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Check Out The Globe$ox Wet Kiss, Again, to Steve Tocco of ML Strategies (Mintz Levin) For Being The Self-Proclaimed Smartest Man In Boston Right Now

Talk about wanting to puke. Check out Globe$ox good soldier Shirley Leung’s latest piece reeking of Steve Tocco’s hubris. Tocco kept telling Wynn none of [the problems] would matter. What mattered was the billionaire had deeper pockets and could deliver a more ambitious project. “They thought politics would matter. They thought public opinion would matter,” said Tocco. “They were wrong.” Money mattered, right Steve? Money Money Money. And then some more Money. And Everett mattered too. And Mr. Lightbody mattered. And Steve Crosby determining the “Wow Factor” (whatever the fuck that is) mattered. And Crosby’s former business parter partnering with wise guys to profit from the Everett deal mattered, or did it? For no other reason people should vote for the anti-casino referendum just to see this Welducci creation lose some swagger.    

Pro-trash “No on Question 2:” recycling has eliminated trash in MA

A ludicrous anti-bottle bill ad from Roche Bros., Big Y, Stop & Shop, the American Beverage Association, and the other giant corporations who put profits before people and sell millions of bottles each year that we then have to pay to clean up: [Bottle deposits are an idea] whose “time has come and passed” with the advent of curbside programs that allow residents to recycle at home As if. Our roads and parks remain littered with bottles and containers that cost states and local municipalities millions to clean up, despite curbside recycling programs. By all means, expand the latter, but that is no argument against Question 2. Expanding the bottle bill will reduce rubbish and move the costs of cleanup to those who create the expense. Yes on Question 2 is an easy call and, indeed: Yes on 2 will hold a Volunteer Summit on October 5th at the Worcester First Baptist Church, located at 111 Park Avenue in Worcester, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. We will give a comprehensive review and training of our strategy, message, and the tactics we will use in order to win on November 4th. Click here to RSVP for the October 5th summit.  

Hey Kevin Cullen, You’re Being Served! Accusing Bill Bulger of Hiding Money for Whitey? HMMM. I’m Suggesting You May Be Paid By The Feds? Do You Get Envelopes From Wise-Guys? Your Obsession Is Past Bizarre and Now Officially Troubling. It’s On!

Kevin Cullen is being served. The piece of phony trash from Malden who, like a yuppie, moved to South Boston as an adult… (Hey Kevin, it does  not matter that you have relatives there. Your Southie schtick is much worse than the kid who went to first grade at Gate of Heaven and then moved to Rockland where as he gets older his “Southieness” increases dramatically until he thinks he’s fucking Pat Nee)… where was I?…oh yeah…wrote a column today strongly suggesting that Whitey told family members, and most likely Bill Bulger, where all the millions are he’s supposedly hidden. He’s begging the evil doer Fred Wyshak to make sure he continues to torture this particular family. Not Pat Nee, the gangster serial killer currently running the Southie rackets with protection from Fred Wyshak, The FBI,The Globe, and Kevin Cullen. Not Pat Nee’s family. Not John Martorano, the gangster serial killer who served 12 years for 22 murders, paid large sums of taxpayer monies, and allowed to keep all his ill-gotten gains. Not his family either. Martorano is also protected by the feds. Should I mention Kevin Weeks? Cullen’s disabling myopia when it comes to these characters coupled with this […]

Indexing: More economic literacy, please

I’ve heard some bad arguments against gas tax indexing, and Tom Keane makes two of them in the Globe today. Take away lawmakers’ easy way out on gas tax – Opinion – The Boston Globe. First, I really wish that the “magic” of compound interest were not such a novelty to allegedly informed journalists: The compounding effect of annual inflation increases can prove quite large. If automatic indexing had been in effect since 1991 (when it was 21 cents), for example, the gas tax today would stand at a whopping 36 cents. Um, yes, that’s true. But the whole point of indexing is that 36 cents is precisely as “whopping” as 21 cents back in 1991. To be fair, Keane says that families don’t get an automatic increase in cost of living. Well, yes and no. Wages do rise over time, but not equally. Inequality is rising, and that working class wages have not kept pace with inflation. That’s the actual problem, then, isn’t it? That would require a different column from Keane, which would fit less neatly into the simple anti-tax narrative. Secondly, Keane bafflingly asserts that by indexing the gas tax, the legislature has somehow “delegated” its authority […]

Anti-Casino Folks Need To Reach Beyond Their Base

Two Rules of Campaigning 101: 1. Nurture and grow your base; and 2. Reach out beyond your base, Too many campaigns get so caught up in number one they forget about number two. And too many campaigns get so caught up  with number two they ignore number one to their detriment. The anti-casino people have number one wrapped up. They just have to make sure they vote. Number two I am not so sure of. They can’t win without number two. The numbers are showing it. There needs to be outreach to voters who would be sympathetic to their cause if they knew certain facts other than the same old boiler plate arguments that keep the base together. Independents, Republicans, Libertarians, and less progressive Dems who do not ft the stereo-typical anti-casino voter NEED TO BE TOLD of the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face shenanigans and appearance of corruption occurring at the Gaming Commission and in Everett. If anything, what these people don’t want is another Massachusetts stereotypical corrupt institution. Here’s another rule everyone knows. Campaigns are all about additions. Not sunbstarctions. Keep adding voters without losing any. The referendum has not seen an increase in support from beyond its base and it probably […]

Baker, Coakley out of tune with the high tech industry

What do Blue Mass Groupies think of Baker and Coakley’s appearance at the High Tech forum in Cambridge? “Both major-party candidates for Massachusetts governor were clearly out of their element Monday before an audience of about 150 tech workers during a forum at Microsoft’s Cambridge office. They spoke in generalities, sidestepped questions about employee noncompete agreements — a hot-button issue in the tech sector — and left attendees craving substance. “‘It was terrible,’ said Axel Scherer, a software architect at Cadence Design Systems in Chelmsford. ‘They said nothing. Just empty suits going blah, blah, blah.” (Boston Globe: Baker, Coakley sidestep hot-button tech questions at forum, by Callum Borchers, Sept 29, 2014) *** I’m having trouble understanding this reluctance of both candidates to engage on the issue of banning non-competes in the state. Baker, I understand, as CEO he’s coming from a board room environment, and may find it hard to mend his ways and accept banning non-competes in the state. But Coakley? What did she have to lose? Is it timidity or lack of political acumen? She is obviously struggling to be popular in the high-tech industry. And it’s not like the non-competes questions came out of nowhere. Taking a […]

Wonk Post: MA Governor Polling Aggregate

From HuffPo/Pollster:

Happy Birthday: Jimmy Carter will be 90 on Wednesday.

Former President Jimmy Carter will turn 90 on Wednesday, October 1. In my opinion, possibly the best ex-president ever, I hope he has a great birthday.

Tonight! Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Springfield @ 7PM All five candidates, (sorry Tom, but Donald Duck isn’t running) streaming online at

Heavily redacted state reports raise more questions than answers in sudden deaths of DDS clients

(Cross-posted from The COFAR Blog) More than three years after the sudden death of a former resident of the Templeton Developmental Center, we have received a report on the matter from the state Disabled Persons Protection Commission, which found that the resident had adequate care and services at the time of his death and that there was no evidence he had been neglected or abused. But the report is so heavily redacted that it is difficult to determine whether a number of specific questions and allegations that had been raised about the person’s care were actually investigated.  It is also unclear why it took nearly two years for the DPPC to provide us with the report, which was completed and approved by a supervisor in the agency in November 2012. The former Templeton Center resident died on July 24, 2011, four days after he was transferred to a state-operated group home in Tewksbury.  The cause of death was reportedly a blood clot in his lung. This was one of three cases we heard about in 2011 and 2012 in which clients of the Department of Developmental Services, each of whom happened to be a man in his 50′s, died suddenly after being transferred from developmental centers to state-run group homes operated by […]