What I learned in NH yesterday

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While canvassing for Hillary with a friend in a small town outside Keene, NH, we learned from a public school teacher, who reads Breitbart, that Obama is: A) bringing the Caliphate to the U.S.; and B) Hillary will open the doors to immigrants and we will lose our country. Very informative. Next week, we’ll be bringing tin-foil hats to distribute during canvassing. Fortunately, we also met former Bernie supporters who are all in for Hillary and even took lawn signs. It’s always an adventure in NH. Please join us next week … and remember those tin-foil hats.

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  1. Heard this yesterday

    …at a grocery store. Could not believe my ears. Two women we talking about the debate. I assumed they were Clinton supporters. Far from it. They were angry that Trump was getting a rough time from Lester Holt and had some conspiracy theory that every time Clinton touched he face (or scratched or something), Holt would interrupt and challenge Trump. Then they spoke about some sort of hidden microphone where Clinton was getting coached on some wireless device.

    • A third of the country is crazy

      We had to let a canvasser go who kept saying “fuck Obama” to people on the streets. Not the way to win anyone over for the cause….

  2. Alas, being a public school teacher

    is equivalent neither to sanity or intelligence.

    That’s not to say I don’t have plenty of intelligent colleagues that vote or have voted Republican. I do. But it’s hard for argue that a sensible person can support Trump. One of my colleagues who describes himself as a capitalist, for example, refuses to vote for Trump and will probably vote for Clinton. He refused to sign the petition for the Millionaire’s Tax on ideological grounds (which I can respect), but he won’t vote for Trump.

  3. As much as I would hate...

    …to introduce litmus tests for public school teachers since they can so easily be abused and subjective, it seems to me there ought to be at least some standard for living in the real world to be qualified to teach our children.

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