To do list:

To Do List…

Remainder 2016:

  • get a grip
  • — Some combination of prayer, scotch and B.B. King.

  • Thanksgiving:
  • — Stock up valium to slip into Uncle Teddy’s 7&7 so as to get some relief from his triumphant cackling[1].

  • Christmas:
  • — Suggest we not visit the in-laws. Missus may not even put up a fight about it this year. (the Missus version of Uncle Teddy is Aunt Marge and she don’t drink… insufferable[2])


  • Resurrect Underground Railroad:
  • — Muslim edition
    — Hispanic edition
    — Uncle Teddy edition (for when he becomes disillusioned with Trump…)
    — Aunt Marge edition (for when she becomes disillusioned with Trump and starts drinking…)

  • Visit ancestral homelands
  • — Ireland
    — Poland
    — Decide whether or no to return to America.


  • Purchase pick axe/ save bail funds:
  • — whack away at the wall
    — get arrested
    — post bail
    — repeat

  • Decisions
  • — When Republican Congress proceeds to impeach Trump (for his many crimes) for ‘the good of the country’ decide whether they are sincere or planning a coup. If sincere, join them. If not, oppose.

    — Vote in the midterms.

    — Whether or no to stage intervention with entire country after they refuse, again, to cede the House and Senate to Democrats…

    [1] “Uncle Teddy” not his real name. [2]“Aunt Marge” not her real name. Names changed to protect the irascible, but still loved, members of the Famn Damily should they happen to read this.

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