Howie Carr’s business partner killed 20 people.

I find it stunning that Martorano walks the streets. And yes, stunning that he can share the ill-gotten gains with one of our, ahem, most esteemed thinkers. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Well, well, well, it turns out that Howie Carr, the gatekeeper of morality who daily impugns the motives of everyone from the poor to the politicians, is a business partner with serial killer John Martorano.

Martorano testified (Globe subscription maybe required) yesterday that he and Carr split a $110,000 advance for the book Carr wrote regarding Martorano’s murderous acts. In addition Martorano has so far received $20,000 in royalties on the sale of the book. So every time Howie promotes the book on WRKO or in his Herald column (which he did today), it helps line the pockets of this monster. I intended to buy the book at some time, but now that I know some of my money will be going to this creep (I mean Martorano in this case), I won’t be buying it.

Of course it is no surprise that Carr is a two-face hypocrite, but entering into a business arrangement to enrich a cold-blooded killer! And shame on Entercom and the Boston Herald for allowing their companies to be promotional platforms for one of the devil’s henchmen.


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  1. Buy it used

    We Americans buy to many things new anyway. You buy it used, and a few things happen:

    1. You don’t require the trees, chemicals, and fossil fuels necessary to get that book to a wholesaler.
    2. You don’t put any royalty money in the pockets of Carr or Martorano.
    3. You don’t inflate Carr’s sales numbers, which would inflate the value of his next book contract.

    This is my policy for buying CDs (yes, I still do that, have over 1500). I buy them used because I don’t want my money going to the record companies who went around suing college kids for six and seven figures over copyright infringement. I like music, I like the artists, but I won’t put money in the pockets of music execs. Plus, the environment. I still attend live performances when I can, and that money more directly goes to the bands I like.

    Alternative: check the book out of your local library.

  2. Point on Information

    Do we have a ‘Son of Sam’ law in MA? If not, why not?

  3. The Best Remedy Is To Publicize the Truth

    the truth does not fit the profitable narrative being told by Carr and others for past decades. If you can follow this trial closely and keep an open mind you will learn much about many things.
    This is much bigger than Whitey.

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 18 Jun 2:41 PM
    • Much, much bigger than Whitey...

      Whitey Bulger is a side dish in this trial. He is already going to jail for the rest of his life. It’s not about him now. It’s about the FBI, State Police, Boston Police, US Attorney’s office and the murderous thugs they aided and abetted for decades. Our public safety and criminal justice system is on trial now.

      Sal Dimasi is given 8 years in a southern federal prison for having his law firm get inappropriate payments from company doing state business. He is denied treatment for cancer for months while feds shuffle him around trying to get him to testify about nothing. He is denied transfer to a MA prison so his family can visit while he battles end stage cancer.
      Compare that to the murderer Matarano who the US Attorney’s office dealt a 12 year sentence for 20 murders (they could prove) and gave him $20,000 tax payers dollars to help him get started back in business when he was released!! (Not to mention the book deal his business partner Howie Carr gave him which helped with funds to operate again)
      JUSTICE? WHERE’S THE JUSTICE? Shame all around.

      • Need a better example than Sal Dimasi

        Sal Dimasi is being appropriately punished for felony corruption. He is certainly not the only corrupt legislator on Beacon Hill, and I am hopeful that aggressive criminal prosecutions will not stop with Mr. Dimasi.

        I don’t hear anybody suggesting that Mr. Martorano was and is anything but a thug and murderer. The widespread corruption of the FBI and related agencies is, while horrifying, nevertheless old news.

        I grew up in a MD suburb of Washington DC, I well remember the J. Edgar Hoover years. Mr. Hoover’s corruption was widely reported and known decades ago, as was his deep ties to organized crime. In the immediate aftermath of his departure, the FBI was a token moved about the personal chess-board of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and their henchmen (who can forget John Ehrlichman’s image of L. Patrick Gray, acting Director of the FBI, “twisting slowly, slowly in the wind”). During the Reagan/Bush years, the FBI was again a willing tool of a widespread and dangerously corrupt executive branch.

        Similarly, the independence of the US Attorney’s office was seriously compromised by the political operatives of George W. Bush, and the incoming Obama administration chose to do nothing whatsoever about it. Having lived in Massachusetts since 1974, I am not shocked by allegations of corruption in the State Police and Boston Police. In short, I see little genuine news here — mostly, I see confirmation of what has been apparent for at least a decade.

        That doesn’t mean I don’t consider the trial important — America and every American was grievously harmed by the Watergate and Contragate pardons. Though perhaps painful (primarily to the GOP), we needed the proof that these conspiracies actually DID exist, we needed the evidence that rebuts the specious claims that these were mere political “witch hunts” conducted by partisan Democrats, and we needed the example of famous political dynasties shamed by public convictions of their golden-boy characters. I should not have to, in 2013, explain the many dark sides of Henry Kissinger’s past nor repeat the litany of evidence tying George H. Bush to Contragate. So we need the Bulger trial.

        Personally, it appears to me that “justice” is proceeding without hinderance in the Bulger trial.

      • Thanks you for illuminating the Feds scandalous treatment of Sal DiMasi.

        Compared to how they continue to reward Matarano’s behavior.

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