December BMG Stammtisch

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The Saloon

Come, enjoy some libations, and talk politics at the first post-truth stammtisch. Our now-regular monthly BMG Stammtisch will happen, as usual, the first Wednesday of the month — 7-December— at The Saloon in Davis Square at 7p.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. THANKS, TOM...

    hope to see all our friends.

    Fred Rich LaRiccia


      I will be at my daughter’s concert tomorrow night. Please give my best regards to everyone and have a Happy Holiday !

      Fred Rich LaRiccia

  2. You owe me a dinner, Tom!


    • Indeed I do!

      That’s a wager that I’m eager to pay off!

      I hope to see you there, and I most certainly will buy you a dinner.

      • explanation

        For those of you in the dark, Tom and I made a bet months ago; he was convinced that Trump would drop out before Election Day (preferring that to a humiliating defeat), whereas I believed that Trump was too narcissistic to ever drop out. The loser buys the winner dinner! But of course we’ve all lost as a nation, with Trump about to become President for real. :(

  3. Sending my regards from Chicago

    The January one might align with my flight plans, otherwise put me down for June’s when I expect to start my teacher training back in the Commonwealth.

    • You're heading back to Chicago for several months?


      • Yep

        Whiskey salesman, house husband, chauffeur and Uber driver until the wife is finished with her RN program. She pulled an all nighter last night and I was more than happy to drive her to work so she could catch some sleep.

        I’m applying to several Masters in Education and teacher residency programs back in the Commonwealth that would all start in the June-Sept period so that’s when we expect to be back out there, this time as a team. Plenty of jobs for her in that field in the Boston area. And stay tuned for some exciting local campaigns for 2017 I’ll be helping out with as well :)

  4. Why I've been away from the Stammtischen

    I’ve been taking a math class that meets on Wednesday nights. Next term it will change to Monday, so I’m looking forward to seeing my BMG friends again.

    By the way, thanks to Tom for the opportunity to meet Paul Simmons at one of these gatherings. I agree with everything he has been posting lately.

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