NH rightwing to protest Scott Brown; is armed resistance next?

Dan is right: this is excellent news for Brown -- among many NH Republicans, probably; among Massachusetts independents, certainly. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Poor Scott Brown. He has such thin skin. Most did not see this in the short Special Election that put him into office. But it was very notable in the long-slugfest against “Professor” Warren. Now Scott is going to be facing the full-throttle venom of the rightwing nuts in New Hampshire this week, as he dips his toe into the very different world of New Hampshire politics.

Apparently the NH GOP establishment thought it was a good idea to use Brown as a fundraising lure for their “Holiday Party” this Thursday in Nashua. Well, Scott is not popular with NH Tea Partiers, gun activists and 2nd amendment absolutist, all who are urging their members to protest the GOP Holiday party headlined by Brown.

Yup, and Scott thought he faced sharp arrows fired by mean, mean liberals of Massachusetts. Well he is about to face a new level of ugly: the rightwing in New Hampshire. Hell, there is one State Representative who made a rabbling comment about the possible need to take up “armed resistance” if Brown becomes the nominee.

You just can’t make this stuff up!


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  1. Just what he doctor ordered, extreme NH right-wing comes out against Scott Brown

    “Perfectamundo” as Fonzi would say. Now Scott has the perfect opportunity to show Republican and Independent voters why he is the clear choice over hard-right Republicans and Obanacare lovin Jeanne Shaheen.

    But you know what, this sounds way to good to be true, I wonder if Scott Brown’s people are paying these groups to come out against him. This is playing right into the Scott Brown wheelhouse.

    Regardless, this news puts a smile on my face after a heart-breaking Patriots loss to the Dolphins. I don’t get the “thin skinned” comment but no big deal.

  2. This post should be recommended for the links alone

    They’re priceless.

  3. Tea Party's Armed Resistance

    I can see the headline now: NH Republicans wage war on Christmas Party.

  4. Told ya


  5. YEah this allows Scott to track back to

    the mythical GOP Center which is his best starting position in any senatorial or presidential election scenario…it also neatly obscures the absolute cynicism of removing himself to NH to run for the US Senate. On the other hand he is preposterously thin skinned and a bit of “Colonel Puff” so how he handles all this mishaugas will be a strong gauge to his intentions.


    • I honestly dont get DFW or PP

      If you guys really are Scott Brown supporters and want the MA GOP to succeed shouldn’t you both be outraged he is moving to NH? Shouldn’t he have challenged the beatable Ed Markey or stuck around to run for Gov and give Baker an opportunity to run for an office he could win? The way I see it, you’re state party bankrolled Brown who went all in once, won, went all in again, lost, and is now asking another state to bankroll him at a different casino. I’d be pretty pissed if Deval or another MA Dem decided to run for higher office somewhere else.

      • Not to mention

        they chose his handpicked state chair about 15 minutes before he announced he wasn’t running for Senate. Um, at least not here in 2013.

      • For executive branch, I agree

        but, frankly, if Martha Coakley had moved to NH after losing in MA, I wouldn’t have been sorry to see her try her hand elsewhere. After all, regardless of where one lives, NH provides 2% of the US Senate, and their votes impact all of us.

        • If she can't win here

          She can’t win there. Ditto for Brown. I bet he is loving Eric Fehrnstrom ‘etch a sketched’ that assault weapons ban vote right about now…

  6. just heard on the radio

    …that Brown has found a buyer for his Wrentham home and will be officially moving to his house in NH. Link when I find one.

  7. I lived up in NH during the GOP's seemingly endless

    Imperial High Noon and it is one thing I noticed is that Local Republicans, even very Conservative Republicans have a visceral distaste & suspicion of out of state conservatives/republicans.
    Thus on the xenophobia front, Brown will have some ground to make up, I wish the Granite State the absolute Joy of Him.


    • Conditional friendship, unelectable residents

      So that makes the Free State Project even more curious. Some group, sect, or cult of NH conservatives wants to import more conservatives into New Hampshire to make New Hampshire more conservative. However, none of the native conservatives will want to vote for their invited neighbors for political office?

      • New Hampshire being "New Hampshire"

        You’ve nailed it.

        It gets even more fun that that, because let’s not forget that the standard applied by each “native conservative” is “someone who moved from MA to NH after me”. The distribution by geography and duration of residency of NH voters is surely interesting.

        We should remember that MA conservatives are, in general, far more liberal than their national counterparts. Folks who think of themselves as “conservative Republicans” in, say, Newburyport, might find themselves distinctly left-of-center in conservative areas of NH.

        • He shot himself in the foot

          With that gun vote. Cousin Chris is generally apolitical, but he gave some time and money to Ayotte to back her dumb vote and has moved far to the right after Sandy Hook on other issues since he is a bit of a gun nut (unfortunately). I can already see the ‘too conservative for Massachusetts? More like too liberal for New Hampshire” ads already-especially if the FreedomWorks and Club for Growth get involved. The only way he has a shot at the nomination is the RSCC clears the decks. And if they can’t protect the Whip or Minority Leader how can they protect a carpetbagger like Brown?

          • JC- did Jeanne Shaheen shoot herself in the foot when she voted for Obamacare

            And now people living in Concord have to travel 25 miles to the nearest Obamacare Exchanged approved hospital?

            Did Jeanne Shaheen shoot herself in the foot when she repeated the Obama LIE about keeping your healthcare plan and doctor?

            JC said “The only way he has a shot at the nomination is the RSCC clears the deck”. Is that suppose to be a joke? You see, Scott Brown isn’t afraid of anybody, even an abusive step-dad that outweighed him by 100 pounds or more. The only candidate I recall that received a clear field was Liz Warren, the MA Dems made darn sure Liz didn’t have a primary candidate, amirite, JC? Of course I am.

            At least Bob can see a primary challenge from the right would be perfect for Scott Brown, it will make him a better candidate and appeal to the general electorate.

            • Quick rebuttal

              You see, Scott Brown isn’t afraid of anybody,

              Seems to be pretty afraid of the voters of Massachusetts.

            • Lowering the level of discussion again

              Neither the exchanges nor “Obamacare” approve or disapprove of hospitals. It’s insurers who approve or disapprove of hospitals. Would it be possible only to have contributors here who care about getting things right?

              Those not born yesterday or given to factual sloppiness know that insurers typically have been free to impose all manner of arbitrary restrictions. Including on hospitals. One of the distinct advantages of the ACA is that it makes these restrictions clear and transparent.

            • I'm sorry, did Shaheen create the exchange in NH?

              Well if she did that would be news to everybody, because the state creates it, and NH created their exchange with only 1 provider. But Dan I’m sure that you will be glad to hear that a few additional companies are ready to join the mix. I know how much you hate free market and competition, but that’s what’s going on right now in NH.

              But you could always got to Craigslist, for the dope.

              • Obama is the victim, blame the insurance companies now!

                Of course, lets just forget that “responding to Obamacare caps on premiums, many insurers will, in turn, simply offer top-tier doctors and hospitals far less cash for services rendered.” “They (insurance companies) are pressed to narrow their networks to stay within the premiums.” But what the heck,,it can’t be Obama’s fault, has to be the dastardly insurance companies, or those rascally Republicans or George W. Bush.

                Thus, many top hospitals opt out of the Obamacare Exchanges. But as Rahm Emmanual’s brother Zeke said, “if you like your doctor, you can pay more”. Thanks for the advise Zeke!

                Johnk- did you save $2500 on your insurance for next year, as Obama promised? Thought not.


                • I was able to keep my insurance ...

                  Your lack of knowledge on this subject is obvious, maybe you need to read up on the process and that state’s role. Then come back to discuss.

                  • BTW - weren't we talking about Shaheen?

                    you’re a funny guy. Can’t make a valid point then you just go off somewhere else without regard to your comment.

                    Always a pleasure….. ha ha ha

                    • Now spreading the blame to the states?

                      So they are to blame, Gov Cuomo of NY and Gov. Moonbeam of CA, they are responsible for limited choice and access to the best hospitals, amirite?

                      Johnk- I did not ask if you retained your health insurance, I asked if your premiums are $2500 lower as promised by Obama. Are you saving $2500 next year?

                      As always, a pleasure to correspond with you. Give your boss a nice present, you don’t want to be thrown to the exchanges next year, I hear its terrible..

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