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Before the “Uh Ohs”

It is dribbling into the press that Bernie Sanders applied for Conscientious Objector status during the Viet Nam War.  At the time he believed in pacifism. Something he still does, but with a strong corollary.  It has to be clear that diplomacy comes first, and going it alone is not an option.  If a battle to defend this country is necessary or if some monstrous genocidal slaughter is occurring, this country must put a halt to it with a committed alliance of other like minded countries.  He has stated he believes in a strong military. He voted against the first Iraq War(The Gulf War) because he thought enough of a coalition of forces had been assembled so Hussein would withdraw from Kuwait.  Indeed Saddam was retreating before the first bombs were dropped on his forces.  Senator Sanders had taken a correct stance. Kuwait also had an oppressive regime, and was slant drilling for oil in Iraqi territory.  The American Ambassador at the time intimated in a letter that the US does not interfere in Arab/Arab conflicts. Saddam took it as a green light to invade, and he did.  Iraq was in desperate shape after a war with Iran, and needed money from […]

Which Reporters Fell For the Latest Fracking Front Group?

The American Petroleum Institute and America’s Natural Gas Alliance have launched the “New England Coalition for Affordable Energy,” the second oil & gas industry front group to hit Massachusetts in less than a year. Shocker: It’s put out a report calling for new & expanded fracked gas pipelines. Which Massachusetts reporters saw through this fossil fuel front group, and who got burned? The group’s website is covered with obvious stock photos of phony “supporters.” Down at the bottom, it contains the curiously up-front admission that the project is sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute and America’s Natural Gas Alliance. Considering so many oil & gas fronts like Kinder Morgan’s “Coalition to Lower Energy Costs,” assiduously hide their real identities, it’s bizarre this one put it right on the website. That key fact presented right on the website presents a ready-made litmus test for local reporters: Who did research, and who just rewrote the news release (which didn’t mention API or the Gas Alliance)?

Wonk Post: Trump’s standing among Florida Republicans

Considering that all politics is local, herewith the polling aggregate for Florida, where Trump is running against an ex- Governor and incumbent Senator:

Revenue and Fairness Matter: The Case for the Progressive Income Tax

Cross posted from Progressive Mass, big shout out to Harmony Wu and Ben Wright for their tremendous editing, formatting, and imaging assistance Here’s a sneak peak at a blog post I’ve had the privilege of writing for Progressive Massachusetts making the case for the Progressive Income Tax: It’s Always Been a Revenue-and a Fairness-Problem The biggest story in Massachusetts politics this summer, and perhaps, this year, is USOC’s rejection of the Boston 2024 Olympic bid. In the aftermath, pundits are wringing hands, various politicians are trying to take credit or deflect blame, and competing narratives are emerging about “what it means” about Massachusetts (are we a parochial also-ran, incapable of big ideas, not ready for the global stage? are we on the cutting edge of rejecting an Olympics project too tainted by corruption and laden with outsized costs?). So, while the rejected bid will fade into memory, the Olympics discussion offers some takeaways of note for the Massachusetts progressive. The pundits and politicians finally agree: Our infrastructure is in dire need of repair and expansion (progressives have been talking about it for a while). Bold ideas require bold investments, but we shouldn’t presume it need be molded to private interests […]

A bold and brilliant political move by Chris Christie

No doubt about it. Christie’s presidential aspirations were just about dead; but now he’s come up with a proposal that is clearly intended to get himself a piece of Trump’s looney hater vote. Christie has proposed to “track undocumented immigrants like FedEx packages.” Here’s the key quote from him on this: You go online and at any moment, FedEx can tell you where that package is. Yet we let people come into this country with visas, and the minute they come in, we lose track of them. We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in and then when your time is up, however long your visa is, then we go get you and tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Excuse me, it’s time to go.’ I think Christie is legitimately asking the question: “Why should Donald Trump get all the press attention and right-wing nut-job love for making wacky and offensive statements?  I can do that too.” Could it backfire on him, though?  Might this tracking idea be seen as almost totalitarian in its level of governmental intrusiveness?  That’s where the brilliance of this idea really shows.  It’s not the government.  It […]

Why are the DNC and some state Democratic parties putting their thumb on the primary election scale?

First, we heard that four state Democratic parties signed fund-raising pacts with Hillary Clinton. These are the crucial primary state of New Hampshire; also, Mississippi, Virginia and Wisconsin. “The four are a small fraction of the dozens of state parties that the Hillary for America campaign has asked to join such agreements. Many are still considering the request,” writes the New York Times. “Some officials at state parties suggested the practice is similar to a fund-raising agreement with the campaign of a sitting senator or an insurgent in a statewide race.” In other words, we’re told, it’s accepted practice for the party organization to support the incumbent. Then, we’re hearing that the DNC announces a fundraising agreement with Clinton campaign. “The DNC says it’s pursuing similar agreements with the other Democratic primary campaigns,”, writes Politico – “but so far, those haven’t materialized.” Business as usual, you’ll say. Expected! Par for the course! Back eight years ago, the Howard Dean-run DNC also announced fundraising agreements with the Democrat candidates. However, that was a joint agreement with then-candidates Obama and Clinton. All the while the Republicans have a long list of debates scheduled (the first of which, on Fox, already took place, […]

Trump Notes, from Ernie Boch’s Trumpalooza

Shared with permission, originally posted on dKos and the Trump Notes FB page Cliff Notes from Donald Trump’s Campaign Speech In Norwood, Mass Sorry for the delay on this one crazy day for me….if you’re on Facebook feel free to like Trump Notes. to stay connected! Without further delay, enjoy with caution! 1. I’m going to take care of the vets. 2. I’m going to build up the military bigger than anyone, like ever. 3. Our enemies are fucking with us more because they don’t respect our leaders. 4. Nobody loves hispanics like I do. They buy my apartments, I love them. 5. Saudi Arabia is so full of money they fucking rule so hard. 6. I ordered 4000 TV’s from South Korea. 7. We’re protecting too many countries, it’s bullshit. 8. The Ukraine is great. 9. Who has a Mercedes Benz? They’re great. 10. Iran is going to self inspect. 11. John Kerry is a bicyclist. 12. The Iranians can’t believe John Kerry broke his leg. 13. Ted Cruz is my homeboy. 14. Iran is going to take all the money we give them to be terrorists. 15. Russia is selling Iran missiles. 16. Kerry and Obama were too […]

Mr. Krabs for President?

Try the quiz – Who said it? Donald Trump or Mr. Krabs? The only problem is, as Mr. Trump would quickly point out, that Mr. Krabs has trouble producing a birth certificate. If it weren’t for that, Mr. Krabs would be the better handler of the nation’s nuclear codes.


Julian Castro was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Obama in 2014.  He is the former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas where he earned a national reputation as a leader in progressive urban development.  Previously, he served on the City Council. He earned his B.A. from Stanford and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.  He and his wife, Erica, have a son and daughter.  He brings youth, geographical balance, executive experience, no baggage and Latino votes to the ticket. A Clinton / Castro alliance would be a progressive one-two punch to knock out anyone the conservatives nominate.  If victorious, they could nominate Senator Sanders as Treasury Secretary to implement his vision for economic justice and Joe Biden as Secretary of State to keep America at peace with the world. Peace, Prosperity and Progress.  That’s 3 of a kind that TRUMPS all !  A man can still dream, can’t he ? Fred Rich LaRiccia    

GOP 2016: Trump-Carson. You heard it here first.

I’m calling it right now.  The 2016 Republican nominee for president will be Donald Trump.  And Ben Carson will be Trump’s running mate. You don’t think it’s going to be Trump?  Who else is it going to be?  Jeb Bush, the supposed choice of the establishment, who has turned out to be an absolutely terrible candidate for president, who foolishly lets himself get baited by Trump, and who sinks a little further with each new poll?  Scott Walker, who looked like a real contender until he started, you know, saying things in public, and until people started looking at his actual record in Wisconsin?  Marco Rubio, whose positions on some issues (e.g., abortion) are so extreme as to be nearly disqualifying, who also has failed to meet expectations, and who is consistently polling worse than fellow Floridian Jeb Bush – to say nothing of his epic fail when delivering the GOP response to the 2013 State of the Union address?  Carly Fiorina, who is running on her business record which mostly consists of nearly managing to single-handedly destroy one of the most storied technology companies in America?  Ted Cruz, the only person the GOP establishment hates more than Donald Trump?  John Kasich, […]