On the lighter side-Scott “bqwatvr” Brown’s week from hell

The decline and fall continues. For what it is worth, the NYT's Gail Collins suggests Brown isn't competent enough to manage such an effort: "If that made the difference, it would have been the most significant thing Brown ever managed to achieve in his legislative career. But I think it was actually just the way the Senate doesn’t work." - promoted by Bob_Neer

When he is not busy meeting royalty or accepting accolades from one state, while moving from a different state to a third state to run for office, former Massachusetts resident and junior Senator Scott ‘bqwatvr’ Brown seems to do a pretty good job alienating members of his own party as well as the voters he will face in November.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it turns out our erstwhile “man of the people” not only does a bad impersonation of a working man-he also does a poor impression of Kevin Spacey too. In a move that would’ve made Frank Underwood proud, had it been remotely successful, Scott Brown actually lobbied his former colleagues to kill a rather benign piece of bipartisan legislation his opponent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was supporting. In spite of getting support from conservative stalwarts like New Hampshire’s own Sen. Kelly Ayotte-Brown felt threatened enough by this achievement that he went out of his way to prevent it, arguably working harder to block Shaheen’s bill than he ever did to pass one of his own.

But there’s more. Last Tuesday the Huffington Post broke the fact that Sen. Shaheen’s bipartisan energy bill, which she co-authored with Republican Sen. Rob Portman, went down on a technicality only after Mr. Brown lobbied his former colleagues to kill it. That would be an embarrassing revelation for Mr. Brown even if New Hampshire’s junior senator, Republican Kelly Ayotte, had not chosen to disregard Mr. Brown’s wishes and vote for the Shaheen bill anyway, citing the best interests of New Hampshire. Which she did.

And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids in the media.

Finding himself in a hole and choosing to keep on digging, Mr. Brown and the New Hampshire Republican Party decided to attack the reporter who broke the story, prompting yet another round of stories pitting Mr. Brown against Sen. Ayotte, a popular Republican in the Granite State. Tuesday marks a full week of this story dominating the coverage of the Brown campaign.

So let’s recap real quick. Scott get’s into a pissing match with the media he can’t possibly win, actually hurts his state for crass political reasons, and also manages to alienate the very moderate-conservative women he is supposed to appeal to. Actually, sounds like a pretty normal week in the life of Scott Brown. Dubya would say he’s doing a heckavu job!


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  1. This is a significant story

    The Republican leadership has decided it cares much more about the electoral prospects of its Senate candidates than about passing bipartisan bills that might be good for the country.

    It also undermines the idea that Scott Brown is Mr Bipartisan. If he were really so glowingly bipartisan, he might have praised his opponent and asserted that if you liked bipartisanship you’d get even more from him. Instead, he simply arranged to have Portman’s and Shaheen’s work undone for his narrow political benefit.

  2. Huff Post altered their original story after being caught

    Sen. Ayotte clearly stated she was NOT lobbied by Scott Brown. But why let facts get in the way of a good smear story on Scott. JC failed to mention how after being caught with their misleading story, the Huff Post altered/corrected their story in an attempt to save face.

    JC fails to mention this same exact bill went down last year, when Brown was not even a candidate. JC fails to mention that Sen. Portman said the amendments added by Republicans were “reasonable”. The amendments were to speed up natural gas exports and limit EPA regulations on future energy plants.

    That’s why the bill went down but that would be a boring story. So let’s make one up and try to make Scott Brown look bad and ignore the fact Shaheen votes 99% of the time with Barak Obama and this was a lame attempt by Shaheen to appear bi-partisan.

  3. Picking up on one of jconway's points

    “Scott Brown is a character out of VEEP who thinks he’s in House of Cards.”
    (I read that on Twitter.)

  4. I know he was selfish and incompetent

    Both to astounding degrees. So those two aspects to all of this is no surprise… but who knew he was a bully, too?

  5. Jeanne Shaheen's vote to confirm David Barron is a bad day for the Bill of Rights, trial by jury, jurisprudence,

    Where are all the NH progressives? They must be loving this vote, no? I suppose when a senator like Shaheen votes with Obama 99%-100% of the time, she must be playing that Tammy Wynette song ‘ Stand By Your Man’ on each and every vote.

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