Did something break? What happened?

It appears that all the comments have been removed from today’s “Frank Talk from Barney” diary, as well as the ability to add comments.

Did something break, or was this an editorial decision?

While the exchanges were spirited, they struck me as well within the envelope of BMG practice, at least as it’s been for the past few months.

The author, jconway, has restored the ability to comment and the link.


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  1. My editorial decision

    I deleted the original post and reposted it as a new one closed to comments. I saw a lot of bickering over who was right or wrong in the primary that seemed counter productive to the point I was trying to share.

    Which was a prominent Clinton surrogate and Sanders critic conceding that class based politics and organizing is the way of the future. And I think we all undervalued how non-interventionist the electorate now is on foreign policy questions. That’s a lot more interesting to me than whether Sanders was unfair to Clinton in the primary and whether her supporters are being h fair to him to do. That’s been hashed out elsewhere and keeps us stuck in 2016 when we need to be focusing on 18 and 20.

  2. Violation

    In my view, posts that are closed to comments violate the spirit of this community. I also note that you removed the link to the original piece, so that the paragraph you disagree with its not even available. My understanding is that discussion and debate is why the editors invite posts here.

    I find this arrogant and manipulative. I find it a symptom of a malaise affecting even BMG.

  3. I felt my thread got hijacked

    The original point was to discuss how to move forward not continue to bicker about the primary.

    But I’ve reopened it and added the link and am washing my hands.

  4. We all get posts hijacked from time to time...

    …and frankly we all occasionally contribute to threads going in directions not envisioned by the diarist too. Personally I favor erring on the side of leaving things up for others to make their own judgements, except that editors can remove personal attacks or other obvious rule violations.

    • Yes

      Original posters don’t own the threads that grow from their posts. If they’ve done a good job framing their post, then their views are expressed in it, and moderating the thread is not something they should be able to do, beyond making additional comments like any other member. It’s not very respectful to erase the effort others have put into their comments because you don’t like the thoughts they express.

      • I wasn't trying to be disrespectful

        I saw a lot of tiresome vitriol between Sanders a Clinton partisans, certainly
        vitirol I contributed to in the past, but vitriol we have to move past. It’s open now and we can discuss it as freely as we want.

        Tom’s post about Tom Merton captured the spirit I was hoping to foster in my thread, one I admittedly eviscerated by my short sighted attempts to steer the discussion in a proactive direction. Anyway, it’s open and feel free to comment there. Perhaps this thread can also be deleted.

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