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Globe endorses Healey for Attorney General, Conroy for Treasurer

Two endorsements emerged from Morrissey Boulevard today.  For Attorney General, Maura Healey: Healey’s clearer focus on the core responsibilities of the office, coupled with her evident tenacity and discerning legal mind, make her the superior choice…. Healey shows a refreshing willingness to acknowledge some limits to the power of the position she’s seeking. From her work as an assistant attorney general under Coakley, Healey has a firm grip on how to deploy the powers the office indisputably has — and to tend to the basic duties of that office…. [H]er unusual biography — she played professional basketball in Europe before attending law school — and her audacious performance in debates hint at a level of imagination and creativity that would serve her well…. Tolman, if elected, would be more conspicuous in using the attorney general’s bully pulpit. Healey would likely be more aggressive in using the office’s established powers in pushing for outcomes that she and Tolman both favor — and that would benefit the people of Massachusetts. And for Treasurer, Tom Conroy: He has worked in the private sector as a financial and risk-management consultant. He understands clearly how securing favorable financing terms for major state debt issuances can save money […]

MassGOP: Anyone But Coakley

Seems there’s lots of folks going negative on Martha Coakey. With just a week until the Democratic primary, Martha has attracted the attention of some unusual suspects. Let’s start with Jeff Jacoby. In his Boston Globe column Unenrolled, conservative, and trying to decide which Democrat to vote for, he makes the argument that right-leaning unenrolled voters should ignore Charles Duane “Charlie” Baker, Jr. and Mark Fisher and pull a Democratic ballot. Jacoby is looking to throw sand in the gears of the Democrats by choosing a candidate he surely wouldn’t vote for in November. His pretext is mapped out in this paragraph: The Democratic nomination, however, isn’t a foregone conclusion. Attorney General Martha Coakley, Treasurer Steve Grossman, and health-care guru Don Berwick are all running as very liberal Democrats, and I can’t see myself voting for any of them in the general election on Nov. 4. But that’s no reason to sit out the primary election, where my vote is more likely to have an impact. All I have to decide is which of these three lefties to vote for. So who is Jacoby voting for in the Democratic primary? Don Berwick, of course. Here’s his explanation: As a free-market […]

Globe Endorses Maura Healey for AG

A good day for El Globo (as Peter Lucas used to call it). Each has much to offer, but Healey’s clearer focus on the core responsibilities of the office, coupled with her evident tenacity and discerning legal mind, make her the superior choice. Tolman-ites can take comfort that it appears to have been a close call. More here.

Attention Boston Area Back To School Co-Eds: You Don’t Need Your College’s Procedures For Reporting Sexual Abuse. You Need My Procedures.

Tell a close friend or two as soon as possible (fresh complaint) and call the police. ASAP! Then shut up your mouth. Capiche? Tell the school nothing. None of their goddamn business. Remember ladies, when you get right down to to it you are nothing more than their customer. If you got molested in Wal Mart would you report it to the customer service counter and leave it at that? I think not. As for the schools, they should not have any sexual harassment policy other than reminding students of the criminal code. It covers everything from stalking to groping to harassing to peeping to up-skirt pics to molestation to rape to mopery (exposing one’s self to a blind person). Okay, I made the mopery thing up. Anyway ladies, the colleges don’t want or need this problem and the memo telling the college boys that gurls are people too went out well over twenty years ago. They’re more than on notice. So if God forbid you or a friend find yourself in this terrible situation call the police, tell a friend or two, and then talk to no one else. It’s a police matter.

Some comments and rebuttals on Globe endorsement

Sue Doctrow of Arlington asked me to post her comments on the Globe endorsement on her behalf.  Glad to do it as I heartily agree. While it does contain some good points, this strikes me as a lazy endorsement. As another commenter noted, the Globe did not do its homework on Don Berwick. “A medical professor and pediatrician by trade…” does not begin to describe his problem solving successes, globally impactful nonprofit entrepreneurship and strong executive experience, including leading an $800 billion federal agency. Of course, if you fail to conduct even cursory research on somebody’s world-renowned record delivering change to very complex systems, you are likely to have, as the Globe apparently does…” skepticism about whether they can deliver change, not just talk about it.” Don Berwick’s plans for pursuing single payer healthcare in Massachusetts have been clearly outlined in his statements and written materials. For example, quoting a Berwick Campaign handout: ”On his first day as Governor, Don will convene and chair a planning commission tasked with defining a precise roadmap and crafting a legislative proposal….this is not uncharted territory – there are dozens of single payer systems around the world that have exceptional healthcare outcomes for far […]

Is Kevin Cullen In The Tank Again? – Do The Numbers Give Grossman a Chance? – Has Greg Sullivan Lost Touch? – Does Warren Tolman Need My Advice?

Check out this crap from the street-wise-well-connected-working-class-yet-deep-and-worldly-Kevin-Cullen today as he compares Artie T. to a Dickens’ character. he prided himself on not maximizing profits at the expense of his employees, or his own soul. If Kevin was being honest he would have noted the difference between Artie T. Demoulas and Dickens’ Fezzwig. Fezzwig: ‘(H)e prided himself on not maximizing profits at the expense of his employees, or his own soul. ‘ Artie T.”  ’(H)e prided himself on maximizing profits at the expense of his business partners and not his employees,  family, friends, and, if God is dead, his own soul.” Here’s a guy (Cullen) who’s developed a persona of someone understanding the intricacies of a civil uprising in a foreign land (Northern Ireland) and can play the high stakes poker of outing FBI informants and living inside the South Boston street world of Whitey Bulger and Pat Nee and Kevin Weeks and John Martorano and Brian Halloran and Steve Flemmi and Fred Wyshak and Fred Wyshak and Fred Wyshak and Fred Wyshak but can’t understand the concept of screwing business partners. That’s weird. Don’t you think? I mean I can see Joe Fitzgerald and Margery Eagan falling for this but Kevin […]

A letter to friends… The Top 10 Reasons You Should Vote For Don Berwick for Governor on Sept. 9

The following was written by two Berwick supporters in Greater Boston. They asked me to share this letter on BMG on their behalf. Hello dear friend: It’s so easy to let a state primary slip by but the opportunity for real change in this election is quite exciting and so we wanted to reach out to our friends and neighbors. Hal and I would very much appreciate your consideration and vote for Dr. Don Berwick, Democrat for Governor on September 9th. I personally have been tracking Don’s career and accomplishments for over 15 years. While at Abt Associates, it was imperative to follow his work because simply, Don is a thought leader.  He has been cited as the third most influential voice in healthcare, just behind Bill Gates. But if you haven’t been tracking his career as I have, I’ve put together a Top 10 list for you. So, drum roll please, here are the top 10 reasons why you should vote for Don Berwick! Reason 10:  If you like Elizabeth Warren, you will LOVE Don Berwick!

Steve Grossman Will Deliver Progress & Beat Baker

I’ve been waiting to post what I’ve been telling friends, until enough people are paying attention. His track record for financial turnarounds, experience in government and private business speak for themselves. Elect him to do for the state what his fiscal acuity and bold progressive policies have done for the areas he impacted as treasurer. We need to have a Governor who is a leader and a manager–who can expand these programs. As Treasurer, Steve has provided proactive stewardship, implementing fiscal policies and initiatives that are both sound and progressive. Rep. Karen Spilka:   ”Steve’s proven track record of leveling the playing field for hardworking middle-class families speaks for itself,” Spilka said in a press release announcing the endorsement. “He has revolutionized the Treasury by bringing money back from overseas banks to deposit in local banks and create jobs across the Commonwealth.” As Treasurer, he traveled around the state getting to know the situations and needs of cities and the local level. Through his Small Business Banking Partnership program which aims to encourage local banks to offer loans to businesses owned by women, minorities, immigrants, and veterans,  $17 million invested in our Hampshire and Franklin county banks alone, benefiting 330 small businesses. Our legislators […]

Boston Globe endorses Steve Grossman for Governor

Early edition of Sunday’s Globe is up tonight and the paper has endorsed Steve Grossman: Grossman is not my candidate. Indeed, I do not have a candidate in this race, but the Globe nails for me one very serious problem in both the short and long term: even if she is likely to win the primary, frontrunner Martha Coakley is a tepid, cautious, uninspiring candidate whose campaign has been underwhelming to say the least. This editorial will definitely make me give Grossman a second look.

Ed Markey Sold My Info Without Permission

I always sign up for email lists using fake names so I can figure out who sold me like a piece of meat if I end up on someone else’s list. And I’m now getting emails from Harry Reid using the name I gave to Markey. Shame on you, Senator. As the former chair of the House Telecommunications Committee, you of all people should respect consumer privacy.