2000 Participate in Four Freedoms March in Pittsfield

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  1. Freedom

    Progressive issues are freedom issues, such as:

    • Voting: Without the ability to vote in free elections, you are not free.

    • Health: If you get sick and don’t have health care, you are not free.

    • Education: Without education, you lack the knowledge and skills to earn a decent living or be aware of the possibilities of life, and are therefore not free.

    • Women: If you are denied control over your body, you are not free.

    • Marriage: If you are in love and denied the ability to marry publicly, you are not free.

    • Vast income inequality: When most economic gains go to the wealthiest of the wealthy, and not those who did the work, then most working people are not free.

    • Race: When you are treated with suspicion and disdain, you are not free.

    • Corporate Control: When corporations control your life for their benefit, you are not free.

    • Global Warming: As the glaciers melt, the rivers go dry, the seas rise up, the fish die, and you are overwhelmed by drought, violent storms, floods, heat waves and freezes, you are not free.

    • Fear: When you are emotionally gripped by whipped-up unreal fear, you are not free.

    With thanks to: George Lakoff who wrote this!

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