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Congressman Lynch

Following his stellar performance at the annual Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, Congressman Lynch jetted off to far away lands to get a “look see” at the crisis situation in Ukraine.  Congressman Lynch is a senior member of the House subcommittee on national security.  He discusses the Russian military buildup along the border as looking more than an exercise on NECN. Tonight he discussed this topic and others – intelligently and with clear command of the topics – with Jim Braude on Broadside. And, I think it is fair to state that his profile as a leader in the MA delegation has risen. The tickler in the interview was when Braude moves the topic to the investigation of the Florida interview and shooting of Todashev. “I’m highly suspect of what went on with Todashev. there were three or four different explanations of what happened in that interview. I actually think we, at a congressional level, should order a special investigation to look at that top down,” Lynch says, adding that Coakley’s investigation could overlap with Congress’. “It is certainly worthy of further investigation.” Braude probes this subject well and Lynch does not waffle too much in speaking about the FBI […]

Question: Am I Wrong Knocking Red Sox For Not Hiring African Americans?

So I point out that the Red Sox have only two African Americans in a front office of 88 employees. The two were hired at least ten years before John Henry bought the team. In the 1980s a scout and former player named Tommy Harper brought a wrongful termination/discrimination claim at MCAD. As a result the Sox entered into a comprehensive agreement related to minority hiring. The story received a lot of press at the time. Anyway I’ve been pointing these numbers out most of the past seven or eight seasons and never seem to get much of a reaction from rabbit ear discriminations fans. Hmm Instead I get the following from mark bernstein: On the Red Sox(0+ / 1-) View voters Red Sox staff hiring is hardly our most pressing issue here, but today is Real Opening Day and a brief note might be in order. That the Red Sox have a long and deeply troubled history of racial injustice, stretching back to the 40s and beyond, goes without saying. Nor is this completely separable from Boston’s own racial tensions — hostilities that once dominated city politics and that continue to resonate beneath the surface of local politics throughout […]

Hey, Good Luck on that Fundraising Deadline

I’ll get right on it. Washington (CNN) — In a major defeat for supporters of tougher gun laws, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday defeated a compromise plan to expand background checks on firearms sales as well as a proposal to ban some semi-automatic weapons modeled after military assault weapons. The votes were on a series of amendments to a broad package of gun laws pushed by President Barack Obama and Democratic leaders in the aftermath of the Newtown school massacre in December. However, fierce opposition by the powerful National Rifle Association led a backlash by conservative Republicans and a few Democrats from pro-gun states that doomed key proposals in the gun package, even after they had been watered down to try to satisfy opponents. Thank God we have a Democratic Senate, since the Republicans would have just killed the bill. We at least pretended to work on it. Now where’s my checkbook? Looking … looking …

Please support struggling workers at Logan Airport

Please see the below link. And please if you can, donate, or at least spread the word. This is our Airport and these shameful conditions shouldn’t exist. Not in Massachusetts!    

Arts matter in Lynn

Arts matter. That’s why we are asking lawmakers to increase the budget of the Massachusetts Cultural Council to $16.1 million. MASSCreative Executive Director Matt Wilson teamed up with Raw Arts Works Executive Director Kit Jenkins to make the case for increased funding in this oped published in the Lynn Daily Item. Imagine if you could devise a program that helps at-risk youth envision positive futures for themselves and apply for college, stay out of gangs and do better in school. Imagine, also, if this program helped create public art that cut down on graffiti and contributed to efforts to revitalize downtown Lynn. It’s possible. Raw Art Works (RAW) serves more than 1,200 under-resourced youth in Lynn ages 6 to 19 through its art programs, including one funded, in part, with a $10,000 grant this year from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). Young people working with art therapists and professional artists have painted utility boxes and murals on Willow and Monroe streets. They have learned to express themselves through media ranging from paint, fabric and film to found objects. With art, they are taught to see a larger life for themselves than they might otherwise come up with on their own. […]

Election day is TODAY! (Updated: Jason Lewis wins!)

If you live in the Fifth Middlesex Senate district (a/k/a Stoneham, Malden, Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, part of Winchester), or in the Fourth Hampden House district (a/k/a Westfield), or in the 16th Suffolk House district (a/k/a Chelsea/Revere) your contested general election is today!  There are also uncontested generals tomorrow in the 13th Suffolk (Dan Hunt will replace Marty Walsh) and in the 2nd Suffolk (Dan Ryan will replace Gene O’Flaherty). Also today is the five-way primary to replace expelled ex-Rep. Carlos Henriquez in Boston’s 5th Suffolk district.  There are no Republican candidates, so the winner of the primary will win the general election on April 29. Don’t forget to vote!

MyCityGardens: Networking Greater Boston Gardening is up and running for the season. We’re a local yard sharing website that connects gardeners, mentors, and people with access to space, to neighbors who want to roll up their sleeves and dig in. If you have extra space in your yard you’d like help cultivating, need a gardening plot this summer or are willing to lend gardening advise to your neighbors, please sign up! our site: keep up to date on: about: The MCG team is comprised of small group of Boston Area (Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline) students and young professionals who are passionate about building sustainable communities and are developing the site in their spare time. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or want to get more involved.

Walsh’s Gunslinger Beats Up Crosby’s Toady at Mass Gaming Commission Hearing, Read the Transcript – Globe Owner John Henry Talks the Talk of the NAACP but Walks the Walk of the KKK

So what did you do this weekend? Me? I read the transcript from the recent MA Gaming Commission hearing. The Globe’s Shirley Leung thought it important enough to provide a link. Backstory: Mass Gaming Commission had a hearing scheduled last week to wrap up the details before it votes whether to give the casino license to Steve Wynn’s Everett site or Caesar’s on the Revere side of Suffolk Downs. According the transcript the day before the city of Boston aka Marty Walsh sent a letter to the Commission saying ‘not so fast. We have host city issues and would a like a short continuance’. On page 150 of the transcript Marty Walsh comes in and states his case why Boston is a host city and blah blah blah blah. Here’s where it get’s good. When Walsh is finished Chairman Crosby’s toady Jim McHugh asks Walsh the first and last question. BTW I’d Like to thank Chairman Crosby for validating my assertions that the Honorable James McHugh is his toady. Check out this from the transcript. It’s like Crosby couldn’t control himself and had to interrupt. You can hear him thinking “Damn it Jim you putz, we went over this again […]


I’d like to share with all my progressive friends on BMG this letter from my good friend Greg Liakos.  If you can help Jason on Tuesday April 1st, even if it’s for one hour, please fill out the following: OR contact Jason’s Field Director – or call her at 339 – 224 – 4907 Fred Rich LaRiccia Jason Lewis Campaign, Steering Committee Member _______ This week Zoo New England announced that it raised $4.5 million to build a new nature learning center in Boston’s Franklin park neighborhood. This is great news for a whole new generation of Greater Boston children and their families, and marks a stunning turnaround for a vital cultural institution that also includes the Stone Zoo in Stoneham. It is also a reminder of why Jason Lewis should be our next State Senator. Here’s the connection: In 2010 Zoo New England was in dire straits. State funding had plummeted. Its business model was broken. The Zoo was at odds with the Governor and many of its supporters in the Legislature. State Rep. Jason Lewis, along with Sen. Katherine Clark, stepped in to lead an effort that resulted in landmark legislation that established a new governance […]

Getting to the bottom of the Justina Pelletier case – by State Rep Linda Dean Campbell

Getting to the bottom of the Justina Pelletier case To the editor: The case of Justina Pelletier raises more very serious concerns regarding decision-making at the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. While it is not possible for a Legislative body to interject itself into ongoing civil and criminal litigation, we do have the responsibility and power to investigate and provide oversight. This task is ongoing in the House of Representatives and will take some time if it is to be done correctly, requiring many current DCF employees to testify under oath. It appears that after Justina was locked in a psychiatric unit at Boston Children’s Hospital against her will, her health did not improve. While the Pelletier family may have acted irrationally and belligerently against Boston Children’s Hospital, DCF and our courts, one must keep in mind that they have been very much dropped through a log chipper. If these concerns are substantiated, then I will be asking the following questions regarding current law: ■ Is the term “reasonable suspicion” too low a bar to allow the state to seize custody of a sick child? ■ Should medical caregivers under the direction of DCF receive liability protection through sovereign […]