse due to Conscience Clauses and his opposition to Obamacare. Brown was also on the record opposing marriage equality. Gomez has taken decidedly social liberal positions in the primary and then has tried to walk them back in the general. This means he knows he alienated the Tri corner crowd and has given up on winning Lincoln and Westwood style suburbs. A real sign if desperation. If anything the nice thing about losing to Brown is Democrats will never take another election for granted again and we will fight and win this thing on the ground.

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