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Trump finally finds election fraud

PoliticsCentral: Top Trump campaign aide in Michigan guilty on 10 felony counts Brandon Hall, the controversial west Michigan blogger who served as a key figure in the Donald Trump campaign’s organizing efforts across the state, was found guilty today on 10 felony counts of election fraud. In Ottawa County Circuit Court, a jury took less than an hour to find Hall guilty of forging signatures on nominating petitions for a circuit judge candidate who was a Hall political ally. In 2012, Hall, now 27, admitted to signing fake signatures on the petition of Chris Houghtaling as they traveled to the state capital of Lansing to beat the candidate filing deadline. Hall used different pens and both hands to make the signatures look distinct. Though he hopes to appeal the verdict, Hall now faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced on Dec. 27. …

IT’s Time For BMGers To Pick Sides! Bubblers or Safe Spacers?

I foolishly made an observation that Ed Markey and Katherine Clark are vulnerable in a primary. Pablo, (probably an illegal) commented that I was completely wrong because they love Katherine in Arlington, Lexington, and parts of Cambridge. Well, you don’t have to live in metro Boston for long before realizing that Arlington, Lexington, and parts of Cambridge are demographically on the very high end of wealthy liberals. I chastised Pablo (I bet he has a criminal record too) for comparing his little corner of the world to the other cities and towns in the MA 5th. It doesn’t matter how they voted before. There are many angry Dems and independents in places like Revere, Framingham, Malden, Waltham and else where. Well thanks to SomervilleTom and the gang, (including a hello from Charley in the thread – how long has it been Charley, how long?) i got the education I deserved. I should have never disagreed with Pablo. (i guarantee he has kids whom he’s not supporting and are on welfare) Tom and the gang pointed out that I  set the wrong tone by disagreeing with Pablo (you just know with a name like that he sells drugs too). I should […]

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map…

(A note to the editors, if you wanted to embed this video to aid in the digestion of this post, ‘twould be alright…) Louis C.K has a bit (referenced above) about ‘Indians’… It goes something like this: White Man sails to landfall and disembarks. He sees Indigenous People and assumes they are on the subcontinent of India because that’s what the White Mans maps tell them to assume… WM “Are you Indians?” IP “Nope.” WM “Are you sure?” IP “Yep” WM “This is not India?” IP “Nope. Totally other place.” WM “Are you sure you’re sure?” IP “Yep. Pretty sure.” WM “Nah!! You’re Indians.” And identity politics is born. Of course since Indigenous People can neither read nor write the language of White Man until much later, nor make maps of his own, the name ‘Indian” sticks. White Man can’t be bothered to either fact check or correct himself, he’s too busy being colonial and all… Over time the White Man starts to lose his grip upon hegemony and Black Man gains some freedoms. The White Women follows. They start to say ‘wait a minute… they were called ‘Indians’ by colonial mistake. That’s offensive.’ They decide, in the neonatal stages […]

On getting played.

Winning in politics consists of 1. Activating the persuaded; 2. Persuading the persuadable; 3. Discouraging and softening the opposition. Not converting, not even “defeating”, per se. Ideologically-committed people don’t really change their minds, except perhaps over years and decades. But they — we — are susceptible to divide-and-conquer, and the sowing of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). We might keep this in mind as we process the outcome of the election, thinking about what-might-have-worked and what-will-work in the future. George Monbiot lays out what we’re up against: Yes, Donald Trump’s politics are incoherent. But those who surround him know just what they want, and his lack of clarity enhances their power. To understand what is coming, we need to understand who they are. I know all too well, because I have spent the past 15 years fighting them. Over this time, I have watched as tobacco, coal, oil, chemicals and biotech companies have poured billions of dollars into an international misinformation machine composed of thinktanks, bloggers and fake citizens’ groups. Its purpose is to portray the interests of billionaires as the interests of the common people, to wage war against trade unions and beat down attempts to regulate business and […]

How to Beat Trump in 20 Tweets

View the original tweetstorm here 1) Recognize that HRC already maximized the anti-racist and anti-sexist vote as far as it will go 2) Ditto the pro-Nato, pro-immigration, pro-civil liberties and pro-BLM vote 3) This coalition will not be any bigger in 2020 4) The only path to victory is winning back PA, WI, MI, and OH. Restoring the lost firewall 5) How do the Democrats do this? 6) Voters in those state agree that Trump is an asshole and do not care about the other issues the Democrats ran on in 2016 7) They think it takes a thief to catch a thief 8) That it takes an asshole to fuck with the assholes who fucked them over 9) Trump will be judged by these voters on two questions: 10) Did he drain the swamp? 11) Did he bring American jobs back? 12) Middle America doesn’t care about Hamilton, flag burning, protesting or manipulating the electoral college 13) It just wants the jobs BACK and the corruption OUT 14) Good news Democrats! Trump will do NEITHER 15) For every Carrier he brings back, make a counter tracking the number of jobs in just those states going out 16) Criticize every […]

Taking The President-Elect Seriously, Not Literally

Another piece cross posted from my blog at Hope you like it. Yesterday a column was posted on by a fellow named Brad Todd, titled “Dear journalists: Stop Taking Trump Literally”.  Mr. Todd says that while journalists take Trump literally, his voters take him seriously and that’s what matters. I read the piece and thought it was bad. After all, I had just a few days ago written a very long post on my own website about journalists doing the exact opposite, taking Trump seriously when he said he had an open mind to climate change and putting words in his mouth to indicate that he did have an open mind, rather than just taking a literal reading of what he said. I also thought the CNN article was written from the wrong perspective, an advertising man advising journalists to look at news as a for-profit industry, the reader as “customer,” and the important customers as Trump voters, and to stop trying to provide as much information possible in as complete a way as is necessary to tell the whole story to as many readers as may find it relevant. “This is seriously a bad take, and I mean that literally,” I said. But yesterday, a twitter user named @ezlusztig posted a […]

Issues Are the Way Forward

In 1964, conservatives were out of power. They coalesced around Goldwater, and all of their successes seem to follow from that campaign. We forget now, but before Goldwater (and during), “conservative” was an insult. He rallied them around their issues. When conservatives are in power, their issues fall by the wayside. Let me be the millionth person to point out that deficits are only important when Democrats are in power. But we shouldn’t overstate that. They used issues to motivate their movement. Now they use a variety of tools, including holding on to power and hating us. However, there are true, hardcore conservatives out there, and they are up in arms that six years of Republican control of Congress hasn’t reduced spending. They’re furious that the party hasn’t lived up to its rhetoric. Many of these people led to Trump, because they wouldn’t listen to old news guys like Graham. We need to think about our core issues. The biggest, I think, is jobs (not the “economy,” jobs). The second biggest is homeland security. The third biggest is infrastructure. If you’re allowed to telecommute, have you ever hesitated because you think the T won’t work? I have. Now imagine you […]

Stephen Lynch (D-MA-8th) Backing Tim Ryan (D-OH) for Minority Leader-And so should his colleagues

In a press release, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA-8th) officially announced he was coming on board the Tim Ryan challenge to Nancy Pelosi’s leadership. The Boston Democrat said Monday he respects Pelosi, but believes Democrats need to change direction and widen their focus to regain the trust of hard-working American families who are the party’s traditional base. The former ironworker says he believes Ryan understands the plight of American workers and can help the party win back the support of what Lynch describes as “lunch bucket Democrats” who struggle to raise families but haven’t had a raise in a long time. Lynch says Democrats are increasingly seen as a party of narrow interests backed by elites by ignoring the economic struggles of average Americans. Lynch calls the recent election “an epic failure and another lost opportunity.” I’ve had my disagreements with Lynch in the past over Iraq, ACA, choice, and LGBT rights. But he has really transformed himself since the loss to Ed Markey as a progressive on social and foreign policy while retaining an authenticity and consistency about labor, fair trade, and progressive economics. He ran against NAFTA long before Donald Trump did. Lynch grew up in a housing project […]

BMGer says Arlington is Home To “The Everyman” of the MA 5Th – Globe Needs Another Co-Conspirator As Next US Attorney – Globe Practices Transparency Through Incompetence

So the other day I brilliantly make the case that the elite liberals have to get out more and see what the rest of the country is up to. Otherwise they have nobody to blame but themselves for the Trump vote. Then I astutely observed that Ed “Rhymes with Dead” Markey and the loud but shallow Katherine Clark are vulnerable in the primary. No sooner do I write that, and as if on cue, a BMGer who shall remain nameless (Pablo, it was Pablo) not only swung and missed but left his chin hanging so far out  that Tweetie Bird could have delivered the knock-out punch. Ernie has been spending far too much time in Norwood, hanging out with the used car salesmen and Donald Trump, to have the pulse of the Fifth Congressional District. Ernie, come on up to Arlington before you write your next post on this topic. Arlington generates more Democratic primary votes than any other city or town in the district, and Katherine Clark is wildly popular in Arlington. My sense is this popularity extends into Lexington and the portion of Cambridge that is in the district. Combined with her hometown of Melrose, she would have […]

Resiliency in the age of Trump

Part of living in the Trump era is to find the points of resiliency — the parts of government we can still influence for the better, amidst the onslaught of bad faith, disenfranchisement, and kleptocracy that will issue from Washington. The swamp will flourish; but we still have gardens to tend at the state and local levels. Trump will try to reverse the Obama administration’s environmental progress at the federal level. That means that we should try harder, and stretch farther, in our local efforts.The action is now here. There is no reason why Massachusetts, its cities, and New England generally can’t keep on the path to renewable energy and climate resiliency — and even encourage other states to take up the charge as well. Since cities produce 75% of greenhouse gas emissions, there is plenty we can do at a local level. It does add up, and cities all over the country are indeed taking the lead. Witness the commitments made by 14 Greater Boston mayors: By 2050, Greater Boston will be net-zero in carbon; efficient/low energy buildings; smart growth; and so forth. This is great, and ought to be expanded and followed by others. In doing so we’ll […]