Brown announces bid for NH Senate seat

Or, rather, the Tea Party Republicans at Fox who control Brown’s important decisions made the announcement in as many words. Globe:

Fox News today terminated its contract with Scott Brown, yet another sign that the one-time Massachusetts senator is preparing to run for the US Senate in New Hampshire.

“Scott Brown’s contributor agreement was officially terminated today once he notified FOX News of his intention to form an exploratory committee to run for US Senate in New Hampshire,” Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming at Fox News, said in a statement.

Now that the money matters have been straightened out, less important details like the actual announcement can come in due course.

Inquiring minds wonder if Brown will once again draw on his rich understanding of ethnicity to make personal ancestry the overrriding focus of his campaign. To me, Jeanne Shaheen looks like the “only woman in U.S. history to be elected both a Governor and a United States Senator” and a former “Director of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government” but there is almost no telling what Brown’s eyes see:

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  1. Takes a rare talent

    To lose an election in two states. Mondale’s lost in all 50 so Brown has a long way to go.

    • Mondale won his own Minnesota...

      …though I believe it was close, plus of course DC.

      • Fred mentioned that

        Conway then said Mondale lost a subsequent election in Minnesota in 2002, when he stood in for the late Paul Wellstone and lost narrowly to Norm Coleman. (For absolute shame, Minnesota.) So he did lose in all 50 states, though as I pointed out he was a perfect 3-0 on the ballot in DC.

        • I commented before I saw the discussion resumed below.

          I’m also embarrassed that I completely forgot that Mondale was again a Senate candidate as recently as 2002.


    P.S. And James if memory serves me I believe Fritz Mondale won his home state of Minnesota in 1984. :)

    Fred Rich LaRiccia
    Former intern to the greatest Senator in America’s history !

    P.P.S. Bring it on, Scottie boy. There’s nothin’ this old boxer like’s better than a good fight !

  3. Send Scott a message!

    It was fun to beat Scott Brown in 2012. It will be fun to beat him again in 2014! Elizabeth Warren is asking people to help Jeanne Shaheen now.

    Give $25 or any amount.

    Contribute here.

  4. Is there a lower form of life than Scott Brown?

    He thinks we have short memories?

    “Let Scott Brown tell me to my face that I am nothing but a paid actor, and I’ll set him straight on what it was like to watch my father suffocate to death,” ~ John F. English

  5. I hope that the exploratory committee finds him unfeasible to run.

    Remember when our late Carl Sagan eagerly put in his own
    viewership to the closest up images ever depicting our
    neighboring planet Mars? Finding no life of any form,
    just a little cold uninhabited water, the search came out
    empty. I hope that Scott P. Brown’s exploratory committee
    finds no good grounds to pursue a run for our US Senate
    any further. We might not have a domain
    to easily cross-post our criticisms of Brown into the territory
    just up North, but we can perhaps bring new life to a Born Again
    or Renaissance / Rinacimento of @HalfTermSenator as had been the project
    of Bob Massie’s campaign for national office.

    • Blue Hampshire exists

      It’s been a bit moribund since the last election, but I and some others post both there and here. It’s of some use in coordinating efforts, and of great use to outside agitators from MA who want to be up to date on NH issues.

      There will be lots of opportunities for MA people to volunteer in NH if that’s what they choose to do. I’ve spent my even-numbered autumns, and the early winter of 2008, in Cheshire County, on the theory that my footwork has more influence there on the national scene. Looks like I will be there again this fall…

  6. Scott Brown Deep Thoughts

    Is a northerner who moves further north to try to advance his political career still considered a carpetbagger?

  7. Not a Chance

    Jeanne is not Martha. Mind you, I really like Martha, just not her 2010 campaign. Brown brings so much (carpet)baggage with him to NH that even though he’s nationally known, as of 3/5/14, 46% of NH Republican voters are undecided. Jeanne currently has a 13 point lead on him and the campaigning hasn’t really even started. Koch-funded anti-Obamacare ads won’t help. I wonder if Fox will take him back in January after he’s lost badly to two women?

  8. Since his youth, he thought he was hot –
    Posed for photos wearing naught
    Then a Senate seat gainfully sought
    So good, success seemed his lot.

    Perhaps when driving his truck
    He missed the ebb in his luck
    At Warren, he tried throwing muck
    Bootless, for election loss struck.

    So northward moved Mr Brown
    Who once spoke with prince and with crown
    Would changing his state and his town
    Help him live the election loss down?

    • Yeats would be proud.

      Yeats would be proud of kbusch. I tried reading some 2013 USA poetry, but am not sharp to keep in touch with literature’s developments in lyrical style and significative structure.

  9. Scott Brown.


  10. Bob- how about giving credit where credit is due?

    Afterall, I was the first to predict Scotto would run in NH, right here on your blog. How luvs ya baby…I do, that’s who.

    Seriously folks, save your money and do not bother donating to Jeanne. The heavy artillery is being brought out. Yep, Karl Rove is about to spend $600K in NH. Then the patriotic American Koch Brothers will drop a few million in ads on behalf of Scott. This will easily offset Soros and the unions.

    Speaking of unions, ever hear of Unite Here? Bunch of working stiffs like myself, simy trying to stay in the middle class. They released their study on Obamacare and it’s impact on their members. They titled it ‘The Irony of Obamacare: Making Inequality Worse’. Read for yourself, link below. By all means, share with everyone in NH.

    • If he's really running

      he won’t get through the primary:

      Even though Brown clearly has the backing of the party establishment, he still faces at least three opponents in the GOP primary, none of whom say they are going to back down. Hours before Brown made his announcement at a packed hotel ballroom, former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith criticized him as a carpetbagger “hand picked” by the party establishment.

      “I’ll offer a challenge to Brown. I’ll debate him in 10 towns he’s never heard of,” Smith said on Boston Herald Radio, adding he’d even give Brown a map and pronunciation lessons for tricky Granite State towns.

      • Great line from Bob Smith

        in the Herald story.

        “I’ll offer a challenge to Brown. I’ll debate him in 10 towns he’s never heard of,” Smith said on Boston Herald Radio, adding he’d even give Brown a map and pronunciation lessons for tricky Granite State towns.

      • Here are the towns in NH I would use.


        These are towns that share names with MA communities just to confuse him, though I may have missed a few and deliberately left out a couple where the NH community is better known than MA and a couple that shared names with Boston neighborhoods.

      • Striker-Scott Brown fears Bob Smith like Putin fears Obama

        I thought Bob moved to Florida and left the Republican Party, no?

        What you and your union should do is take up a second collection, and help Bob Smith with some seed money, get him on the air and hold signs for him.

        The real question is, who will Scott bring in to campaign for him. If Scott wants to win, he will have Rand Paul, front and center. I fear he will stand next to Chris Christie, which will be a mistake. McCain and Mitt for the primary, but Rand whenever he can.

          • Patrick- this is not your fathers New Hampshire

            Washington Post is clueless. This isn’t the same NH Bob Smith represented. NH Republicans are not as dumb as those in Nevada or Missouri, who nominated horrible candidates.

            Truth be told, Bob Smith will be a net positive for Brown. Smith and his views will make Scotto look moderate, sensible, and most important, electable.

            • Taken a look at the NH GOP platform?


              Support the unborn child’s fundamental right to life and implement all possible legal protections
              Encourage individuals and organizations who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers through adoption, support, counseling and educational services
              Require parental consent for minors seeking abortions, ban the use of public resources to fund or promote abortion, appoint judges who respect traditional families values and the sanctity of innocent life, and support similar efforts at the federal level
              Recognize marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman
              Maintain the fundamental role and responsibility of both parents in the care, upbringing and discipline of their children
              Oppose euthanasia and physician assisted suicide
              Oppose expanded gambling because of the negative social consequences

              • GOP NH platform has lots of things most would agree with

                This caught my eye “Work to reduce energy costs and remove New Hampshire from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative”. And this “Reject expanded casino and video lottery gambling as a means to balance the budget or increase spending”. I think Tom would like that one.

                “Ensure that public employee benefits are similar to and do not exceed those of the private sector”. Now who put that in the platform b/c he/she deserves a hug.

                I never read a party platform before, thanks for the link. One would hope Christopher, that a nominee is not required to believe 100% of their party’s platform. Are you telling me Shaheen believes 100% of the Dem platform, as if it’s a Bible or something?

              • Unborn babies and guns

                Matter a whole lot more to NH GOP voters than they do to MA ones. He will either have to flip flop (again) on one or more of those issues or stick to his guns and spend a lot of money and burn some bridges in the primary. Smith is a very unpopular and unloved former Senator though who lost in a primary to Sununu was their top recruit and plucking Brown from
                another state is a sign if desperation . Also why all the trips to
                Iowa and South Carolina if he wasn’t going to run for President?

  11. Brown won't run.

    One more loss and his political career is over. He’s positioning himself as a player a NH as a first step for a Presidential run.

  12. Nate Silver is back!

    And not a moment too soon, dispelling the MSM’s crush on Scott Brown with the cold hard data that Shaheen is a clear favorite.

    We should still volunteer, donate, and work incredibly hard to protect her, not just because we want to keep Scott Brown in particular and Republicans more broadly from the Senate, but also because she is a great Senator in her own right. But the wind is at our backs and it is up to us to protect this momentum and advantage. But don’t think Brown isn’t beatable-he most certainly is.

    • Over at Daily Kos...

      …the discussion turned to Brown’s “carpetbagging”. A commenter from MA pointed out that Brown wouldn’t be the only one crossing the border as many of us will follow him up there to make sure he is defeated.

      • Crossing the border

        Previewing Senator Warren’s delightful barbs about Scott Brown at the Boston St. Pats Day breakfast on Sunday, several speakers at Malden St Pat’s breakfast on Saturday got huge & energetic cheers when they mentioned the prospect of going to NH to make sure Scotty loses again. :-)

        • I wonder how much air Brown will suck out of the room.

          It’s been said that Baker needs everyone on board to win. If money and volunteers make their way to NH instead then surely that hurts him.

          • I don't get them

            Clearly Brown used the MA GOP and his supporters to advance his own ends. Voted more moderate than they would’ve wanted when he pivoted to the center in 12′ and is now jumping ship (and jumping the shark IMO) to an entirely different state. If I was a sincere MA conservative activist I wouldn’t give a dime or a second of my time to this clown. How would we feel if Deval ran against Ayotte or Collins?

  13. Not to mention

    Browns presence on this ticket against Markey would’ve benefitted Baker. It’s not like he skipped a winnable race, he was just too lazy to go after Markey in either the special (closest election to the race he won) or in this general. Is be steaming mad if I was in the MA GOP-but all the ditto heads on RMG seem to love it as does our resident troll. They are so far gone they blame the state for their woes instead of looking in the mirror.

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