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Marty Walsh and THE FEDS – Wynn, Mintz Levin, Commonwealth Magazine and THE FEDS – The Globe and THE FEDS – (Special Treat: Ric Flair Video)

Here’s a quote from a Howie Carr column right after Marty Walsh was elected. ‘While having lunch with my favorite federal prosecutor, he said, “Mayor Marty Walsh, I like the ring of that name in an indictment.” To undertand the mindset of the federal prosecutor (Fred Wyshak) and the local press (The Boston Globe) here’s some background. Years ago people from The Boston Globe and the Justice Department made a deal with the devil and outed an FBI informant. The stink of that criminal act still smells in the Globe’s reporting. Today’s headlines included. The leak came from an FBI supervisor who was taking money from a wise-guy informant. He got nervous and knew it was best if the guy was dead. At his request The Globe Spotlight team (Kevin Cullen and the two authors of Black Mass) exposed the FBI informant and everyone waited for his underworld execution. It never came. Years later in an interview on public radio Kevin Cullen was asked why the informant was not killed after the Globe exposed him. Cullen responded that he always wondered that himself. (He later explained that he once asked a wise guy the same question and was told “we […]

PolitiFact has ruled the claim, “I have 2 and a half million more votes than he (Sanders) does.” as “Mostly True”.

In an earlier posting, JohnTMay made the claim that HRC’s claim to have 2.5 million more votes than Senator Sanders was in fact nothing but: This is just another deliberate deception by a desperate campaign made possible by a corporate media endorsing their corporate candidate. Surprisingly, there is not a single link to any other reputable site that may refute this claim. Instead, we are treated to a football analogy as proof. I don’t know Jack about Football, nor could you pay me enough to ever bother to learn about this criminal laden “so called” sport. However PolitiFact has noted that this claim is “mostly true“. As HRC remains the front-runner for the nomination, I think it is a bit hyperbolic to call this a “deliberate deception by a desperate campaign”. Eventually, the Party will need to rally around the actual nominee. Enough with the hyperbolic attacks already, our primary has come and gone, and our delegates to the convention are already chosen. I see no point in these attacks other than to instill resentment. I have included the link to PolitiFact, to support my assertion.

Party Unity Should Start Now

Aside from the fact that it ain’t over until it’s over, Democrats are sitting in a pretty good position for the general election. The Republican brand is at an all-time low. The presumptive Republican nominee is widely reviled by women and people of color. He’s looking at testifying in a law suit against his Trump University scam and a convention that promises to be a circus. Big money donors are sitting out the presidential election. Even Charles Koch is expressing doubts. Republican voters are so pissed, they are ready to punish down-ticket GOP candidates. (See more here and here). We still have a long way to go, but the headwinds are favorable. The root of the Republican problem is that the base has caught up to the party establishment: Their party has historically won elections by appealing to racial enmity and cultural anxiety, but its actual policy agenda is dedicated to serving the interests of the 1 percent, above all through tax cuts for the rich — which even Republican voters don’t support, while they truly loathe elite ideas like privatizing Social Security and Medicare. As far as Democrats are concerned, our party defines itself as the protector of the […]

Joke Revue: Cruz Hopes to Tap Into Immense Popularity of Carly Fiorina

Borowitz owns Cruz’ feeble imitation of McCain’s choice of Palin, once again proving Karl Marx’ dictum that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. Hat tip to esteemed BMGer jasiu: Cruz Hopes to Tap Into Immense Popularity of Carly Fiorina INDIANAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—In choosing the former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Senator Ted Cruz hopes to tap into the immense popularity of one of the most beloved public figures in America. Minutes after the news of Cruz’s selection leaked, political insiders called the choice of the wildly adored Fiorina a game-changer for the Cruz campaign. “It’s no secret that Ted Cruz has some trouble with likeability,” the Republican strategist Harland Dorrinson said. “What better way to fix that than by choosing Carly Fiorina, a person everyone is absolutely crazy about?” Fiorina’s reputation for winning the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with dates back to her days as the incredibly well-liked C.E.O. of Hewlett-Packard and, before that, Lucent Technologies. “At Lucent, she could light up any room with her smile,” former Lucent employee Tracy Klugian said. “If you had to say what people loved about working at Lucent Technologies, it all came […]

Alinsky’s Tactical: Rules for Radicals

I read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (published 1971) in the 1990s and wanted to remind myself of what my thought was then of what Alinsky wrote long before his name became a conservative slur. Alinsky was a successful organizer and a seasoned tactician. Alinsky, however, was not a strategist. The difference between strategy and tactics is often confused: Tactics are the means used to gain an objective and strategy is the general campaign plan or goal. Here are some of the tactically radical rules of Saul Alinsky that I noted then and now note again: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have. Never go outside the experience of your people. Whenever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Keep the pressure on. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. If you push […]

MA pols suck at controlling health care costs

Why do we have high prescription drug costs? Because over and over again, our political system — including and especially Democrats — decides that it’s going to enable it. Example 1: Richard Neal. The Obama administration tries to scale back the incentive (!) that docs get for prescribing expensive drugs. Richie Neal writes a letter! House Democrats Push Back On Obama Plan To Cut Drug Prices. WASHINGTON — A group of House Democrats is organizing an effort that could slow down an Obama administration plan to reduce drug prices, according to a letter obtained by The Huffington Post. The Department of Health and Human Services is working toward finalizing a new rule that would experiment with ending the financial incentive doctors have for prescribing some extremely expensive medications. The rule has been well-received among some patient advocates, but congressional Democrats have been largely silent, while the pharmaceutical industry and medical community have waged an aggressive campaign to stop it. The campaign is bearing fruit. The letter from House Democrats, according to Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), was made necessary because Big Pharma and oncologist lobbyists had pushed many Democrats to the brink of signing […]

Trump MA campaign stumbling into caucus showdown

As I wrote about earlier this month, there is big MA GOP showdown this weekend to elect loyal Trump delegates to the RNC Convention between the Real Donald Trump camp and the Cruz camp, who are running as Trump delegates and will then abandoned Trump if he doesn’t win on the first ballot. I’m on Trump’s email list and just got their “all hands on deck” call to attend one of the nine caucuses this Saturday. The email had three links, all bringing you to the same webpage, where you’re supposed to be able to learn where your caucus will be. Just below the video on the page, the first line reads: “Find your caucus location here” and takes you to the Secretary of State’s page to find your local polling location…not your caucus location. Whoops. Even better, the email ends, “and then join us this Saturday at 7AM at your local caucus location to vote for the Trump slate of delegates.” Hmm…7 am sounded awfully early for me, so I checked the MA GOP site, which listed the start time for each caucus at 10 am. And it kindly lists the location of each caucus. (And I suppose by […]

Patrick Estate Sale

I wasn’t going to post, but I felt like I had to after reading the estate sale write up. Obviously, it doesn’t seem that the Patrick’s had anything do to with the write up, but this part was my favorite. Also to be included will be a fabulous selection of Couture and Jewelry. Many of which have been worn as Mrs. Patrick attended several high profile functions at the State House and also at the White House as guests of President and Mrs. Barack Obama. So if you don’t have any plans on May 7th, the sun room rod iron table and chairs looked nice.

I Think the Gloves Might Be Off

Just a theory. Also, one more theory: I wonder if Cruz’s new strategy is “Be on the news every day, no matter what.” So the day after getting shellacked like a new Les Paul in five states, he announces his “running mate,” and she sings at the press conference (about Heidi Cruz, no less). So today Boehner spouts off, and instead of letting it go, he responds. IF this is the new strategy, it’s probably too little too late, but it’s an interesting tactic for a guy whose main mode so far has been “Let them come to me (and see what a jerk I am).”

Veepstakes Starts Early

Ted Cruz announced today in Indiana that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate.  (I swear, The Onion is not my source for this!)  Talking heads seem baffled by this strategy.  Nobody seems sure if and how this helps him with delegates.  Not since 1976 when Reagan tapped PA Senator Richard Schweiker in a failed bid to woo not only PA delegates, but others who thought Reagan too conservative (RS was firmly in the Rockefeller Republican wing.), has someone selected a running mate without having clinched the nomination.  Maybe it’s to get under Trump’s skin, or pressure him to name someone. I can’t help but think, though, that if Clinton had done this even though she IS almost certainly the Dem nominee (Cruz, of course, isn’t even his party’s frontrunner.), she would have been slammed for being presumptuous.  It’s looking like the conventional wisdom is settling on the idea that she should take advantage of the fact that Republicans go first this year and wait until after their convention to name someone so she can take what happens in Cleveland into account. [Your editor adds the following trenchant commentary:]