Womens World Cup. US v Japan. Sunday

Bumped, for a good start for Team Freedom: 4-1 at the moment. - promoted by Bob_Neer

For those of you unaware (’cause it’s not on ESPN, it’s on Fox Sports) the US Women’s National Team has, for the fourth consecutive time, made it to the World Cup finals. They will play Japan who ‘defeated’ England after a heartbreaking ‘own goal’, in stoppage time, by the Lionesses last night. I believe the final is scheduled for 7pm Eastern Time, Sunday night… Fox Sports. Check your local listings…

This is a re-match of the 2011 Women’s World Cup finals which saw the US lose to Japan. Despite deserving to lose to England the Japanese team is formidable: they play meticulous — often technically perfect — football. The US Women have played inconsistently (with the marked exception of Hope Solo who has got her game going on) but have saved the low spots for the lesser teams like Columbia and the Swiss and their larger efforts for the better teams: we beat Germany 2-0, for example. Germany and England play for third place on Saturday…

Also, relevant to previous conversations, FIFA President Sepp Blatter will not attend the final of the Women’s World Cup citing “personal reasons”… Probably been diagnosed with an acute fear of arrest with extradition.


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  1. First Germany, now Japan!

    Wonder why that sounds familiar?

  2. Third place result: England 1, Germany 0

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the game, but the result is a win for England.

    Tonight I won’t miss, however,



  4. Final score 5-2

    Where in the world was the Japanese team during the first 15 minutes?

  5. Hey Neer!

    Team Freedom??? Can you just stop with your comments when you do a “bump.” This one was particularly obnoxious.

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