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Guardianship under fire by the same groups that oppose congregate care and support privatization

(Cross-posted from The COFAR Blogsite) Guardianship of persons with developmental disabilities is under fire in Massachusetts and elsewhere, and families could see their advocacy rights eroded as a result. One prominent threat to guardianship appears to be embodied in a process called Supported Decision Making (SDM). Under SDM, individual guardians are replaced by teams or “network supporters,” who enter into written agreements with disabled individuals to “help them make decisions” about their care, finances, living arrangements and other areas. The network supporters can include family members, friends, and corporate service providers, according to the Center for Public Representation, which is pushing for SDM in Massachusetts.  There are some promising aspects to SDM, but a number of concerning aspects as well. To the extent that it can or does replace irresponsible or uncaring guardians with supportive teams, SDM would appear to have a potential to improve the lives of many people. On the concerning side, SDM does not appear to be well designed for people with severe levels of disability.  Those people are most in need the protections of guardianship; yet, many SDM advocates paint guardianship with a broad, negative brush and don’t appear to acknowledge the value that family members, in particular, bring as guardians to the lives of […]

Howie Carr Remains Super Duper Racist

Media Matters has tracked Howie Carr’s racism towards immigrants, Muslims and Native Americans, Now he’s attacking President Obama for being black: HOWIE CARR (HOST): That’s the worst thing about this administration. They’ve taken — it took 230 years to make this the greatest country, the greatest society in human history, and they are trying to unravel it and destroy it for — I don’t know why. I still don’t know why. What is — this country handed everything to Barack Obama. He didn’t have to work for anything. Just because of the color of his skin he was given everything. And he still hates the country. Click here to listen to the audio. So let’s break it down, according to Carr: Hundreds of years of slavery 100 years of legalized, institutionalized discrimination ??? BLACK PEOPLE GIVEN EVERYTHING Makes total sense! Despite this regular, overt racism, Carr remains employed by both WRKO radio and the Boston Herald.

Best Auto Collision Repair Center

For someone who used to put big concern on every detail, it is very frustrating to see little ding or dent on the car. That kind of defect makes your car looks bad and that’s kind of disturbing. Like it or not, it is like an everyday risk all car owners have to deal with these days. Although all vehicles’ body are made from robust materials, small incidents are inevitable. It can happen anytime and mostly without you being able to prevent it. What’s left is the dent on the vehicle body that makes you very irritated. What makes those dents so irritating is although minor defects, it can be challenging to repair because it would leave spot on the body from different paint color pigment? Moreover, covering those dents with paint can cause the paint warranty void. That’s going to be even bigger loss. You need to find the best solution and that solution must be a good one. Well, what if there’s a dent repair method offering flawless result without any paint needed? That’s the kind of solution you really need isn’t it? It is understandable if you rather skeptical with that kind of offer. Yes, it does […]

Best and Easy Way to Learn Drums

The drum is a musical instrument that belongs to the percussion instruments. In the game of pop music, rock, and jazz are usually used as a determinant tempo private drum lessons Glendale beats and also the basis of a composition of a song game. What’s that drum? Drum kit or drum set is a group composed of drums consists of the snare, hi-hat, tom, tom, floor tom bass drum, and occasionally supplemented by an electric drum. Not forgetting there is a disc made of gold-colored metal commonly called by the name of cymbals. Well, there are at least 3 pieces of cymbals on a drum kit, namely crash, ride, and hi-hat. Well, for those of you who want adept at playing the drums, you need to first know the basic techniques of playing the drums. Who knows you could be the next avenged sevenfold drummer or could possibly be the best drummer of the century. Of course in playing the drums there are a lot of basic techniques that you must know about starting from a sitting position to hit her way. So remember, beat drums origin not know, it’s all technique is not as easy as you can see […]

Environmentalists Are Awful Voters

Nathaniel Stinnett launched the Environmental Voter Project ( in 2015 with the mission of “identifying inactive environmentalists and then turning them into consistent activists and voters.” He spoke on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at MIT and at Tufts on Thursday, September 22 on the topic of “Modern Environmental Politics: big data, behavioral science, and getting environmentalists to vote.” You can see his Tufts presentation at The Environmental Voter Project concentrates on one thing and one thing only, increasing environmental turnout . Their polling data shows that environmentalists are “awful voters”: they don’t vote. They estimate 15.78 million environmentalists did not vote in the 2014 midterms; 10.12 million did not vote in 2012; and in MA 277,250 environmentalists did not vote in 2014. You can see their MA environmental non-voters by zip code map at Stinnett believes “We have a silent environmental majority right now” if, If, IF we can get those environmental voters to the polls. Using predictive modeling surveys, asking a few questions to 40,000 respondents, the Environmental Voter Project can find hidden patterns and correlations that identify environmental voters with 89% accuracy. Their research shows homes without a landline, Latinos, women 55-59, men 25-29, people in […]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Part of the purpose of blogs like this is to pick up on stories the mainstream media isn’t covering. I would like to highlight two developments in peacemaking abroad over the week that have been given short shrift in light of the American presidential race. Peace in Our Hemisphere The first is a welcome development. The government of Colombia negotiated a comprehensive peace treaty with the FARC rebels ending over six decades of war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. This war was fueled by resentments the largely rural and landless peoples in the hinterlands had regarding their representation. Like the IRA, the FARC started out with somewhat noble aims and became corrupted as wanton terror, drug trafficking, kidnappings, torture, rape, and criminality became the means of choice for their revolution. Fortunately, more mature leaders on both sides are literally turning bullets into ballots with the symbolic use of a bullet pen by President Santos and Commander Timochenko to end the war. Under this unique arrangement, the UN will oversee the disarmament zones in areas of FARC control. The FARC will be given a set number of seats in Congress and will be recognized as a regular political party. […]


For those concerned about the current civil unrest taking place across America whether it manifests itself as athletes kneeling during our National Anthem or Black Lives Matter protests against unprovoked police shootings of unarmed black men, or our Native American Indians demonstrating to protect their sacred tribal ancestral land and water against greedy corporate encroachment in violation of Treaties guaranteeing their sovereignty as Nations. It might do us all well to pause and reflect on the wisdom of someone who knew something about the power of nonviolent civil disobedience, the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said : ” Peace is not the absence of tension.  It’s the presence of justice.” Fred  Rich  LaRiccia

North Dakota employs bearcats and armored vehicles against unarmed water protectors 9/28/16

THIS is worth your attention – and some of us are still watching!  See below Militarized Police Arrest 21 Water Protectors in DAPL Work Stoppage September 28, 2016 15 miles south of Mandan, North Dakota – On the heels of yesterday’s action which halted Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction, once again, today, hundreds of water protectors caravaned to a DAPL work site to pray to that the Dakota Access Pipeline is stopped. The caravan was followed by two helicopters and a circling airplane. Workers had left the area moments before the protectors arrived. After praying for nearly an hour, everyone gathered to caravan to a second site. As the water protectors left the site, a crop-duster airplane appeared as sprayed the area with an unknown substance as people hurried to their vehicles. The water protectors went to a second site to pray. They prayed for 40 minutes and as they left the site, a large amount of police vehicles arrived and blockaded the only exit on the public road leading to the DAPL work site. Dozens of militarized police with shotguns appeared with a Bearcat armored vehicle as well as an MRAP. The Bearcat was also brought out by police at yesterday’s action, but […]

New Hampshire’s ballot selfie ban is unconstitutional. Ours probably is too.

Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (whose decisions apply in both NH and MA) declared that a New Hampshire statute criminalizing “ballot selfies” – that is, taking a photograph of a marked ballot and then sharing the image – is unconstitutional, because it violates voters’ freedom of speech.  I haven’t seen any comment yet from Bill Galvin, Maura Healey, or other MA folk with a role in enforcing our own, archaic law that also seems to prohibit such things, but I can’t see how our law could survive when New Hampshire’s failed. The New Hampshire statute reads: No voter shall allow his or her ballot to be seen by any person with the intention of letting it be known how he or she is about to vote or how he or she has voted except as provided in RSA 659:20. This prohibition shall include taking a digital image or photograph of his or her marked ballot and distributing or sharing the image via social media or by any other means. NH officials defended this law on the borderline absurd ground that it stands as a bulwark against the nefarious practice of selling votes … which, as […]

October BMG Stammtisch

Update, 1-Oct-2016 I have been forced to make an emergency trip to Gaithersburg, MD to attend to my 92 year old mother, who is near death. I will, sadly, not be able to attend this week’s stammtisch. I encourage the rest of you to come and enjoy yourselves. The Saloon Come, enjoy some libations, and talk politics. Our now-regular monthly BMG Stammtisch will happen, as usual, the first Wednesday of the month — 5-October — at The Saloon in Davis Square at 7p. Hope to see you there!