We’re back…?

Well, that was distressing.  As you probably know, BMG has been down for several days.  We’re not sure exactly what happened, nor are we sure that the problem has been resolved.  But, at the moment, we seem to be running normally again.

It’s clear that, for the site to continue, we need some fairly significant technical upgrades.  More announcements along those lines are coming soon.

In the meantime, happy holidays, and best wishes for 2017.


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  1. Welcome back?

    I just did a post that worked. I deleted it when I saw yours.

    Any good theories, conspiracy or otherwise, about what happened?


    and now I’m found.

    The Vast Right – Wing Conspiracy in league with the Trumpist Russia – hacking conservative cyber devils censured BMG. :)

    Welcome home and Happy New Year to all our friends.

    Or as my sweet bagpiper James would say in his best Scottish accent : ” Cheers to those who wish us well; and the rest of them can go to hell.”

    Fred Rich LaRiccia

  3. Lost Data?

    I’m sure that the NSA has an image of your server. Give them a call!

  4. Theory

    Any chance you guys keep your server in a basement in Chapaqua?

  5. I blame the Electoral College

    Having Trump get in and BMG go out the same day was a blow.

  6. I called Julian Assange.

    He assured me that he’ll have it sorted immediately and have Wikileaks publish the details. The same can’t be said for Red Mass Group, which, for some reason, has not experienced similar problems.

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