Gabriel Gomez: still deeply, totally, not ready for prime time

We don’t agree with much that is said over at Red Mass Group.  But, as we’ve repeatedly observed, RMG’s editors were dead-on when they declared back in April, before the GOP primary for the Senate seat now occupied by Ed Markey, that Gabriel Gomez was “not ready for primetime.”  And it’s worth recalling that RMG had other, nice things to say about Gomez in that post, such as this:

He has worked hard to reach out to non-traditional voters, and has been unafraid to tap his own personal wealth to help get his message out, often in both English and Spanish.  A personable gentleman, regardless of how this primary turns out we hope Gomez remains involved in the GOP.

Gomez, of course, won the primary, but was beaten handily by Ed Markey, in substantial part because he had a tendency to seem unprepared for easy questions and to say dumb things.  Which pretty much demonstrated that RMG’s original assessment was right.

Fast-forward to yesterday, when Gomez had a real #Bqhatevwr moment.  For reasons that remain entirely unclear, Gomez posted this weirdly angry comment to his Facebook account (it has since been deleted):

Whoa.  Like I said, I don’t agree with much that Rob Eno (the proprietor of RMG) says when it comes to policy, but lumping him and other RMGers in with the “Klan” is ridiculous.  Hilariously, Gomez went on Herald radio the next day to claim that he had “no regrets” over his posting … even though he deleted it.  #Bqhatevwr, Gabriel.

If Gabriel Gomez is the future of the Massachusetts GOP, it seems reasonably clear that there will be no serious threat to one-party rule in the Commonwealth for a long, long time.  Of course, maybe he’ll move up to New Hampshire.  Seems to be all the rage among GOPers who can’t win here.


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  1. Thanks for the tweets

    I saw a news story about this last night, and (at least) it’s a little better than that story implied. They said GG accused Rob of being in the Klan, which is so over-the-top crazy.

    But as I read them above, he’s engaging in a form of Godwiinism. He’s not saying they’re in the Klan; he’s comparing them to the Klan.

    A subtle but important difference, more important for its implications (rudeness vs. insanity).

    • Cold comfort

      If someone derided you for being one of the “Klan” of BMGers it would have an obvious, and equally outrageous implication. Insinuating that Rob and RMG are analogous to the KKK is appalling. Gomez should retract his insult. If he is upset about something, he should say it in substance, not slurs.

      • Well, yes

        I’m of two minds:

        1. Yes, it is outrageous.

        2. Who cares? People hurl insults like it every day. It’s only notable because it’s Gomez.

      • His point may have merit

        He is commenting on very small groups of Republicans who are driving their internal discussions, focused on purity of message. Although I don’t generally agree with Republican big-business types like Gomez (or Baker), it’s a reasonable point. Why should 100 gun-rights zealots (those who want absolutely no regulation on guns) decide the stance of every Republican on guns?

        If Democratic policy was being driven by people who tried to bring down every Democrat who didn’t believe in 100% disarmament of the entire country, it would be right to decry that too.

        His use of the word “Klan” may have been a subtle poke at the way that hardcore gun rights is seriously intertwined with racial fear.

        • Doubt there is that much subtley

          Just another rich pol who wanted to be elected to something and choose the shorter line in MA politics. Holding your nose up against your base is a bad idea. First they had clear the decks Baker, then cut and run Brown, and now duck and cover Gomez. Almost feel bad for them, then I remember that even the ‘good’ ones like Winslow are backing Voter ID laws and the feeling passes.

          • I think they see themselves as the executive class,

            and find the worker bee class positions to be beneath them. That may be why they have such poor representation in the legislature and town offices. OTOH, if a US Senate or Governor’s office is up for grabs, they’re right there, claiming what they think is their rightful position. Just a thought.

  2. Gomez issued an apology, perhaps some could learn a thing or two from Gabriel

    He said “Over the weekend, I regrettably used inappropriate language to share my disagreement with some with whom I disagree on specific social and policy-related issues,” he wrote. “…I failed to live up to the standard of discourse every leader should strive for.”

    Let’s hope everyone takes Gabriel’s advise and not use inappropriate language or innuendo….

    • Hmm

      Considering he flip flopped on Obamacare, then on supporting Obama himself, then on gun control, it’s pretty clear in the past 48 hrs he’s flip flopped back and forth. He made the comment, then deleted it, then defended it after deleting it, now has retracted the comment and apologized, should we be surprised if he posts it again to complete the circle?

      • So you're suggesting that

        the thing we can all learn from Gabriel Gomez is how to be wishy-washy and convey manly certainty at the same time.

        That can be a useful ability in the corporate world from which Mr. Gomez sprang.

  3. Gabe isn't entirely wrong

    The Red Mass Group consists of a small group of people that appear to be consumed with their hatred of President Obama. They constantly hurl insults at him. On occasion, there is a pause in their condemnations of our President while they make scathing comments about Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren.

    I respect Gabriel Gomez for criticizing Red Mass Group. When he chose to compare them with the “Klan”, he chose an unfortunate word. But, Gomez has an excellent point. For people who are supposed to represent a major political party, Red Mass Group’s bitterness is shameful.

    • Is it hatred of Obama or his policies?

      Do they say things like “political terrorists” or insinuate his beliefs are aligned with hate groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church?

      • Dumb

        ^there is no consistency with DFW-only the opposite of what he thinks BMG thinks.

        • Dumb is not seeing the difference

          I don’t hate Obama, but I hate Obamacare.

        • If u look at the graph KB provided you will see clearly the plunge in Rep trust in govt.

          Started long before Obama wa elected, it slope began under W. Granted the graph is not exact in the year but it clearly began under W’s second term, and got worse, likely due to corporate bailouts in 2008, stimulus in 2009 for shovel-ready jobs that were not shovel-ready, and never recovered with The Lie Of The Year “You can keep your healthcare plan”.

          So to think its anything else is all about shutting down debate and smearing the other side, just like someone linked me with the Westboro Baptist Church.

        • How can the graph be every four years when Reagan/Clinton/Bush II served 8 years

          Clearly from Bush II to Obama, the slide began in W’s second term.

    • "Hatred" of the President

      If one looks at the percentages of Republicans and Democrats trusting government, you’ll notice that Obama’s election caused a precipitous drop among Republicans in trust in government: from just over 50% to something like 5%. As Jonathan Haidt writes in the accompanying piece:

      And it’s not just Tea Partiers, it’s nearly all Republicans who distrust government today.

      It might not but hate but it sure looks like rather severe distrust across the entire Republican spectrum.

      Likely, RMG does not consist of such outliers.

    • Bluewatch is right

      When they aren’t attacking Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren, they are going after Democratic activists.

  4. He should have claimed it was just a typo

    All he had to do was claim he intended to write “clan” and he would be out of the woods.

  5. Question

    Any chance Gomez gets into one of the state-wide races for 2014?

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